Emotional Intelligence Course in Dubai

Explore How Emotional Intelligence (EI) Build Better Relationship and Inspire Leadership

  • Improve Decision-Making Abilities
  • Boost Well-being & Enhanced Focus
  • Develop Mentoring Skills & Foster Teamwork
  • Increase Productivity, Nourish Personally & Professionally
Students study about Emotional Intelligence

All You Need To Improve your Personal Relationships Through Emotional Intelligence 

In many ways, Emotional Intelligence(EI) is the essence of being human. For the last few decades, Emotional Intelligence has been a "known fact". Be it our personal life or private, Emotional Intelligence impacts our ability to be empathic, self-motivated, self-regulate, and aware. EI encompasses our ability to foster and maintain relationships, leads, manage conflicts and work collaboratively with others. As per several studies, Emotional Intelligence is responsible for over 58% of our performance at work! 

Top performers often have a higher degree of Emotional Intelligence than their peers. Through Emotional Intelligence courses, you can significantly improve your work life and career. Through EI, you can supercharge your ability to build and drive successful teams, be responsive and flexible to an array of professional settings. What distinguishes leaders from others is their emotional intelligence. Hence, EI is one of those skills that help you work towards excellence and achieve higher positions wherever you go.

Benefits of Doing Emotional Intelligence Course in Dubai

Emotional Intelligence is one of the primary steps in realizing your true potential. EI holds the potential to revamp your personal, academic as well as professional life for good! 

Do you know people having higher EI quotients are less likely to succumb to negative thinking? Therefore, you should understand that Emotional Intelligence is a useful skill in improving social capabilities and job performance.

The intellect only works well when it is accompanied by higher emotional intelligence! Taking our  Emotional Intelligence course in Dubai helps you to improve all the five components of your EI such as Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy & Social Skills. Leaders who instill higher emotional intelligence tend to lead happier teams, increase productivity, reduce attrition rates and achieve higher professional goals. Having a higher IQ is not enough, you ought to have a higher EI too.

Why Choose Edoxi For Emotional Intelligence Course in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute’s emotional intelligence training helps you gain much-needed practical knowledge and apply Emotional Intelligence skills in all walks of life. Our certification course thoroughly covers core competencies like: 

  • Focus
  • Self-Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Positive Outlook
  • Emotional Balance 

Not just that, the EI course also helps in boosting teamwork, inspiring leadership, increasing awareness and influence. To counter setbacks and challenges in life, Emotional Intelligence is a prerequisite.

The course helps you enrich your personal and professional relationships with trust. Upon taking the course, you will come to know how to positively influence others. Both freshers and seasoned professionals can leverage emotional intelligence training, strengthen teamwork and boost collaboration through effective practices. Our training institute helps you become the leader who drives engagement and inspires innovation.

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What will I learn from Edoxi’s emotional intelligence program?

Our emotional intelligence certification course helps you understand and lead social intelligence. The course content has been carefully crafted to help you garner organizational happiness and productivity.

You can learn research-based strategies, apply the same to strengthen empathy and resolve conflicts better than before. Discover biological and psychological roots of cooperation, trust, and empathy with us.

Who can enrol in Edoxi’s emotional intelligence coaching?

Self-reliant individuals, employees, managers, directors, and even entrepreneurs can undergo emotional intelligence coaching. The goal is to apply emotions to problem-solving whenever necessary.

With millennials becoming a huge part of the workforce, Emotional Intelligence is garnering the main stage. Both personal competence and social competence are to be balanced and used effectively. 

What critical skills will I gain from this emotional intelligence course?

When you study emotional intelligence with Edoxi, you develop skills like Agility, Effective Relationships, Growth Mindset, Stress Management, Engaging and Inspiring Leadership. 

Emotional Intelligence is your one-stop destination to lead a happier, revamped, and successful life. Enrol in emotional intelligence classes to drive personal and business results like never before.

What are the areas covered in the emotional intelligence course?

Our emotional intelligence short course covers the lengths and breadths of Emotional Intelligence. You will learn about the origins of EI, traits, ability, and mixed models of EI. 

The course has been specifically tailored to help you understand how Emotional Intelligence can be applied in enterprise settings. By the end of this course, you will be able to describe, define and apply EI concepts in your life and earn a KHDA accredited QA QC approved course completion certificate.