Kubernetes Course in Dubai 

Do you want to learn Kubernetes? Kubernetes Training in Dubai is offered by Edoxi Training Institute. We have professionals who can help you gain a solid operating skill of Kubernetes so that you can manage containerized applications. We help you learn how to deploy a containerized app and manipulate resources using an application program interface. Our Kubernetes course in Dubai is informative and easily understandable.
In this instructor-led training, we help you get a hold of the process of safeguarding, networking, and monitoring a Kubernetes cluster. We have specifically designed this course curriculum to help you crack Kubernetes. We teach right from the basics to advanced concepts with ease to give an overall understanding of Kubernetes.

Objectives of our Kubernetes Training in Dubai:
Listed below are the objectives of our Kubernetes classes in Dubai:

  • You will learn to deploy containerized servers and databases.
  • Learn how to easily configure a Docker and Kubernetes cluster.
  • Gain an overall understanding of Kubernetes Architecture.
  • Safeguard, scale, and observe a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Build federations for managing clusters.


  • You must have experience with Docker containers
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line is necessary
  • Understanding of networking concepts helps

Who can do this course:

  • Software Developers
  • Architects
  • Deployment engineers

Format of the course
Part lecture, exercises and heavy hands-on practice.
Different Docker images can be used as demos in this training (e.g., Nginx, MongoDB, Tomcat, etc.).

Kubernetes Architecture

  • Introduction to Containerization
  • Docker
  • Example of containers
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Networking
  • Other Cluster Systems
  • Labs

Managing State with Deployments

  • Deployment Overview
  • Managing Deployment States
  • Deployments and Replica Sets
  • DaemonSets
  • Labels
  • Labs


  • Overview
  • Accessing Services
  • DNS
  • Labs

Volumes and Data

  • Volumes Overview
  • Volumes
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Passing Data to Pods
  • ConfigMaps
  • Labs


  • Overview
  • Ingress Controller
  • Ingress Rules
  • Labs


  • Overview
  • Scheduler Settings
  • Policies
  • Affinity Rules
  • Taints and Tolerations
  • Labs


  • Overview
  • Accessing the API
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Admission Controller
  • Pod Policies
  • Network Policies
  • Labs

So, if you are in search of a Kubernetes Training Institute in Dubai, then you are in the right place. We are the best Kubernetes Training Institute in Dubai as of now and can help you reach your career goals quickly. Students who have got trained at our institute are well-settled in top companies. To be one of them, you need to join us right away. So, give us a call on 058-1239900.

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