Angular 8 Training in Dubai

Learn how to build large scale websites using Angular 8 with the best Angular 8 Training in Dubai.You will:

  • Develop modern, complex, responsive, and scalable web applications with Angular 8
  • Gain deep understanding of the Angular 8 fundamentals to quickly establish as a frontend developer
  • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 8 application and how to use it
  • Learn to create single-page applications with one of the most modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Learn many attractive features along with some enhancement on the existing features
Student learn about Angular 8

Angular 8 Course to get you started

Angular 8 is a client-side modern JS framework that is established on TypeScript. It is utilized to build dynamic web apps. If you are an individual who has experience of working with an older version of Angular, it’s not much tough for you. You can quickly upgrade your Angular Command Line Interpreter (CLI) to version 8. It’s very much related to its older versions with the exception of having some broad characteristics. If you are in Dubai and looking for Angular 8 Training in Dubai, then get in touch with Edoxi Training Institute. We are the best when it comes to Angular 8 Training as many students who have got trained at our institute are now settled in top companies.

Our Angular 8 course in Dubai has an amazing curriculum that is specifically designed by our experts here. We will teach you each and every concept carefully and without creating much burden or pressure on you. In this training, you will learn a range of best practices that you can’t find anywhere. We have made this course highly interactive and it features important hands-on coding. You will also receive advice from our experts on how to easily crack this course and master it in the shortest time possible. Our support throughout the course will no doubt set new standards and help you learn a range of things regarding Angular 8 with ease.

Objectives of Edoxi's Angular 8 Training in Dubai

The fundamental objectives of our Angular 8 classes in Dubai are:

  • Create amazing navigation.
  • Understand project making with required modules.
  • Create an amazingly quick and responsive UI.
  • Understand how to build outstanding web forms.
  • Combine RESTful services with Angular
  • Leverage Angular besides other pioneering JS libraries.
  • You will learn how to code an Angular web application right from scratch.

These are only some of the objectives of our Angular 8 course in Dubai. You will learn many more once you join our training sessions.

Why Choose Edoxi For the Angular 8 Course in Dubai?

Some of the key reasons why candidates choose Edoxi Training Institute when compared to other institutes are:

  • We provide training to the individuals by making them work on projects in real-time, so that they can swiftly grasp what they learn.
  • We offer training effectively and we have only a limited number of seats so that individual focus can be laid upon every student.
  • Just because our training is as per the present industry standards, you will definitely get a good job with a good take-home salary.
  • You can visit Google and check our reviews on it and also other social media channels as well. They are always on top compared to others in the industry.
  • Our training center offers flexible training to the students and the training is given by experts who are having great experience in their respective fields.
  • We offer customized training for students and corporate companies too.
  • As we understand the growing needs of companies today, we built our course training to meet their diverse needs.
  • Our training professionals have designed an exceptional curriculum that is so unique and is effectively blended with the course structure.
  • Our core strength is the word of mouth publicity because we see that literally 30% and above students who join our training institute are from the reference of our previous and present students.
  • Our training cost is very less when compared to others in the industry.


Hope you have got enough reasons why you must choose our training institute.


  • Angular 1 or Angular 2 skill is not required.
  • The fundamental skill of HTML and CSS really helps you to quickly learn this course. But, it’s not mandatory.
  • Learning of TypeScript can be beneficial but is not mandatory.
  • The fundamental skill of JavaScript is needed.

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s Angular 8 Course in Dubai

The following are the target audience for our Angular 8 Training Institute in Dubai:

  • Experts who are willing to create scalable single-page apps.
  • Experts who have the desire to leverage client-side web development for web applications.
  • Individuals wishing to have an amazing career in front-end web app development.

If you are looking for the best Angular 8 Training Institute in Dubai, then no doubt you are at the right place. We have helped many students reach their key goals in their careers by helping them master the course. All we need is for you to attend our course on time and we shall take care of the rest to make you a master of Angular 8 in no time.

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