Automation Testing Course in Dubai

Kickstart Your Software Testing Career with a Mastery in Automation Testing Tools and Techniques

  • Comprehend automation testing fundamentals
  • Acquire ample knowledge of automation testing tools and techniques
  • Learn to work with software like Selenium WebDriver
  • Grasp the prime issues in automation testing applications
  • Learn from industry-trained professionals
  • Boost your career by reinforcing automation testing expertise
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Student Learns About Automation Testing

Everything you Need to Know About Automation Testing Courses in Dubai 

Since the last decade, the test automation field has evolved by leaps and bounds. With the technological rise, organizations strive to explore novel ways to deliver quality software programs consistently. Automation Testing (AT) refers to the technique of testing the software for quality, usability, and functionality automatically. 

It involves automation software that enters test data into the system under testing. It then compares the expected outcome to the actual results. Finally, it generates detailed test reports. Some popular tools to conduct automation testing include Selenium, UFT, SoapUI, and TestComplete. Software development teams usually automate high-risk tests that are repeatedly executed or pose tedious to run manually. 

Automation advances the test execution speed and expands test coverage, ultimately leading you to build QA software. Edoxi’s Automation Testing Training is perfect for you if you are looking to work in an agile IT environment. AT professionals hold the opportunity to escalate their careers in diverse job titles. Some of the job positions that AT professionals include are:

  • Automation Testing Engineers and Managers
  • Software Quality Managers and Engineers
  • Software Testing Consultants
  • Software Development Managers
  • Quality Assurance (QA) IT Managers

Benefits of Automation Testing Training

As a certified automation tester, you not only boost your knowledge but also ensure consistent software quality. Certification in automation testing from a reputed institute like Edoxi will raise your industry standards and keep you abreast with the contemporary testing processes. Comprehensive automation testing training can render you an expert in the software testing field and make you stand out from your competitors. 

This course will make you adept at all the imperative techniques that you require. It will help you speed up the leap of software testing, improve quality, and build a lucrative career. Certified and trained automation testing experts are the most sought-after QA specialists by employers worldwide. Give your resume an edge and get entitled to a higher pay-scale by becoming an automation testing expert.

Why Choose Edoxi for Automation Testing Training in Dubai?

Edoxi is a KHDA approved plus QA QC authorized renowned training institute. We offer one of the best Automation Testing professional courses in Dubai to make you a software testing expert in no time. Our all-inclusive learning platform will help you to explore your passion and construct a strong automation testing foundation. With best-in-class trainers and hands-on learning, we aim to upgrade you from a beginner software tester to an advanced one. 

With our training center automation testing training, you can acquire the expertise to test diverse software apps. Grasp our comprehensive training to fix any debugging issues with utmost clarity. Attain on-the-job training with our excellent mentorship from web professionals with years of experience. We will provide every assistance to guide you in your course journey. Our expert Edoxi coaches will train you to:

  • Grasp Automation Testing (AT) fundamentals 
  • Create your Test sets
  • Develop Technical and Non-Technical skills
  • Learn AT tools like Selenium, TestComplete, and others
  • Attain knowledge of AT types like Functional, Unit, Smoke, Sanity 
  • Gain insights into various test metrics
  • Acquire exposure to practical AT
  • Evaluate, Monitor, and Report AT progress
  • Solve bug issues from AT Reports
  • Test Applications in-depth
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Who can join Edoxi’s Automation Testing Course in Dubai?

Edoxi’s Automation Testing Certification is ideal for software developers looking to expand in the field of QA QC software testing. Our course will guide you to harness your full software testing potential. It is perfect for executives from the following niches:

  • Software Developers
  • Automation Testing Managers and Consultants
  • Software Quality Consultants
  • Software Testing Engineers and Managers
  • QA QC Managers
  • IT Directors and Software Experts
  • Fresh graduates looking to build a career in Automation Testing
  • Individuals aspiring to learn about Automation Testing
Why should I join Edoxi’s Automation Testing course?

Learn Automation Testing with Edoxi to reap its numerous benefits. Possessing will bestow you with the best Automation Testing knowledge in the IT industry. Additionally, it will grant you the best hands-on exposure to remain tech-savvy.

Automation Testing Certification is the most highly valued qualification by employers globally. It showcases your expertise to raise the software quality of your organization. Thus, Edoxi offers a world-class Automation Testing course in Dubai. Our vision is to render you an expert in this course with our best practices.

Is the Automation Testing a certified course?

Yes. Edoxi’s Automation Testing Certification is for all software developers and QA testing aspirants in the IT field. We will confer upon you a course completion certificate after completion of the course.