Handwriting Course in Dubai

Help your child improve their handwriting through practice with skilled trainers. With Edoxi’s Handwriting Course in Dubai, they will be able to:

  • Build their confidence 
  • Improve handwriting legibility 
  • Learn cursive writing
  • Excel in academics and get better grades
  • Improve their spellings, punctuations, and vocabulary 
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Students learn Handwriting course from Edoxi Training

Handwriting Training in Dubai Overview

Handwriting holds to be one of the essential life skills that you must start polishing from a very young age. Are you looking for a simple, creative yet fun way to help your child improve their handwriting skills and legibility? You will find Edoxi Training Institute to be the best answer for that. We will help your child find their pace to improve their penmanship and learn cursive writing. It is a proven method to boost their self-confidence and improve their grades at school. Hence, To create fluency in movements and beautiful handwriting, we utilise our expertise in motor development to teach children how to write more legibly. 

Why Are Handwriting Classes important? 

Our Handwriting Improvement Classes provide hand-eye coordination as well as fine visual-motor skills to produce fluent movement. It is also important to enrol your child into Handwriting classes as it helps them improve their reading and spelling abilities. It aids in the capacity to recall and remember knowledge as well.

Why is Handwriting Certification Needed For Your Child? 

With this short-term training program, students can learn and practice their subjects in an easy way. It will help them during written tests and when it comes time for revisions. Handwriting is an essential skill that children must learn to succeed in school. Even with handwriting classes, they need fine motor skills, memory, and concentration to start learning.

From our Handwriting Improvement Course, your child will: 

  • Learn proper hand position and body posture 
  • Start to learn cursive writing 
  • Write legibly and presentably 
  • Improve their academic grades 
  • Boosts confidence 

Handwriting Training Program Outcomes 

  • Improve kids handwriting -The fun-filled handwriting classes will encourage the kids to learn eagerly and focus on improving their handwriting. 
  • Builds self-confidence and esteem -Good penmanship abilities make children feel happy, self-assured and inspired. It will boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve fine motor skills -Pencils, crayons, and other writing instruments provide a good workout for your child's hand muscles and help develop their pinch grasp. They are helpful in other daily living activities such as eating, handling objects, putting on clothing, and more.
  • Better retention of knowledge -Taking notes or completing school work with a pencil and paper rather than a computer boosts your child's chances of remembering and comprehending information, resulting in improved academics.
  • Cognitive skills improvement -Handwriting is a great way for kids to use their cognitive skills. They engage all five senses and develop hand-eye coordination, which will help them as they grow.
  • Gain higher scores -Examinations are frequently based on time-limited written tests that demand quick, legible writing. Good handwriting will fetch them better scores. 


Edoxi’s Handwriting Improvement Course is suitable for:

  • Kids ages 4 to 10. 

It is the perfect stage to lay the foundation for good handwriting skills and grow confident about it. 

Training Options

Choose from the best training option to suit your needs.

Training Options Features
Live Virtual Training
  • 15 Contact Days
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
  • Small batches of 6 students
Classroom Training
  • 15 Days Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
  • Small batches for better student-teacher interaction

How To Get Certified in Handwriting for Kids ?- Follow These Three Steps To Have Your Kid Certified in Handwriting 

Do you wish to help your kid improve their handwriting and grow confidently with strong cognitive skills? Edoxi’s highly skilled trainers will guide your kids to practice handwriting through fun-filled tasks. We focus on improving your child’s skills for a better future.  Your child can follow the following steps to get the certification: 

  • Get Handwriting Classes 
  • Apply For Handwriting  Certification Exam
  • Become Certified in Handwriting  

 Why Choose Edoxi for Handwriting Classes in Dubai? 

Edoxi Training Institute is one of the upstanding coaching centers in Dubai, who provide exquisite features. Our certification courses give your children the best training to help them not only to improve their handwriting but also to boost their confidence, self-esteem, writing legibility, and for better grades. Skill development institute will give the kids the freedom to attend the same curriculum from the comfort of their homes. You can enrol your kids into this course for improving fine motor skills, cognitive skills and to have better retention of knowledge.

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What are handwriting classes for beginners?

Edoxi’s handwriting classes for beginners allow kids to grow confidently and help them improve their handwriting for the greater good. Improving their writing will contribute towards achieving good grades and boosting their self-esteem. 

What are the benefits gained from this course?

The benefits that your kids will gain from this exciting course include: 

  • Builds fine motor skills and memory power 
  • Improves their test scores 
  • Better academic performance 
  • Boosts self-confidence
Can the children attend handwriting improvement classes online?

Yes, the children can attend Edoxi’s online handwriting classes from the comfort of their homes. They will be provided with the study materials and learn online with their peers.

How do handwriting classes improve kids’ motor skills?

Your child must strengthen the grip on their hands. They will use this skill to eat, pick up objects, and get dressed in everyday activities. Holding a pencil or other writing utensil helps with the hand muscles necessary when performing these tasks.

How do children learn to handwrite?

Handwriting is a complex skill that takes time to master. To learn that, children need patience and dedication as they develop their fine motor coordination skills in addition to language comprehension abilities while also practicing following instructions carefully so handwriting can become automatic for them when writing later on down the line.