Overview of AutoCAD MEP Training in Dubai

AutoCAD MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) course is designed to draft, design, and document various MEP building systems in an AutoCAD environment. AutoCAD MEP is used to precisely build and alter 2D and 3D geometry to signify MEP engineering components. Edoxi Training Institute’s AutoCAD MEP Certification Course in Dubai will help participants learn how to draft, design, and document MEP building systems using MEP's powerful toolset. The Training Institute also offers a well-curated curriculum and expert faculties needed to help you enhance your knowledge, boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best.

AutoCAD MEP Course Highlights

  • We offer 30+ hours of comprehensive training that provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the AutoCAD MEP. 
  • We provide online and classroom certification courses so that you can choose the most suitable option.
  • You have the option to choose between weekend or weekday classes, which is more convenient for you.
  • We offer certification upon successful completion of our training, which can enhance career prospects and demonstrate expertise.

AutoCAD MEP Course Features

  • 30-Hours Training

    We provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of AutoCAD MEP, allowing them to explore its functionalities in-depth, ensuring that they acquire a strong set of skills.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our course encompasses a well-structured and comprehensive curriculum that covers key aspects of AutoCAD MEP (foundational to advanced techniques for design projects).

  • Practical Projects

    You will learn through hands-on experience that simulates real-world scenarios. These projects are strategically integrated into the curriculum to reinforce theoretical knowledge and enhance practical skills.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Our instructors bring a wealth of practical knowledge and industry insights into the training sessions, ensuring that participants receive expert guidance and mentorship.

  • Flexible Learning

    Our Certification course offers flexible learning options, including online and offline schedules, to cater to various learning preferences and lifestyles.

  • Interactive Learning

    You will engage in interactive sessions, discussions, and group activities that foster active participation and create a collaborative learning environment.

  • Certification Upon Completion

    You will receive certification upon completing Edoxi’s course. This can significantly enhance your career prospects.

Industries Employing AutoCAD MEP Professionals

Financial Services

IT Services

Supply Chain and Logistics

Health Care

Government and Public Sector

  • Energy and Utilities


Retail and E-commerce


Prerequisites for AutoCAD MEP Course

  • Degree/Diploma holders who want to pursue the certification
  • Engineers and Project Managers who wish to gain expertise in AutoCAD MEP
  • Students in the mechanical engineering department

How to Get AutoCAD MEP Certified?

Certification Image
Enrol in an AutoCAD MEP Course Training
Attend the AutoCAD MEP Course Training
Apply for the AutoCAD MEP Certification exam
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Become an AutoCAD MEP Certified Professional

AutoCAD MEP Training Options

Edoxi provides the following training options to our participants for the AutoCAD MEP Course In Dubai.

Live Virtual Training

  • 30 Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learner assistance and after-support
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What is AutoCAD MEP?

AutoCAD MEP is a specialised version of AutoCAD software that is specifically designed for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) professionals. It provides tools and features to create, design, and document MEP systems in buildings and infrastructure projects.

What are the benefits of taking an AutoCAD MEP course?

Taking an AutoCAD MEP course can provide several benefits, including

  • Enhancing your drafting and designing skills in MEP systems.
  • Gaining proficiency in using AutoCAD MEP software.
  • Improving your career prospects in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.
  • Increasing your knowledge and understanding of MEP design principles and best practices.

What topics are covered in an AutoCAD MEP course?

The topics covered in an AutoCAD MEP course may vary depending on the training centre and the course level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). However, common topics covered in AutoCAD MEP courses include:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD MEP interface and tools.
  • Creating and modifying MEP objects such as ducts, pipes, electrical components, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Generating MEP systems and layouts.
  • Annotating and documenting MEP designs.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines in a building project.
  • Applying industry standards and best practices in MEP design.

How Can an AutoCAD MEP Certification Help Your Career?

An AutoCAD MEP Certification can prepare you for a full range of skills to improve your drafting and designing skills. It can help you enhance your knowledge, boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best. An AutoCAD MEP Certification: 

  • Validates your skills and expertise in using AutoCAD tools and functions.
  • Proves the skills needed to create design tasks easily and with greater efficiency.
  • Increase your productivity and competence in handling different tasks.
  • Earn a lucrative salary with your certification.
  • Showcase that you have mastered AutoCAD MEP technology.
  • Advance your career with greater career prospects.

What Will You Learn From Our AutoCAD MEP Course?

Our AutoCAD MEP design Training can help you learn and build the essential qualities & skills needed to work as a competent professional. We concentrate on delivering the training through a unique learning approach that is more acceptable to our learners, and, this includes: 

  • 30 hours of classroom training with flexible classes
  • Course material as per the industrial standards
  • Tips and Tricks for the AutoCAD MEP exam preparation with mock tests
  • Personalized Training with Industry-leading Instructors

What are the major objectives of Edoxi’s AutoCAD MEP Course?

Some of the major benefits of Edoxi’s AutoCAD MEP course training include

  • Build electrical power plans with lighting fixtures
  • Understand the mechanical plan with diffusers, VAV boxes, and rooftop elements
  • Work on the plumbing system and plan
  • Build and alter 2D and 3D geometry to signify MEP engineering components
  • Model plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems by adding HVAC equipment 
  • Learn to coordinate and explore various design options
  • Work on portfolio-worthy AutoCAD projects
  • Build more precise mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system models
  • Describe wire styles, rise drop styles and styles of electrical devices 

Who Can Pursue Our AutoCAD MEP Training in Dubai

Edoxi’s certification course aims to help aspirants build a successful career with AutoCAD MEP. With AutoCAD MEP learning in Dubai, you can advance your career undoubtedly. The following are the prerequisites to pursue our AutoCAD MEP Training in Dubai:

  • Degree/Diploma holders who want to pursue the certification
  • Engineers and Project Managers who wish to gain expertise in AutoCAD MEP
  • Students in the mechanical engineering department

Why Choose Edoxi for AutoCAD MEP Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute is a professional training institute in delivers the best AutoCAD MEP Course Certification in Dubai. Commercial, government and other organizations prefer to employ certified professionals to improve different projects’ success rates. Our AutoCAD courses offer students intensive, specific, and subject-oriented training. We have industry-leading professionals who offer tailored classes to aspirants. At Edoxi, we provide multiple study aids to the students and impart skills that enhance their workplace competency.  If you want to become a certified professional, start preparing to stay ahead of others.