All You Need To Boost Your Kid’s Chess Intellect

"The beauty of a chess move seldom lies in its appearance. It rather lies in its thoughts".

Dated back to over 1500 years, Chess is one of the most historic games in the world. It has evolved and has become famous around the globe. The Chess game is not merely a game for fun. Rather, it imbibes in itself a multitude of characteristics. It acts as a brain tonic to enhance concentration, perseverance, creativity, critical thinking, memory, and much more. 

Chess is a sport, art, and science that necessitates some level of training. Chess training makes your kids better players by grooming their skill sets with the best training. Proficient Chess players can anticipate their opponent’s move even before they have played it. Your kid can learn to play it with such superior skills by taking the right training and Chess classes in Dubai. 

Benefits of Chess training in Dubai

Playing Chess is an activity to exercise the whole mind. It sharpens your children on both intellectual and psychological levels. It enhances their personality development holistically by covering every mindful aspect. Some benefits of playing Chess include:

  • Sharpened memory
  • Increased cognitive abilities
  • Elevation of planning skills
  • Improved concentration and focus for studies
  • Advanced analytic and logical thinking

Your kids can intensify their intellect by playing  Chess which will make them outshine in their class. Additionally, Chess training can render ample benefits to everyone looking to upskill their mastery in this game. Your kid can master Chess tactics and strategies with our hands-on training and theoretical lessons. Learn Chess short course in Dubai with Edoxi to acquire the Chess fundamentals with a step by step approach.

Why Choose Edoxi Training Institute For Chess Training in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute is a premium training establishment providing top-notch chess training in Dubai. The unique curriculum offers excellent classes helping your children to learn and master the art of playing Chess. Edoxi’s Chess experts will equip them with all the imperative strategies to level-up their game. With our constant guidance, hands-on experience, practice tournaments, your kids will learn to play, and master chess moves in no time. 

Our Chess training centre is for kids of all capabilities. No matter if your child is a beginner or an intermediate player. We aim to provide efficient Chess lessons to every child imparting maximum knowledge. Edoxi’s professionals invest significant time and effort to upgrade our training materials and augment regular mentoring. Our expert trainers assist your kids with chess combinations that feature expert patterns and display splendid calculation ability with this course. Our Chess Classes in Dubai will include:

  • Basics of Chess
  • Fundamental Chess tactics
  • Recognize patterns and processes
  • Intensive practice plays
  • Comprehend Chess phases 
  • Analyze positions in-depth and avoid mistakes
  • Finish games quickly in fewer moves
  • Study and analyze famous Chess games and their mistakes

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Who can benefit from Edoxi’s Chess training course?

Edoxi’s Chess training course is ideal for kids wanting to master this game. The Chess game is for children who intend to sharpen their intellect and play this game professionally. The beginners can foster a massive improvement in their game with our world-class course.

Additionally, more experienced children can leverage our training to sharpen their tactical skills as well. Amazingly hone your critical thinking skills with the Chess game. All you need is a chessboard and the willpower to advance your Chess enthusiasm. 

Who will train my child?

Our best-in-class Chess training is imparted by professional trainers who are available at the time of the course. They are industry-trained and are experts in this field. Our aim is to deliver the best training for every individual child to learn and grow better. Our Chess experts will train your children using mind-blowing techniques and strategies.  

Do you offer a course completion certificate?

Yes. Every candidate of our Chess play and learn course will get a certificate upon the completion of the training. Our Institute and the courses are  accredited by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai) and approved by QA QC.