EmSAT English Preparation Course in Dubai

EmSAT (The Emirates Standardized Test) is a computer-based test based on the national standards of the United Arab Emirates. The EmSAT test aims to analyse the student's skills and knowledge in the targeted subjects for higher studies. EmSAT English Training in Dubai helps students and job aspirants build the necessary English skills and knowledge and score in the EmSAT Baseline Test, EmSAT Advantage Test, and EmSAT English Achieve Test, respectively. 

If you are a parent who wishes to bring opportunities to your children, you can enrol them at our EmSAT English Training in Dubai to open new doors before them. If you are a 12th-grade student or a 12th-grade pass-out, or a job aspirant, EmSAT English Training in Dubai from the Edoxi Training Institute will be helpful in pursuing the career you want to pursue.

Different Levels in EmSAT English Exam

Check out the different levels of EmSAT English Training in the following table.

Levels of EmSAT English Training Grade Level Mode of Training
EmSAT Baseline English Test 1 Classroom
EmSAT Advantage English Test 4, 6, 8, 10 Classroom
EmSAT Achieve English Test 12, and above Classroom

Which level is right for you?

Given below are brief explanations of various levels of EmSAT English Training in Dubai. You can choose the right training based on the details given below. 

{The EmSAT will apply only to public and private schools using the MOE (Ministry Of Education) English language curriculum.}

  • Level 1 EmSAT Baseline English Test Training

The Emirati students in grade 1 are required to take the EmSAT Baseline Test for English to evaluate the skills they have learnt in pre-school. They can upgrade their reading, listening, and writing skills in basic English by joining the EmSAT English training and participating in the baseline Test for Grade 1 students. They will learn to understand and express numbers, words and people in English.

  • Level 2- EmSAT Advantage English Test Training

The Emirati students of grades 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th are subjected to the EmSAT Advantage Test for English to evaluate and upgrade the skills they earned in previous grades. By joining the EmSAT training for the Test, they can boost their grammar skills, critical thinking, and vocabulary. They can also develop exam strategies by understanding the structure and various sections of the Test.

  • Level 3- EmSAT Achieve English Test Training

EmSAT Achieve English is a test that evaluates the level of knowledge and expertise of the students in English and checks whether they are prepared to enrol in an English‐medium college, university or a career that requires English language mastery. EmSAT English Achieve Test is very important to 12th-grade students and previously pass-out students to pursue higher Education and crack job interviews, respectively. 

EmSAT Achieve English Test is a computer‐based test. It contains six important sections–Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and Writing. The sections, questions, and options of the test are applied randomly. The test duration is approximately 125 minutes, and the computer monitors it. The following table describes more about the Test:

Test Duration: 125 minutes (approximately)
Questions: 110 questions, including one essay (250 words)
Content Areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing
Task Types: Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag and Drop, Essay, Reading, and Sentence Re-Ordering

EmSAT Achieve English test for 12th-grade students will also replace CEPA (Common Educational Proficiency Assessment) as an accredited admissions test at UAE universities. You can enrol in the training for EmSAT Achieve Test to receive these merits. 

Benefits of EmSAT English Course in Dubai

The benefits of the EmSAT English Course in Dubai are:

  • It builds the foundation for the 1st-grade students’ language skills and helps them crack EmSAT Baseline Test.
  • It boosts the students’ grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of the students.
  • It helps students studying in 12th grade and pass outs pursue higher studies and jobs by cracking EmSAT Achieve Test and to upgrade their language skills.
  • It helps the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th grades crack the Emsat Advantage Test and improve their academic proficiency and future career prospects by uplifting their skills in English.

What Will You Learn From Edoxi’s EmSAT English Training in Dubai?

In our Edoxi’s EmSAT English Training in Dubai, you will learn:

  • The foundational, intermediate, and advanced levels of English Grammar, and structure
  • The reading, writing, and speaking skills in English at every level.
  • The necessary strategies for the EmSAT English exam
  • The pattern and various sections of EmSAT English exam questions.
  • The time management skill required to attend the EmSAT English exam.
  • The Baseline Test(Grade 1), Advantage Test (Grade 4, 6, 8, 10), and EmSAT English Achieve Test(Grade 12 or above) which is meant for students at various levels.

The Major Objectives of EmSAT English Preparation Course

The major objectives of the EmSAT English Preparation Course are:

  • To evaluate the skills and knowledge of students in English reading, writing, and speaking.
  •  To detect the areas of English where the student's weak points lie and make adjustments in the teaching style regarding their skill level.
  • To select the students for higher education or jobs through the EmSAT English Achieve Test.
  • To make the students curious and alert in learning different areas of English by subjecting them to the EmSAT English Exams.

Why Choose Edoxi For EmSAT English Training in Dubai?

Edoxi’s Training Institute is one of the top EmSAT English Training Institute in Dubai. By joining our team, students can acquire the best training in Dubai. It helps them learn every aspect of English, including Grammar, Listening, Reading, Speaking, and so on.

With Edoxi, our specialised trainers will cover all the elements of English learning with interactive sessions. You can confidently finish your course through Edoxi’s smart EmSAT English Coaching. Once you finish your EmSAT English Classes, you will attain a valuable certificate from us. Edoxi’s EmSAT English Training is accredited by KHDA and certified with QAQC. We are equipped with High-tech infrastructure and affordable pricing too. These are the assets that make Edoxi stand out from the crowd.

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