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What is the SAT Exam and Which Countries Accept SAT Scores?

If you plan to attend college in the United States or Canada, you will most likely have to take the SAT entrance exam. SAT is the globally recognised college admission test administered by the College Board, which measures the preparedness of a high school student and provides the colleges with this shared data to compare it with other applicants. 

Many colleges worldwide require the SAT score to evaluate their potential candidate. This central component of your college application helps colleges determine whom to accept. The SAT measures how well the students can analyse and solve problems typically learned in school and is held relevant to college. In this blog, we will take a brief look at what the SAT Exam is and which countries accept the SAT scores.

What is the SAT Exam? 

The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam that many colleges in the US, Australia, and Canada evaluate for high schoolers' college applications. The primary contents of the exam hold an equivalent knowledge studied in school that is relevant for college. 

First introduced in 1926, the SAT is an acronym for “Scholastic Assessment Test” structured for evaluating an individual’s mathematical and language skills. And like any other exam, the SAT requires prior preparation and practice that suffices the test pattern and time management. A comprehensive SAT Course training will prepare you with SAT Mathematics and English proficiency tests.

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Countries that accept SAT Scores

Colleges worldwide assess their potential students using the SAT scores along with their GPA, extracurricular achievements, essays, and other standardised tests. A total of 85 countries accept the SAT scores for undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different disciplines. The USA comes on top of the list, with over 4000 colleges taking SAT scores. The list is followed by the UK, with 125 institutions accepting SAT scores and other achievements. Many international students choose to study in the UK because of its world-renowned universities, its strong economy, and its vibrant culture. Here is a list of countries that accept SAT scores for college/university admission;

  • USA
  • United Kingdom 
  • Australia 
  • Germany 
  • Singapore 
  • Canada 
  • Malaysia 
  • India 
  • Japan
  • France 
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Italy
  • Switzerland 

Good SAT Scores For 10 Popular Colleges

Being a globally recognised test, the SAT score is accepted by colleges worldwide. Here are the good scores for 10 popular colleges. 

University Name SAT Score
Harvard University 1460
Stanford University 1420
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 15000
University of California 1240
Columbia University 1450
University of Oxford 1470
University of Cambridge 1460
Imperial College London 1400
University of Toronto 1460
University of British Columbia 1240

The SAT aims to assess the student’s ability to speak accurate English and solve Mathematical problems. With sections like Reading, Writing and Mathematics, SATs cover the high school portions and assess each individual’s capability to join a college. The SAT exam pattern includes SAT Reading, SAT Writing and Language and SAT Math.

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SAT Scores for Ivy League, State Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges

Choosing colleges that suit your academic profile is a critical step in the college admissions process. Comparing the SAT score you achieved to the requirements set forth by the colleges you wish to get admitted to will help you determine what a good SAT score is for you. 

Researching the average SAT scores of admitted students at your target institutions (Ivy League, State Universities or Liberal Arts Colleges) is paramount. This provides a benchmark against which you can compare your scores, helping to ascertain your standing among applicants and evaluate your chances of admission. 

You can check with individual universities or colleges in the country you are interested in confirming their specific requirements and acceptance of SAT scores or get in touch with study abroad consultants to get an understanding of the process.

Here is an SAT score range at top universities for you;

  • Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Yale): SAT Scores above 1470, often placing competitive applicants in the high 1500s.
  • Study in USA - State Universities (University of Michigan, University of Virginia): SAT Scores 1350 and above.
  • Liberal Arts Colleges ( Amherst, Williams): SAT score of 1400 and above.

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SAT Score and SAT Superscore

The SAT score ranges from 400 to 1600 and consists of two section scores: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). Each section uses a scale of 200-800 in 10-point increments. A good score on Math or EBRW‌ would be around 603.  Apart from the optional essay section, the total score comes to a round of 2400 points. The essay is scored separately. The highest possible SAT score without the essay is 1600. An average SAT score is considered to be between 1050 and 1060.

SAT Superscore is a method by which colleges or universities abroad consider your highest section scores as a result of taking the SAT on all dates. The schools will take the best scores from all your sections instead of limiting them to one date. For Example:

If Your SAT scores from the previous 2 attempts are:

  • Attempt 1: English: 30, Reading: 28, Math: 32, Writing: 7
  • Attempt 2: English: 33, Reading: 30, Math: 23, Writing: 10

Then your SAT superscore will be English: 33, Maths: 32, Writing: 10 and Reading: 30. Universities and colleges use this method to calculate your SAT Superscore.

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Wrapping Up

From this brief description of the SAT exam and countries accepting SAT scores, we now understand how the SAT exam is important for embarking on your college journey abroad. Since SAT scores are accepted globally for college applications. Familiarising yourself with the SAT exams and countries accepting SAT Scores will help brace you for the examination and display a successful Performance. After gaining an understanding of SAT exams and SAT Scores, you can start analyzing the exam structure and preparing for each section will improve your chances of getting admitted to your dream college. Utilise the SAT preparation classes well where you can get your hands on conceptual learning, intensive practice, and comprehensive content analysis on Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Language Tests.


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