Overview Of Physics Tuition in Dubai 

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between different fundamental constituents of the observable universe. All the branches of natural science are constrained by the laws of Physics. 

Edoxi Training Institute offers Online Physics Tuition in Dubai  under various curricula that help students to prepare for their university-level education and also provides exam-oriented coaching for the Physics exam. 

Physics Coaching Classes in Dubai 

We offer Physics Classes in Dubai under British, American, and Indian curricula. Here are the details of our Physics Coaching Classes under the different curricula offered in Dubai. 

Curriculum Mode of Training Weekly Duration Level/Grade
British Online/ Offline 4 Hours A Level, AS Level, O/IGCSE Level
American Online/Offline 4 Hours Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
Indian Online/Offline 4 Hours Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
 (Customisation option available) 

Benefits of Physics Tuition in Dubai 

Following are the major benefits of our Physics Tuition in Dubai 

  • Helps manage time in solving Physics problems: Our Physics tutors will guide students on how to solve Physics problems effectively within the time limit for examination. 
  • Helps in reducing the stress and anxiety level of students: Our efficient coaching by Physics tutors will help the students in reducing their stress and anxiety levels during Physics exams. 
  • Opportunity to practice the previous year's questionsOur trainers will provide thorough training by including the practice session of the previous year's questions. 
  • Helps students in understanding the latest exam pattern We impart up-to-date knowledge and help students understand the latest exam pattern so that the students can prepare accordingly. 
  • Improves scientific knowledge baseWe enhance the scientific knowledge base of students which will help them excel in higher studies.
  • Provides students with a strong quantitative backgroundOur Physics tutor provides students with a strong quantitative background that will help them in any technical field.  


Any high school student studying under British/ American/ Indian curricula and preparing to join top universities can enroll in our classes. 

AS Level Physics Tuition

AS Level Physics makes up the first half of the A Level course in Physics and provides a foundation for the study of A Level Physics. The AS Level Exam assesses the candidate’s knowledge & understanding, experimental skills, and the ability to organise and present information. 

Edoxi’s AS Level Physics Tutors develop the ability of students to understand the depth and richness of the subject. We offer AS Level Coaching under the syllabus of Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford AQA.  Candidates for AS Level Physics mainly study the following topics: 

  • Physical quantities and units 
  • Kinematics 
  • Dynamics 
  • Forces, density, and pressure 
  • Work, energy, and power 
  • Deformation of solids 
  • Waves 
  • Superposition 
  • Electricity 
  • D.C. circuits 
  • Particle physics

Advantages Of AS Level Physics Tuition 

Following are the benefits of AS Level Physics Tuition,

  • Develop effective scientific communication skills, using appropriate terminology and scientific conventions. 
  • Detailed guidance and innovative training techniques to help students understand the practical knowledge they need to excel in Physics. 

A Level Physics Tuition

A Level Physics provides a base for the study of physics or related science courses for higher education. Edoxi offers guidance for the best preparation for A Level Exam and our A Level Physics Tutors help in cultivating attitudes relevant to science such as objectivity, integrity, inquiry, initiative, and inventiveness. We offer A Level Coaching under the syllabus of Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford AQA.

Candidates for A Level Physics study the AS Level topics and the following topics.

  • Motion in a circle 
  • Gravitational fields 
  • Temperature 
  • Ideal gases 
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Oscillations 
  • Electric fields 
  • Capacitance 
  • Magnetic fields 
  • Alternating currents 
  • Quantum physics 
  • Nuclear physics 
  • Medical physics 
  • Astronomy and cosmology 

Advantages Of A Level Physics Tuition 

Mentioned below are the two major benefits of A Level Physics Tuition, 

  • Our A Level Physics tutors help students learn about theoretical models, solve quantitative problems, and produce predictions.
  • Students will develop an informed interest in Physics that will help them in their future studies.

IGCSE Level Physics Tuition

IGCSEs are accepted and valued by leading universities and employers worldwide as evidence of academic achievement. The combination of knowledge and skills in IGCSE Level Physics gives learners the confidence to proceed to higher levels. We offer IGCSE Level Coaching under the syllabus of Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford AQA. 

Edoxi offers a wide range of resources for preparing IGCSE Physics Exam. The extensive coaching by IGCSE  Physics tutors will help students score top grades between A to C. Students will study the following topics for IGCSE Level: 

  • Motion, forces, and energy 
  • Thermal physics 
  • Waves 
  • Electricity and magnetism 
  • Nuclear physics 
  • Space physics

Advantages Of IGCSE Level Physics Tuition 

Following are the advantages of our IGCSE Level Physics Tuition. 

  • Helps students understand the ways of applying scientific knowledge.
  • Generates scientific curiosity among students and helps them stay updated with the latest knowledge in the field of Physics.

O Level Physics Tuition

O Level Physics coaching develops transferable skills including handling data, practical problem-solving, and applying the scientific method. Edoxi’s O Level Tutors provide a thorough knowledge and understanding of Physics and help students develop the skills learners need for their next step in education. The candidates will get to study the same syllabus as that of the IGCSE Level. We offer O Level Coaching under the syllabus of Cambridge, Pearson Edexcel, and Oxford AQA

Advantages Of O Level Physics Tuition 

Our O Level Coaching will help students in the following ways, 

  • To help students present reasoned explanations for phenomena, patterns, and relationships.
  • Help students from abroad to get familiarised with the pattern of questions commonly asked for the O Level Physics Exam. 

Grade 10 Physics Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 10 Physics Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. Our which includes topics such as Refraction & Reflection, Magnetism & Electricity, Sources of Energy, etc. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of these topics under American Curriculum. 

Grade 11 Physics Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 11 Physics Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. Our coaching classes cover topics such as Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Laws of Gravitation, etc. Our Physics tutors’ guidance will help you with the preparation for entrance exams such as NEET, JEE, and EmSAT. our coaching will also generate scientific curiosity in students towards Physics and can help them pursue their higher studies in Physics. 

Grade 12 Physics Tuition 

Edoxi offers Grade 12 Physics Tuition under the American & Indian Curriculum. The Grade 12 Physics syllabus includes topics such as Electricity and magnetism, optics, Radioactivity, Quantum Physics, Force & Motion, etc. Our Physics tutors ensure students are ready for their next big step in academics and achieve their long-term goals. 

Why Choose Edoxi For Physics Tuition in Dubai? 

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and intersects with many areas of scientific research. Edoxi Training Institute offers Physics Tuition in Dubai for students that will help them attain thorough knowledge of Physics. We provide individual attention to students and provide exam-oriented coaching on the sequence of operations that must be applied for each question. Our Physics tutors ensure that students have a bright future and are equipped with efficient knowledge for higher education. 

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