Provisioning SQL Databases Course in Dubai

Learn how to provision SQL Server databases both on premise and in SQL Azure with Our Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) Training in Dubai. By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Provision a Database Server
  • Upgrade SQL Server
  • Configure SQL Server
  • Manage Databases and Files (shared)
  • Provision, migrate and manage databases in the cloud
Student learn about Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765)

Start Provisioning SQL Databases With The Best & The Right Training

The Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) course offers individuals with enough knowledge to provision a Microsoft Standardized Query Language Server 2016 database. This training course will cover the Standardized Query Language Server 2016 provision both Azure and on-premise. It also covers installing from the latest and moving from the current install. Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) is not easy if you don’t get trained by the industry experts. Edoxi Training Institute is providing Provisioning SQL Databases Training in Dubai for those who have a great interest in learning this course. We have experts who have extensive skills and they can help you master the course in the shortest time possible.

Many students who have got trained at our institute are now well-settled in top companies with high packages. Our main strength is our expert professionals as they have tons of experience and many students join our institute because of this reason. Our reputation has been improving with every passing month and the number of students finishing the course. Those students who have taken quality training at our institute will tell about our institute to their friends and colleagues and they too join us for pursuing their preferred courses. More than 30% of the students join our institute from the reference of the previous students. So, join us and see how your career will turn fruitful with ease.

Objectives of Edoxi's Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) Training in Dubai:

The objectives of our Provisioning SQL Databases course in Dubai include the following:

  • You will know how to allocate a database server.
  • Know how to improve SQL Server.
  • You will learn how to easily set up SQL Server.
  • Control databases and shared files.
  • Deploy and move the Azure Standardized Query Language database.
  • You will gain essential skills that will help you in moving and controlling the databases in the cloud.

Though there are only a few course objectives, the learning is so much. You will know many more objectives of the course once you join our training sessions.


Before joining our Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) Classes in Dubai, you should have the following skills:

  • Basis of Microsoft Windows OS and its basic operations
  • Operating data of Transact-SQL.
  • The functional skill of relational databases.
  • Knowledge of database design.

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) Course

  • Individuals who interact with provisioning SQL databases.
  • Those who maintain databases every day.
  • Individuals who will develop applications that pull out data from SQL Server databases.

In case if you are based out in Dubai and looking for a Provisioning SQL Databases (MS-20765) Training Institute in Dubai, you have nailed it. Yes! You are in the right place. Edoxi Training Institute is the best Provisioning SQL Databases Training institute in Dubai at present and it’s not a secret. The job prospects are brighter for those who complete training at our institute. 

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