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PTE Preparation Classes in Dubai

The Pearson Test of English is an evaluation of an individual’s command of the English language. PTE is a computer-based English test that calculates one's understanding of the English language. This examination is commonly taken by students and potential employees who are much interested to pursue higher education abroad or move to an English-speaking country like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Edoxi training institute is providing the best PTE training in Dubai as of now. So, get started with us for a dream career.

Format of the test:

PTE Preparation in Dubai starts with the Edoxi training institute! We have been offering our services for years and our expert staff personnel are very well equipped with the Pearson Test of English training.

Pearson Test of English includes 3 parts and comprises diverse sections in the English language. The three parts are mentioned below.

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

In this section, the individual must and should display his skill to converse verbally. This section mostly starts with an introduction to you and you must give your bio. This will not count to your score but will give the idea of your background. Then, the individual must finish various tasks related to speaking like:

  • Seeing a line of text on the computer and reading out loud
  • Reciting a photograph or image
  • Listen to a sentence and then repeating it
  • Providing very short responses to questions


Finally, the section finishes with a few tasks related to writing. Here, the individual will first give a read, typically a passage of 300 words or so, and then give a summary of it in a sentence. This wraps up the individuals writing an essay of 300 words on a preferred topic. The duration of this section mostly lasts between 77 and 93 minutes.

Part 2: Reading

This section tests one's understanding of skills. The individual will read many passages and reply to the questions based on the matter created in the text. The kinds of questions comprise of the following:

  • Reordering Paragraphs
  • Multiple Choices
  • Fill in the Blanks


This is by far the shortest part of the whole test and the individual will have to spend only 32-41 minutes on this section.

Part Three: Listening

The reading section has several recordings (audio), which individuals must listen to and then reply to the questions. Some of the tasks in this section comprise of:

Summing up the spoken text, where the individual will listen and then write a summary of the content and it should be very short.

In multiple Choices, the individual will be asked questions about a recording and he/she must select the right answer from the many responses. Some questions will have a single correct answer, while a few may need individuals to select more than one correct answer.

Infill in the blanks, the individual will see content with many words removed. The individual will have to listen to the recording of the same data and fill in the blanks with correct answers.

Highlight correct summary: In this, the individual will listen to a recording and then reassess many summaries. Based on these, they must pick the summary which is the right choice.

Select missing word: In this, the individuals will need to select a missing word that precisely fills the space in the audio recording.

Highlight incorrect words: In this section, individuals will see a text, then listen to an audio recording of the same text being out loud, but with slight variations. Individuals must identify words that are removed or that have altered.

Another one will be writing from notation, where the individual will listen to a sentence and then have to write out the recording. The section duration will be around 45 to 57 minutes.

To sum up, we can say that we are the best PTE training center in Dubai that is giving the finest PTE Classes in Dubai for students. We guide students at every level and make them very successful in understanding our PTE training which helps them crack the exam with ease.

Course Duration

The course duration of PTE Academic preparation is 30 hours, which will be taught as 3 hours class in each session. You will get an understanding of everything related to this exam within a span of 30 hours. You can either take the weekday course (2 days a week and 3 hours per day) or Friday Class.

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Edoxi Training Institute is one of Dubai's finest professional training centres, where our accredited trainers will train you to the peak. With our PTE certification course, your English language will be validated in order to pursue higher education or move abroad to an English-speaking country. You can gain high-quality training from highly experienced trainers, and they will help you pave your path for your future. 

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