Overview of CPENT Training in Dubai

The Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT) Course is designed by top Pentesting Professionals in the EC-Council. Often, the security strength of operational systems goes undetected, which paves the way for cyberattacks. It has almost become mandatory across the globe, including in Dubai, UAE, to conduct penetration testing to test the security strength of IT infrastructure by exploiting the vulnerabilities that may exist in the operating system. The CPENT course in Dubai teaches you about all the aspects of Penetration Testing in cybersecurity.

Edoxi's CPENT course serves as a foundation for prospective Certified Penetration Testers but it also fills in the skill gap in existing professionals in pen-testing who are looking to take their capabilities to a whole new level. The Certified Penetration Testers help an organization with an excellent assessment of cybersecurity and provide solutions to various cyber threats.

Why Get CPENT Certification?

A Certificate is evidence that the participant has successfully completed the exam and denotes he/ she has met the professional criteria. The CPENT Certification is proof that you are skilful in repeatable and documentable penetration testing methodology to be used in ethical penetration testing. You will need to score a minimum of 70%  in the CPENT Examination to become a Certified Penetration Testing Professional.

CPENT Course Features

  • Global Industrial Recognition

    Since CPENT Certification is provided by EC-Council, it will help you gain global industrial recognition as legal and ethical cybersecurity professional.

  • Better Career Prospects

    A CPENT Certification definitely adds credentials to your resume and helps you receive better career prospects in cybersecurity.

  • Higher Remuneration

    A CPENT Certification will garner respect as a certified professional in Penetration Testing and will help you land in jobs with high remuneration. 

  • Enhances Technical Skills

    The CPENT  training imparts technical skills to bypass a filtered network, Pentest OT systems, access hidden networks with pivoting, double pivot, etc. 

  • Overall upskilling

    The Certified Penetration Testing Professional Training helps you with the overall upskilling of your knowledge base in cyber security and specializes you in Pentesting. 

CPENT Certification Career Path & Opportunities

Pentesters are always on the front line of Cybersecurity. Becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Professional opens the path to various Job roles you can consider pursuing, 

  • Licensed Penetration tester
  • Ethical hacker
  • Firewall administrator
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Risk assessment professional. 

Industries looking for Certified Penetration Testing Professional


Oil Industry

Banking & Finance

IT industry

Cybersecurity Department

Prerequisites For Joining CPENT Training In Dubai

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Computer Application from a recognized university. 
  • A reasonable amount of work experience in IT and Cyber Security is recommended.

CPENT Course Content

  • Penetration test report structure and components
  • Web reconnaissance
  • Encryption essentials
  • Cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
  • Web Authentication
  • Mobile device security issues 
  • Vulnerability scanning 
  • Vulnerability Analysis

How To Get CPENT Certification?

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Get professional training
Register for the CPENT Exam
Score a minimum of  70% for the CPENT Exam
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Get CPENT Certification

CPENT Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Live Virtual Training

  • 35 Contact Hours
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support
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Why Choose the Edoxi for CPENT Training in Dubai

The CPENT Course in Dubai offered by Edoxi training institute guides the candidate to pass the CPENT examination with the required 70% score in order to get CPENT Certification. The CPENT Training allows one to imbibe hacking & penetration testing skills required for a Pentesting professional. The CPENT Training assures you to transform you into an elite Certified Penetration Testing Professional. 

Review & Ratings

Edoxi has a Trustpilot Score of 4.5
Edoxi received a Score of 4.5 on Edarabia
Edoxi got a 4.5 Score on Goodfirms.
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What will I get to learn from CPENT Course in Dubai offered by Edoxi?

The course will provide the basic information associated with each of the methods employed in penetration testing and remedial tools and techniques. Following are some ‌topics covered in the syllabus.


  •  Penetration test report structure and components
  • Web reconnaissance
  • Encryption essentials
  • Cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
  • Web authentication
  • Mobile device security issues 
  • Vulnerability scanning 
  • Vulnerability Analysis

What is the validity of CPENT Certification?

The validity of CPENT Certification is 3 years from the date of certification.

What is the duration of the CPENT Certification Exam?

The duration of the CPENT Certification exam is 24 hours. You can either choose it as 2 sessions of 12 hours each or as a single session of 24 hours. And it is an open book exam.

Is the CPENT examination conducted at Edoxi Training Center Itself?

No, the CPENT exam sessions are proctored by the EC-Council directly through the Remote Proctoring Services (RPS).

What is the average salary of a Certified Penetration Tester in Dubai?

The average salary of a Certified Penetration Testing Professional is AED 8,103 Per Month.

What are the skills taught at Edoxi’s CPENT Course in Dubai?

Being a Certified Penetration Testing Professional enhances the scope of job opportunities.  Following are the skills looked upon in a Certified Penetration Testing Professionals

  • Analytical skills
  • Coding skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Hacking skills
  • Effective communication skills

What are the benefits of joining Edoxi’s CPENT Course in Dubai?

The CPENT Training helps you maneuver the skills required to become a Certified Penetration Testing Professional. The following are the benefits of getting CPENT Certification. 

  • Global Industrial Recognition
  • Better Career Prospects
  •  Higher Remuneration
  • Enhances Technical Skills
  • Overall upskilling