Jewellery Design Training in Dubai

Take Jewelry Design Courses in Dubai from Expert Designers

  • Learn about Computer Aided Designs (CAD) 
  • Learn jewellery designing in regular lab sessions 
  • Learn to create new jewellery designs
  • Learn to convert basic 2D freehand jewellery designs into a 3D format
  • Learn how to modify or fine-tune previous designs
Jewellery Design Training

All You Need To Get Started As A Jewellery Designer Using CAD Software

Have you ever imagined what goes into the creation of a jewellery piece? It takes a professional jewellery designer keen effort to make an eye-catching jewellery piece. He uses his expertise and imagination to make a flawless design. Prior to the making of a jewellery article, the design concepts are accompanied by detailed technical drawings produced by a jewellery designer.

Jewellery Designing is a very rewarding career option for anyone entering the world of designing. You get the opportunity to design for the top brands. You can also start your own business. But, you need to get training from experts to master the art of jewellery designing. You will be able to express yourself creatively after becoming a jewellery designer.

Making jewellery design with CAD software including Rhino, CorelDraw, and Photoshop software brings a lot of benefits. Rhino is a popular and powerful software for jewellery designing as compared to other software. But you need to learn how to use its features properly so that you can make creative and professional jewellery designs. 

We provide jewellery design courses in Dubai with step by step instructions to use CAD software. This course has been specifically designed to teach design methods that are necessary to make professional jewellery designs. You will learn the skills that increase the chances of getting a job in the ever-increasing jewellery design and manufacturing industry.

Advantages of taking Jewelry Design Course in Dubai 

It is important to select a reputable training centre if you want to build your career in jewellery design. You can take the jewellery design course in Dubai; we will make you an expert in this field whether you are a beginner or have intermediate designing skills. You will get practical and theoretical knowledge so that you can excel in this industry. This certification course will enable you to:

  • Use CAD software, especially Rhino, to make jewellery designs
  • Make designs from scratch, or renovate old designs
  • Use complex and advanced level jewellery design techniques
  • Full command over 2D and 3D jewellery designs
  • Get theoretical as well as practical knowledge of jewellery designing

The jewellery design course will help you to gain confidence in making designs and increase your chances of getting hired. 

Why You Should Join the Edoxi training institute? 

Time is the most important investment that you can make in your life. And investing that time with our coaching centre can give you the skills and experience that is required to make excellent, unique, and eye-catching jewellery designs. Our Jewellery Design Course includes:

  • Lab sessions with highly experienced jewellery designers and tutors
  • In-depth explanations about jewellery design processes 
  • Question and answer sessions to clarify the design processes
  • A complete guide to theoretical and practical aspects of jewellery design
  • Review of your progress by professional designers
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Will I get a course certificate after completing the jewelry designing course?

Yes, you will get a jewellery design training certificate after completing the course. You can show it to the hiring managers as evidence of your expertise in making jewellery designs.

Do I need basic knowledge about jewelry designing before enrolling into this course?

This course is designed for beginners. However, it would be better if you have a basic knowledge of jewellery designing and CAD software. 

Who can enroll into Edoxi’s jewelry design course?
  • Fashion consultants
  • Fresh graduates who are looking for a career in jewellery designing
  • Jewellery designers
  • Professional bangles, bracelets, rings, and ornament vendors
Will I get placement assistance after this course?

No, but we will train you to have excellent jewellery designing skills that will help you to get jobs.