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10 Last-Minute SAT Exam Tips You Should Remember

SAT is a widely known college entrance test that requires months of preparation to ace the test. Colleges use the “Scholastic Assessment Test” scores to evaluate your application based on your math, reading, and writing aptitude. With the redesigning of SAT in 2016, the College Board established changes that favour the test takers. However, immense preparation is required to study the exam structure and grasp each section’s knowledge.

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Last Minute SAT Exam Tips

With a couple of days left to attend your SAT exam, you need to strategize on what to focus on after completing your perfect study schedule. You have to spend your remaining time wisely and prepare for your test day with strategies to maximise your scores. Here are some last-minute SAT study tips that will help you stay with a plan and focus. 

  • Sharpen your weak spots
  • Become time conscious 
  • Manage test stress
  • Take a final practice test
  • Have a strategic sleep schedule
  • East nutritiously before leaving for the test 
  • Prepare essentials for the test
  • East nutritiously before leaving for the test 
  • Know when to take guesses
  • Take your breaks 

Sharpen your weak spots 

With the time you have left, focus on strengthening your weaker areas. When you are piled up with practice tests, prep courses, tutors and prep books, take a moment to analyse your mistakes and understand why you have made them. The key is to understand the reason for your errors. With that knowledge, you will be able to drill down your mistakes. You should also be thorough with the Exam Pattern and Test Format to strategize your focal points. 

You can work out a fundamentally strong strategy to work out the practical questions and isolate the sections that are still your weak spots. Even if this method is carried out in just one section, you will see a drastic improvement. 

Become time conscious 

Make use of the preparation time with practice tests to learn how to manage time with each section. Experiment with each section and estimate how long it takes to complete them. Time yourself while exam preparation and do not attempt any shortcuts. 

SAT is a timed test; hence keeping a watch in hand is advised to keep track of time. Once the time is up for a section, move on to the next one. Then, look through the unattended questions in your spare time and see that you have answered everything.   

Manage test stress

Even with scheduled preparation and hard work, the SAT can be stressful. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to manage your stress, or else it can lead to panic, which can affect your scores. Minimal stress can help you perform better with proper motivation, but it must be under control. With simple steps of deep and steady breathing, you can take your test stress under control and focus on your health. 

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Take a final practice test

If you have enough time before the test date, try to attempt one last practice test. It can help you take control of your time, build confidence, and increase your familiarity with the test structure. In addition, practice tests will help create a strong sense of content that you will encounter and help you navigate through time. 

Have a strategic sleep schedule

On the night before the test, see that you will get at least eight hours of sleep. Avoid studying the night before so that you don’t hurt your memory and recall skills. Give your brain time to unwind and have a good deep sleep. Focus on relaxing so that you can wake up fresh and give yourself enough time to eat. 

East nutritiously before leaving for the test  

Make sure that before going for the test, you eat nutritiously to keep up the energy. Do not overeat, so it makes you feel sleepy but have protein-rich food that releases sustainable energy and avoids crashes that sugar creates. If you are not used to having breakfast, keep snacks like a granola bar in handy so that you can take them before the tests or during breaks. Depending on the person, feel free to have coffee but if you don’t have the habit of drinking caffeine, avoid it because it can make you anxious and lose focus. 

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Prepare essentials for the test

On the day of the test, dress comfortably and keep layers with you to not be distracted by being too cold or too hot. Also, pack your essentials for the test the night before to ensure that you will not forget anything. Some of the essential items include:

  • Registration ticket 
  • Photo ID
  • Two #2 pencils that are non-mechanical, an eraser, and a sharpener  
  • Calculator 
  • Wristwatch 
  • Water and snacks 

Know when to take guesses 

The New SAT allows you to take guesses without reducing your score. This gives you the possibility to randomly guess even if you do not know the answer. Even if it is a complete guess, there may be chances of being correct and earning your point. So take your case and know when to make your guesses. If a question takes a lot of time, skip it and move on to the next one. 

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Take your breaks 

Make good use of your break time to freshen up and stretch. Even if you don’t feel like taking a break, get up and take advantage of the time. Drink water, eat your snacks and take bathroom breaks so that your body won’t feel tired and you will be ready for the next round. 

Cite evidence in your written essay 

If you are planning on taking the essay section, do not forget to cite the evidence from the passage. Read the passage well and analyze the author’s argument. Underline sentences or phrases that you think are valid, and make sure you use direct evidence from the passage to strengthen the validity of your analysis. 

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SAT preparation course helps to improve your confidence, these SAT prepration tips will help you drastically to improve your scores. By focusing on weaker sections and aim for a Good SAT score, your preparations will be fruitful. In terms of planning and strategizing to take care of your mental health, your test performance and results will reflect everything. These best SAT study tips can help you achieve a good score. 

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