IP DRG Coding Course in Dubai

Learn the best practices in medical coding and be prepared for a medical coding career in inpatient coding in a hospital with Edoxi’s IP DRG Coding Training in Dubai.

IP DRG Coding Training

Overview of the IP DRG Coding Certification Course in Dubai

In-Patient Diagnosis-Related Groups (IP DRG) Coding is a form of medical coding used for clinical documentation. IP DRG Coding Course is designed on inpatient case studies based on actual medical records. Edoxi provides formal training in IP DRG coding that assigns strict Medical Severity Diagnostic Related Group codes. 

Our IP DRG Coding Certification Course will help you learn about in-patient cases based on the diagnosis and the coding procedures to be followed. Our expert trainers impart essential knowledge and help you become skilful in medical coding. Get certified in IP DRG Coding to enhance your career prospects in Medical Coding.  

IP DRG Coding Course Highlights

  • Our course includes 30+ hours of training.
  • We offer customisation options to the participants 
  • The curriculum is designed by our experienced trainers.
  • Gain credentials that will upscale your career path in medical coding.
  • You will acquire essential skills through our innovative hands-on training. 

IP DRG Coding Training Features

  • Comprehensive Training: We offer extensive training that imparts learners with the essential knowledge in IP DRG.
  • Curriculum Designed by Experts: The IP DRG curriculum is carefully designed and developed by our experts in medical coding.
  • Interactive Learning Opportunity: Our training methodology is highly interactive, providing an engaging and stimulating learning experience.
  • Customisation Option: We offer customisation options to our learners that will provide flexibility to learners.  
  • Hands-On Practice Sessions: We offer practical and hands-on training sessions that allow learners to boost their medical coding skills.   
  • Industry-recognised Certification: Our training aligns with the latest industrial standards and our certification is industry-recognised.

Industries Looking for Experts in IP DRG Coding

  • Multi-speciality Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Mental Health Care Institutions
  • Government Institutions
  • Health Insurance

IP DRG Coding Certification Prerequisites

 Any individual with working knowledge of medical coding is eligible to join our IP DRG Certification Course in Dubai. 

How to Get an IP DRG Coding Certification?

  • Get Professional Training
  • Do The Preparation
  • Appear For the Final Exam
  • Get IP DRG Coding Certification

IP DRG Coding Training Options

Edoxi offers training for various  professional courses. We provide the following training options to our participants for IP DRG Coding Certification. 

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
Live Virtual Training
  • 30+ Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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What are the benefits of pursuing Edoxi’s IP DRG Coding course?

We ensure candidates learn on reduced risk of denials and allegations of false claims and learn streamlined coding operations. 

What are the Job Requirements to be an IP DRG Coder?

Graduates in the life sciences with 1 - 4 years’ experience in Medical Coding holding CCS/CIC with hospital coding experience are preferred for jobs. Edoxi trains you in a career-oriented way to achieve your goals.

Is IP DRG Coding training in Dubai a good choice to obtain a job?

Job security is just one reason why IP DRG Coding is in demand. Coding is a lucrative and rewarding career choice. Also, it requires only a minimal investment of time. 

Where do IP DRG Medical Coders get hired?

In addition to health systems, hospitals, and physician offices, coders are hired by mental health practices, long-term care facilities, hospices, home health agencies, billing companies, etc. 

Why Get an IP-DRG Coding Certification?

IP-DRG Certification follows the standard set forth by AHIMA (The American Health Information Management Association) and CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Getting an IP-DRG Certification is proof that you can meet turnaround time goals, in addition to meeting internal-speciality productivity standards with 95% accuracy. The certification gives you credentials for maintaining a high level of quality in achieving the set targets by cooperating with the respective team in medical coding.  

What will you learn from Edoxi’s IP-DRG Coding Training in Dubai?

Edoxi’s IP DRG Training will help you learn the following: 

  • Gain knowledge of CPT-4, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-10-PCS coding, regulations & UHDDS (Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set) guidelines.
  • Learn AHA coding clinic updates and third-party requirements regarding coding and documentation guidelines. 
  • Hands-on experience in the encoder tools that are specific to Hospital coding.
  • Update skills and accuracy in medical auditing. 
  • Understand Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program to work in tandem with MS-DRG. 
  • Gain knowledge of medical coding and billing systems, medical terminologies, regulatory requirements, and coding principles.
Why choose Edoxi for IP DRG Certification in Dubai?

The demand for medical coders is on the rise. Medical coders require to have a vast area of knowledge. IP DRG Certification is one such credential that adds a feather to the cap of medical coders. Edoxi’s IP DRG Course in Dubai will help you build a solid foundation in the current best practices of healthcare informatics for the successful delivery of patient care in today’s high-tech environments. We have industry-leading professional trainers and provide our participants with flexible learning options and affordable fees. Enrol now and take a leap in your medical coding career!