Overview Of Solidworks Training in Dubai

Solidworks is a computer-aided design (CAD) software used to create 3D models of products. It is used by engineers, designers, and manufacturers to design everything from toys to aeroplanes. SolidWorks generates designs using a parametric design approach. This means that the features of a model are defined by parameters, such as dimensions and constraints. This allows you to easily modify a model by changing the parameters.

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai offers a well-crafted SolidWorks course in Dubai that provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the Solidworks software's capabilities and functionalities for 3D modelling and design. The Training Institute aims to equip learners with practical skills and knowledge to effectively utilize SolidWorks in various industries, including engineering, architecture, and product design. 

Solidworks Course Highlights

  • You will undergo 30 hours of formal training for the Solidworks certification course.
  • Our Training aligns with the latest Solidworks Content Outline.
  • Our Solidworks Authorised instructors will guide you through the session
  • You have the option to choose between weekend or weekday classes, which is more convenient for you. 
  • Become familiar with the software interface, tools, and basic concepts of parametric modelling.
  • The course covers sketching techniques to create 2D profiles and shapes as a foundation for 3D modelling.

 Solidworks Course Features 

  • 30 hours of Comprehensive Training

    We offer 30 hours of focused SolidWorks Certification training, covering essential concepts and practical applications.

  • Latest Content

    Our training follows the up-to-date SolidWorks Content Outline, ensuring relevance and alignment with industry standards.

  • Expert Guidance

    You will learn from SolidWorks Authorized instructors, receiving expert insights and personalized instruction throughout the session.

  • Flexible Schedule

    You get to choose between weekend or weekday classes, making learning convenient and accessible.

  • Hands-On Projects

    Engage in hands-on projects to apply theoretical knowledge practically, fostering a deeper understanding of SolidWorks functionalities.

  • Certification Preparation

    Our course structure is designed to prepare you for SolidWorks certification, enhancing your credibility and career prospects.

  • Real-World Applications

    Explore real-world examples of SolidWorks applications, gaining insights into how industries utilize the software for design and innovation.

Industries Looking for SolidWorks Certified Professionals 


Aerospace and Defense


Engineering and Construction 

Consumer Goods

Medical Devices

Energy and Utilities

Product Design


Entertainment and Gaming

Consumer Electronics

Robotics and Automation

Jewellery Designing

Prerequisites for SolidWorks Course

Anyone with an interest in learning 3D modelling and design can join Edoxi’s SolidWorks course in Dubai. Our courses are designed to accommodate individuals from various backgrounds and skill levels, including:

  • Students pursuing engineering, design, architecture, or related fields 
  • Professionals in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more

SolidWorks Course Modules

  • Introduction of Solidworks
  • Solidworks Interface 
  • Creating Sketch
  • 3D modeling Feature
  • Working with Planes and Co-ordinates
  • Extrude and Revolving
  • 3D Cut Feature
  • Trimming, extending, and transforming geometry
  • Fillets and Chamfer
  • Modelling objects
  • Hole Wizard
  • Material and Appearance
  • Structure Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Flow Simulation
  • Assemblies of Parts
  • Simulating Model
  • Surface Modelling
  • Dimensions and Detailing
  • 2D Drafting
  • Report Generation
  • Title Block and Managing sheets

How to Get SolidWorks Certification?

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Get Your Professional Training
Apply for the Certification Exam
Attend the Exan and Ace it.
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Become a SolidWorks Certified Professional

SolidWorks Training Options

Choose from the best training options to suit your needs.

Live Virtual Training

  • 30 Contact Hours
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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Customized Corporate Training

  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learner's assistance and after-support
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Course Advisor

Shaheen M


Shaheen is a software trainer with Edoxi Training Institute Dubai. Shaheen has more than 4 years’ experience in developing and executing plans and materials for software development courses, scheduling classes into facilities, and providing software instruction. Shaheen is a travel maniac and spent most of the free time reading his favourite authors.

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What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a powerful 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software used for modelling, simulation, and engineering design.

What are the prerequisites for joining a SolidWorks course?

Basic computer skills, an understanding of 3D concepts, and an interest in design are recommended.

Do I need to have prior CAD experience?

No, while prior CAD experience can be helpful, most beginner-level courses assume no prior knowledge.

Can I get certified after completing a SolidWorks course?

Yes, Edoxi Training Institute offers certification upon the successful completion of the course. The certification validates your skills in using SolidWorks software.

Can I take a SolidWorks course online?

Yes, Edoxi Training institution offers online and classroom SolidWorks courses in Dubai, allowing flexibility in learning.

What are the objectives of SolidWorks training in Dubai?

Edoxi’s SolidWorks course aims to offer students and professionals all the required essentials which are necessary to become expert Solidworks professional. With this certification course, we will help you use the software with great confidence and design innovative things including;


  • Define an engineering project and growth procedure
  • Constitute 2D sketches by applying fundamental Solidworks ideas
  • Apply restraints and magnitudes to fully describe sketches
  • Create 3D parametric models leveraging procedures like rotating, extruding, and lofting
  • Choose and device physical possessions to 3D models
  • Strategize and constitute an assembly from numerous parts
  • Inspect mass possessions and the midpoint of gravity as relating to an assembly
  • Formulate 2D detail drawings of Solidworks models leveraging drawing blueprints and orthographic predictions.

What are the learning outcomes of the SolidWorks Course in Dubai?

After completion of our Solidworks courses in Dubai, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate capability with numerous illustration and alteration commands in Solidworks
  • Students will be able to create three-dimensional solid replicas
  • Build three-dimensional assemblies integrating various solid models
  • Apply industry principles in the planning of procedural automatic illustrations
  • We assure that students will gain the capability to leverage the tips, expertise, and contemporary engineering tools essential for engineering practice

Is SolidWorks a good career choice?

A certified Solidworks professional with advanced skills in this exam will be able to easily get a top-notch job in the current market. There are incredible prospects for freshers too in various sectors dealing with manufacturing, design of a product, validation, etc.

Why should you choose Edoxi Training Institute for SolidWorks Training in Dubai?

Edoxi stands out among the training institutes in Dubai in many ways. Listed below are a few to say why we are unique:


  • When we provide Solidworks Structural training to our students, we ask them to work on real projects, which will help in quick learning of the concepts.
  • We do offer successful Solidworks training courses at our institute with limited seats, so as to gain individual focus and teach effectively.
  • Our training is according to the present industry standards and we assure you that you will get a job with handsome pay definitely.
  • Our reviews on Google and social media are top than our competition.
  • We continuously offer supple training which is given by our specialized experts
  • We offer personalized training for both students and corporate companies.
  • We understand the growing demands and requirements of today’s companies. So, we comprehend their unique requirements and thus we modify the training to suit their product, and hence we come up with new ideas and design the course to suit the needs of the industry.
  • Our main strength is word of mouth and more than 30% of students who join us are from reference to previous students.