Overview Of Network Security Training in Dubai

Assessments are vital to ensuring that network security standards are upheld and regularly carried out will help establish how effective your systems and networks are. Network security is protecting computer networks and the information they contain from damage, abuse, and unauthorized access. Network security involves the management of access permissions to network hardware like routers and software that includes the operating systems, which are used to enforce policies such as preventing one user or group of users from accessing data belonging to another user or group.

How Network Security Certifications Can Help Your Career?

Network Security jobs are in demand, and there are multiple courses to choose from. Every organization looks for highly skilled and certified network security professionals to create a strong line of defence and protect the organisation from various forms of cyberattacks.

Edoxi's Network Security Certification validates your knowledge of the respective technology and also gives you an edge over other candidates when applying for a job. In addition, achieving certification makes it easier for employers to identify qualified professionals with specialized skills.

Several cyber-attacks against organizations happen because of a lack of experience among employees. This increases the importance of certifications, as being certified demonstrates your ability to handle more significant tasks at hand and helps you get more responsibilities.

Benefits of Network Security Certification in Dubai

Network Security is an essential concept in today's world. Organizations have to protect their networks from various attacks like virus infection, penetration and malware attack or risk losing valuable resources.

Network security certification helps an individual or a professional to identify network vulnerabilities well before attackers can exploit them. The knowledge gained through network security training will also help the user take care of other technical issues related to information technology.

Learning Network Security from Edoxi Training Institute's highly skilled professionals will benefit you as it we teach you:

  • About Network Security principles and protocols in detail
  • To enhance your skills in preventing threats over the wired as well as wireless networks.
  • Thoroughly understand the network fundamentals, including network auditing and contingency planning against cyber attacks.
  • Collect evidence from network intrusion
  • To protect an organisation's computer systems and networks by anticipating security risks.

Job Opportunities, Future Career Growth Expectations and Career Path

As the demand for information and communications services grows daily, so does the need for skilled network security professionals. The number of job openings in the network security field is expected to grow substantially over the next few years globally.

The increase in network security jobs will be due to more efficient use of networks by businesses, e-commerce penetration rates increasing up to 25%, and more firms outsourcing their IT requirements leading to a greater need for networking infrastructure support.

Job Roles After Completing Network Security Certification Courses

Investment trends show that the network security industry, especially network security training & certification, is multiplying with no indications of slowing down anytime soon. Some of the job opportunities widely seen in network security are:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Networking Security Consultant 
  • Information Security Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer

Industries Looking For Network Security Certified Professionals

  • Software Development
  • Computer Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Forensics
  • Health Information Management

List of Network Security Courses in Dubai

These top customizable Network Security Courses in Dubai focus on inculcating the latest knowledge of network security, which are

Certified Network Defender (CNDV2) 40 Hours EC Council & EDOXI 5 Days Classroom / Online
Advanced Network Defense (AND) 40 Hours EC Council & EDOXI 5 Days Classroom / Online
Network Security Expert ( CCT & CEH) 80 Hours EC Council & EDOXI 10 Days Classroom / Online

What Will You Learn From Our Network Security Training?

Edoxi Training Institute offers industry-leading Network Security Training in Dubai, and our qualified technicians have a wealth of experience. On completion of our Network Security Course, you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Network
  • Network Monitoring and Analysis
  • Approach for Defence-in-depth security
  • Network Security Protocols, Controls, and Devices
  • Firewall, VPN Configuration, and Management
  • Securing Wireless Network
  • Data Backup and Recovery

The Major Objectives of Network Security Training Institute in Dubai are

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai aims to ensure that every student who attends our courses:

  • Has a firm grasp of the fundamentals of network security and cryptography
  • Experience hands-on practical experience with various network security tools.
  • Can secure their private networks at home or in the office.
  • Understands the importance of securing their wireless network at public hotspots such as cyber cafes.
  • Can secure networks at small businesses and large corporations alike.  

Why Choose Edoxi for Network Security Courses?

Edoxi's Network Security Course in Dubai is suitable for any IT specialist looking to expand their technical knowledge and skills within the network security industry. This includes senior-level administrators, engineers and managers who are hoping to leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Our courses are designed to provide hands-on instruction with the assistance of certified professionals so that you can take away practical skills. In addition, you will benefit from our training in securing a company's security infrastructure against current threats, attacks and vulnerabilities without having to dissipate priceless data.

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