Developing Microsoft SQL 2016 Databases (MS-20762) to Get you started

The Developing SQL 2016 Databases (MS-20762) course offers individuals with adequate skills and knowledge to develop a Microsoft SQL Server database. Developing SQL 2016 Databases is the sought-after course by many professionals in the IT industry. The course will provide you with knowledge on how to utilize the Standardized Query Language Server product tools and features concerned with building a database. Edoxi Training Institute is providing Developing SQL 2016 Databases Training in Dubai for those who have a great interest in learning this course. Our course Training will not just help you in quick improvement but also for future endeavors. You are sure to have a positive vibe in your career while you advance further after completing our course training.

Our Developing SQL 2016 Databases (MS-20762) course in Dubai will teach participants how to build Microsoft SQL Server databases and utilize the concerning characteristics and tools. You will learn how to create relationships among tables, build views, describe functions, XML data, and many more. We suggest you join our training institute for this course because our major strength is our professors as they have decades of experience and many students join our institute because we offer quality training. Our fame is growing every day and with each completing batch. Those students who have taken quality training at our institute will refer our institute to their friends and colleagues and they too are joining us for pursuing their preferred courses.
Objectives of our Developing SQL 2016 Databases Training in Dubai:

Some of the objectives of our Developing SQL 2016 Databases Training Institute in Dubai include the following:

  • Plan and execute tables.
  • You will be capable of outlining the advanced table designs.
  • Make sure information integrity through constraints.
  • You will learn how to outline and execute the In-Memory Tables, Views, User Defined Functions, stored processes, etc.
  • Deploy managed code in Standardized Query Language Server.
  • You will learn how to work with spatial information.
  • React to information handling utilizing triggers.

These are a few objectives of our Developing SQL 2016 Databases Classes in Dubai and we shall discuss them with you in person when you join our training sessions.


  • The fundamental skill of the Microsoft Windows OS and its basic functionality is necessary.
  • You should have a working knowledge of Transact-SQL and relational databases.

Who can do this course:

  • IT professionals who are willing to be proficient in SQL Server.
  • Developers from various product platforms who like to learn about SQL Server 2016 database implementation.


If you are in search of the best Developing SQL 2016 Databases (MS-20762) Training institute in Dubai, Edoxi Training Institute is definitely the right choice. Because more than 30% of our students join just through the reference of our already existing students. We ensure that every student works on projects all through their training. The career prospects are brighter for those who complete training at our institute. Many students who have completed their training are now in top positions in their respective companies. You can also see our ratings on all the social media channels as well as Google. They are very higher when compared with our competitors. So, join our institute today by giving us a call on 058-1236600.

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Course Advisor

Sid Ahmed


Sid Ahmed is a seasoned IT professional with a passion for building and securing IT Network Infrastructures with more than 12 years of work experience. Sid Ahmed holds prestigious certifications from Cisco Systems and his knowledge also extends to industry standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, SOC2, and PCI DSS.  He is currently serving as a Corporate Trainer with the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai.

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