Overview of Business Continuity Management Courses in Dubai

The continuous development of technology has left everyone from the owner of small-scale enterprises to the CEO of multinational corporates vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other cyber threats. With the increase in cyber-attacks, many organizations are moving from a traditional/ manual recovery approach to an automated and software-defined resiliency approach. 

An organization can face revenue loss which erodes customer trust if it fails to maintain business resiliency while rapidly adapting and responding to risks. The Business Continuity Management courses in Dubai will help you identify and address resiliency and synchronization between business processes,  applications, and IT infrastructure. 

What is Business Continuity Management?

To withstand and thrive under cyber threats and associated risks businesses have realized they need to create a reliable infrastructure that supports business growth and protects data. Business Continuity Management deals with cyber resilience strategies that can help a business withstand cyber incidents by protecting and recovering data from breaches or losses in a controlled and measurable manner. 

How Can Business Continuity Management Courses Help Your Career? 

Being an expert in Business Continuity Management will help your organization with the implementation of the Disaster Recovery Plan. A Disaster Recovery Plan is a key component of Business Continuity Management that consists of strategies for handling IT disruptions caused by various incidences. 

Many companies struggle to evolve their resiliency strategies on par with today’s hybrid IT environments and changing business demands. Business Continuity Management Courses will help you become an expert in the assessment, planning, implementation, and testing of an entire Business Continuity plan. 

Benefits of Business Continuity Management Certifications

  • Gain holistic knowledge of business continuity plans:  You will gain holistic knowledge of Business Continuity Plans to keep your business up and running by securing the organizational data.
  • Helps in the sustainable growth of business: Expertise in Business continuity management can help minimize downtime and help in achieving Business Sustainability.   
  • Enhances corporate crisis management skills: These certification training will improve your corporate crisis management capabilities. 
  • Higher annual pay: By getting certified in Business continuity management you will receive higher annual pay than your non-certified counterpart. 
  • Become a globally recognized professional: Cloud Security Certifications will help you become a part of the next-gen/new-age global community of cyber security professionals.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects in Business Continuity Management

The role of certified professionals is required at every step of the Business Continuity Plan. The demand for individuals having expertise in Business Continuity Management has increased over the years and many organizations are even seeking the help of external Business Continuity Management consulting services. Following are some of the job titles related to Business Continuity Management.

  • Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Consultant
  • Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Analyst
  • Client Continuity Manager
  • Cyber Security Consultant  

List of Business Continuity Management Courses in Dubai

BCM courses provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for managing and implementing BCM plans, contribute to your professional development, open up new career opportunities, provide networking opportunities, and help you to feel more confident and capable. The following are the customizable Business Continuity Management Courses in Dubai,

EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional (EDRP) 40 Hours 5 Days EC-Council & Edoxi Classroom/Online
Identity and Access Management 32 Hours 4 Days Edoxi & KHDA Classroom/Online

What Will You Learn From Business Continuity Management Courses?

Following are the areas covered by Business Management Courses in Dubai 

  • Decision support and customer resource management
  • Data warehousing and Data mining
  • Data recovery strategies
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 
  •  Backups for applications and other data
  • Structure, skills and communications about disaster recovery & business continuity.
  • To know how to lead a team during cybersecurity incidents 

The Major Objectives of Business Continuity Management Courses 

  • Knowledge to identify unintended getaways to risks, vulnerabilities,  attacks, and failures
  • To know ways to protect business-critical applications and data
  •  To provide flexible business continuity
  •  To gain in-depth knowledge of Business Continuity Management tools designed for a hybrid IT environment
  •  To know the significance of resiliency, regulatory compliance & security
  •  To impart knowledge that enables continuous operations and backups of data. 
  • To know the role of emergency responders, back-site providers and other key personnel in Business continuity.
  • To know the ways to include business processes, assets, human resources, and other business partners within the IT infrastructure of the organization. 

Why Choose Edoxi for Business Continuity Management Courses in Dubai?

The Business Continuity  Management Courses in Dubai provide you with the best courses covering all the important aspects of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Our experts will train you about tactics and strategies for cyber resilience and recovery from disruptive cyber security incidents.

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