Overview Of Application Security Training in Dubai

To proactively manage software risk is a huge task. The role of Application Security experts is available at every level, from beginner to more advanced levels of the Software Development Life Cycle, for those who already have strong cyber experience and are looking to bring on changes. The professionals with Application Security Certification focus on IT Compliance and the integrity of enterprise systems to establish a secure infrastructure. 

What is Application Security?

Application Security is ‌developing, adding, and testing security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats, such as illegal access and modification. Application Security controls are techniques used to enhance the security of an application at the coding level and make it less vulnerable to threats. 

How Can Application Security Certifications Help Your Career? 

Our world is getting digitized with each passing year. Enhancing security in the application is the need of the hour. The Application Security Certification is a testament to your knowledge and skillset and demonstrates your commitment to excellence. As of now, there is tremendous growth in ‌Application Security (AppSec) and the Application Security Certification gives you an edge in the job market and opens the door to diverse career opportunities.

Benefits of Application Security Training

Application Security Professionals have numerous tools at their disposal to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. The Application Security Training will help you build a comprehensive portfolio of skills in cyber security. You can expect the following outcomes by enrolling in this course.

  • Validate your skills: The certification helps you meet the industry demand with verifiable skills as an experienced Application Security Professional, which will help you validate the skills you possess.
  • Higher annual pay: If you get certified in Application Security you will receive higher annual pay than your non-certified counterpart. This certification helps you embark on a successful career path that will grow exponentially. 
  • Become a globally recognized professional: The Application Security Certifications will help you become a part of the next-gen/new-age global community of cyber security professionals, with opportunities across the globe in various sectors.
  • Helps you with upskilling: The Application Security Training will help you in upskilling your coding skills and application pentesting skills. This will give you expertise in finding, fixing, and enriching the security of apps in order to protect the organisation’s data. 
  • Enhance your knowledge: The Application Security Training will help you stay updated with the latest cybersecurity threats and you can get ahead of your peers with your knowledge base in the field of Application Security.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects in Application Security Certification

To get into a good Application Security Professional job profile, an analyst must have a good insight into the cybersecurity domains that comprise a wide variety of components and technology. Following are some of the job titles associated with Application Security Certification. 

  • Software Developer
  • Security Consultant
  • Network Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • App Developer
  • Application Security Engineer

List of Application Security Courses in Dubai

Taking an application security course can enhance your career opportunities, mitigate risk, improve your problem-solving skills, provide interdisciplinary applications, keep you up-to-date with technology, and allow you to start your own company.  The Application Security courses offered by Edoxi will help you upgrade your skills and learn multiple approaches to Application Security.The following are the customizable application security courses in Dubai.

Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE .NET) 40 Hours 5 Days EC Council & Edoxi  Classroom / Online
Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE Java) 40 Hours 5 Days EC Council & Edoxi  Classroom / Online
OWASP Top 10 24 Hours 3 Days OWASP & Edoxi  Classroom / Online

Prerequisites for joining Application Security Courses

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer application from a recognized university. 
  • Having a reasonable amount of work experience in Cyber Security or Software Development will benefit you.

What Will You Learn from Application Security Courses?

The Application Security courses teach about in-demand skills that immediately apply in the field. Our Application Security Courses cover the following areas:

  • Exploit Development
  • Shell Scripting
  • Understanding OWASP
  • Application Security Governance
  • Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)
  • Secure Software Testing
  • Advanced Web Application & Web Application Security Controls

The Major Objectives of Application Security Training

The Application Security Training begins with introductory courses and then moves to an advanced level in Application Security. Our Application Security Training is formed with the following objectives. 

  • To impart in-depth knowledge on concepts of Application Security
  • To gain knowledge on implementing strategic tools and techniques to secure data
  • To impart skills on writing your own custom codes for exploitation
  • To deeply understand web protocols and architecture
  • To make candidates efficient in building software programs that address the entire software lifecycle.

Why Choose Edoxi for Application Security Courses in Dubai?

By choosing Edoxi Training Institute, you can become a certified expert through quality and effective classroom delivered training and online training. If you are in the field of Application Security Testing, it is very important to demonstrate your expertise in technical aspects. 

Our comprehensive Application Security Courses in Dubai are led by experienced instructors who are dedicated to help you learn real-world skills and impart the latest knowledge you need to excel in your career. So why wait? Enroll Now!

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