Plumbing & Drainage Design Training in Dubai

Learn different design criteria for Plumbing & Drainage systems with various energy conservative methods

  • Project work with recent trends
  • Learn detailing of plumbing services
  • Learn safety signs and safety practices 
  • Earn certificate on course completion
Students Learn different design criteria for Plumbing & Drainage systems

Plumbing and Drainage Design Course to Get you Started

Plumbing and Drainage Designing is a significant area in building design systems. Different systems are used for Domestic and commercial purposes to achieve the optimal design. Plumbing and Drainage Design course outline the types of drainage systems, supply water distribution systems to hot water systems with the smart system design & energy conservation. Plumbing is one of the most critical aspects of the building design for the distribution and use of water in a building.

Our  Plumbing and Drainage Design course have been developed to provide students with training in-depth in areas related to water supply, drainage, etc. Our job-oriented and practical training can help you understand and design projects independently.

What you will learn from Edoxi’s Plumbing and Drainage Design Training in Dubai

Our training is designed to help you earn certification in Plumbing and Drainage Design.  Our syllabus explains Plumbing criteria, Drainage systems, Water supply systems, Insulation of Plumbing systems, fuel gas systems, and energy conservation. Learn with us to:

  • Detailing of plumbing services & plumbing drawings.
  • Design common appurtenances, inspection chambers, and junction maintenance holes.
  • Criteria for supply water service, water hammer arrestors, booster systems, hydro-pneumatic system guidelines, and hot water systems.
  • Types of units and circulation schemes, chilled water drinking systems, standards of groups, and design.
  • Safety precautions of system pressure, pressure regulator location, seismic consideration, and ventilation
  • Fundamentals of Fire Fighting System
  • Fire Fighting standards according to NFDA and requirements of the Fire Protection System. 

Why Choose Edoxi for Plumbing and Drainage Design Course? 

Edoxi Training institute provides Plumbing and Drainage Design Training in Dubai. Our professional courses aim to create career opportunities and skills to work in various industries. Here is why you should choose Edoxi. 
  • We have highly qualified trainers who can guide students in projects.
  • We train aspirants to find employment in different areas of building services and related operations etc.
  • Our training center offers the course based upon real projects.
  • We offer practical sessions to help students design projects independently.
  • We provide all the necessary materials, including manuals, demo software, sample projects, etc.
  • We give a course completion certificate that adds value to your career. 
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees.
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What is the course content of the Plumbing and Drainage Design Training Program?

The course criteria include sections including Plumbing criteria, Drainage Systems, Water Supply Systems, Insulation of Plumbing Systems, Fuel Gas Systems, and Energy Conservation.

Who can pursue a plumbing and drainage design course?
  • M-tech/ME graduates
  • BE/B-tech in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering graduates
  • Candidates with diploma in Mechanical/Electrical subjects.
What is the minimum qualification to pursue the Plumbing and Drainage training in Dubai?

The minimum qualification required to enrol in our course is Diploma / B.E/B.Tech – Mechanical & Civil. Any graduate student can also join the class. 

Will course material be provided during the Course?
Of course, all the required training material will be provided during the course from the institute.
What is the strength of each batch of Plumbing and Drainage Design in Dubai?

We maintain a small and limited batch size to concentrate on every student for personal attention. Usually, it will be a batch of 15 to 20 people. 

Does Edoxi’s Plumbing and Drainage Design prepare for a certification?
Yes, we help advance your skills, and you will be prepared to be a certified Plumbing and Drainage Designer.