About Our Plumbing & Drainage Design Course in Dubai 

Plumbing and Drainage Design is a significant part of building design systems. Plumbing and Drainage Design course will help you learn about the types of drainage systems, supply water distribution systems and plumbing designs.  

Our  Plumbing and Drainage Design course has been developed to provide participants with in-depth engineering knowledge. Our job-oriented and practical training will impart confidence to undertake Plumbing and Drainage design projects.  

Plumbing & Drainage Design Course Highlights

  • Our course includes 24 hours of training.
  • We offer customisation options to the participants 
  • Curriculum designed by experienced trainers.
  • We impart the latest knowledge in plumbing & drainage design. 
  • Gain credentials that will upscale your career path.

Plumbing & Drainage Design Course Features

  • Extensive Training

    Our extensive training will impart the latest knowledge & skills in Plumbing & Drainage Design.

  • Curriculum Designed by Experts

    Our curriculum is designed by trainers with expertise in Plumbing & Drainage design.

  • Interactive Learning Opportunity

    Our highly interactive training methodology provides an engaging and stimulating learning experience. 

  • Hands-On Practice Sessions

    We offer hands-on training sessions that give learners, valuable exposure to the latest  Plumbing & Drainage Designs.

  • Hands-On Project Based Learning

    We will get the learners involved in industry-relevant projects so that they are better taught and learned through an experiential approach.

  • Industry-recognised Certification

    Our training aligns with the latest industrial standards and our certification is accredited by KHDA.

  • Customisation Option

    We offer customisation options to our learners that will help them learn at their own pace. 

Industries Looking For Experts in Plumbing & Drainage Design

Oil & Gas Industry

Urban Planning & Development

Building Repairs & Maintenance




Plumbing & Drainage Design Course Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites to join the Plumbing & Drainage Design Course. However, it will be beneficial if you are from an engineering background.

How to Get Plumbing & Drainage Design Certified?

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Get Professional Training
Do The Preparation
Appear For the Certification Exam
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Get Plumbing & Drainage Design Certification 

Plumbing & Drainage Design Training Options

Choose from the best training options to suit your needs. 

Live Virtual Training

  • 24 Contact Hours
  • Authorised Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Upcoming Batches

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Course Advisor

Shaheen M


Shaheen is a software trainer with Edoxi Training Institute Dubai. Shaheen has more than 4 years’ experience in developing and executing plans and materials for software development courses, scheduling classes into facilities, and providing software instruction. Shaheen is a travel maniac and spent most of the free time reading his favourite authors.

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What is the course content of the Plumbing and Drainage Design Training Program?

The course criteria include sections including Plumbing criteria, Drainage Systems, Water Supply Systems, Insulation of Plumbing Systems, Fuel Gas Systems, and Energy Conservation.

Will course material be provided during the Course?

Of course, all the required training material will be provided during the course from the institute.

What is the strength of each batch of Plumbing and Drainage Design in Dubai?

We maintain a small and limited batch size to concentrate on every student for personal attention. Usually, it will be a batch of 15 to 20 people. 

Does Edoxi’s Plumbing and Drainage Design prepare for a certification?

Yes, we help advance your skills, and you will be prepared to be a certified Plumbing and Drainage Designer.

What will you learn from Edoxi’s Plumbing & Drainage Design Course in Dubai?

Our Plumbing and Drainage Design Training covers the following topics, 

  • Detailing of plumbing services & plumbing drawings.
  • Design common appurtenances, inspection chambers, and junction maintenance holes.
  • Criteria for supply water service, water hammer arrestors, booster systems, hydro-pneumatic system guidelines, and hot water systems.
  • Design for drinking water supply systems.
  • Safety precautions of system pressure, pressure regulator location, seismic consideration, and ventilation.
  • Insulation of Plumbing systems, fuel gas systems, and energy conservation.
  • Fundamentals of Fire Fighting System.

What are the skills you will acquire from Edoxi’s Plumbing and Drainage Design Course in Dubai?

To excel in plumbing and drainage design, one needs to have a strong understanding of engineering principles and concepts. Knowledge of plumbing and drainage systems, as well as the ability to read and interpret technical drawings and blueprints, is essential. Our Plumbing and Drainage Course in Dubai will help you acquire the following skills, 

  • Mathematical skills.
  • Good communication skills & attention to detail.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Spatial skills 
  • Technical skills 

What are the challenges faced during plumbing and drainage design?

Plumbing and drainage design is a challenging task that requires a lot of technical knowledge and skills. Some of the common challenges faced during plumbing and drainage design include, 

  • Selecting the appropriate materials and equipment. 
  • Designing layouts that meet safety and code requirements.
  • Ensuring proper flow and drainage.
  • Addressing issues related to water pressure, temperature, and quality.

What are the ways to overcome challenges as a Plumbing & Drainage Design professional?

Plumbing and drainage design standards are constantly evolving, and it is important to stay updated with the latest codes and regulations to ensure that designs comply with the latest requirements. In addition, plumbing and drainage design projects often involve collaboration with other professionals, such as architects, engineers, and builders. Effective communication and coordination among all parties involved is crucial for successful project completion.

Finally, plumbing and drainage design projects can be complex and time-consuming and may require significant investment in terms of time and resources. It is important to have the proper training to master the latest tools and gain expertise in computer-aided design (CAD) software to ensure that designs are accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why choose Edoxi for the Plumbing & Drainage Course in Dubai?

Edoxi Training Institute provides the best in-demand professional courses in Dubai. Edoxi’s Plumbing and Drainage Design Training in Dubai aims to create career opportunities and imparts skills to work in plumbing and design projects across various industries. We provide all the necessary materials and offer flexible learning options with affordable fees. Contact us to know more!