Jon Baleva Jan 25, 2024
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7 Reasons To Choose CompTIA Certifications for Your IT Career

With each new version of CompTIA certifications, the debate about the value of certification begins. It is one of the topics that distinguish industry professionals. Many people say that it is not worth the time and money to obtain these certifications. Some people think it is necessary for those who enter the IT industry.

Is CompTIA certification worth it?

Getting CompTIA certified opens many doors. Whether it is network security or IT security, the certifications provide the basic knowledge you need to be successful in all areas of IT. Once you are focused and ready to target a particular vendor, the certification is worth it. The future of cyber security requires qualified and certified professionals. 

Do not hesitate to refuse because there are many reasons to get CompTIA certifications. Even if you have high requirements on the IT ladder, passing a certification will not hurt you. Obtaining a certificate shows a solid commitment to learning and maintaining skills.

Let us take a closer look at the seven reasons for obtaining the new CompTIA certifications.

  • Enhances your baseline security skills

CompTIA certifications offer hands-on experience with the latest basic knowledge of computer software and hardware. With these certifications, you will gain in-depth troubleshooting skills for devices such as desktops, printers, laptops, and mobile phones. CompTIA certified professionals can also manage PC installations, configurations, system updates, problem diagnostics, preventative maintenance, IT infrastructure and networks. These skills are becoming some of the necessary skills to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

  • Resolve common issues faster with CompTIA Certifications

In this age of service level agreement, why would you get your hands dirty? Just call the seller and ask them to solve the problem. However, if you can do it yourself, it will be faster.

Most companies do send service technicians to repair the hardware on the field. However, some manufacturers require you to perform significant troubleshooting over the phone. They can help you point and click, but it is easy to narrow it down in the correct terms.

CompTIA Certifications help solve these problems. The new test targets a variety of operating systems and proves reliable with a screwdriver. After all, not everyone needs to open a computer, server, or printer. Also, troubleshoot printer problems and save your day and become an office hero. For IT professionals, this rarely happens.

  • It makes you eligible for diverse job roles.

CompTIA training prepares for several entry-level IT positions. Some of these posts include; 

  • Support experts
  • Information technology experts
  • Service or networking engineers
  • Desktop support analysts
  • Field service technicians
  • Associated network technicians
  • End-user IT technicians
  • Data support technicians
  • Service desk technicians
  • Desktop support administrators, etc.

As the highest IT certifications, CompTIA guarantees your ability by verifying your ability to learn and progress in an IT environment. It also provides flexibility for remote or on-site work. Taking up this kind of position can promote work-life balance, which is essential for obtaining a lucrative career.

  • CompTIA certifications enable you to work from the location of your choice.

One of the things that people in other industries admire the most about the IT industry is that more and more information technology industries provide employees with the flexibility to work anywhere over time. However, the real question here is whether all of these jobs and opportunities are financially good enough, judging by the quality of the job description. Fortunately, CompTIA certifications offer people high salaries and great opportunities to work in their chosen position.

  • CompTIA certifications cost less than a computer science degree.

Most trainers disagree on this topic. The diploma is excellent, depending on whom you ask. They are transferable, convenient, and never expire. Therefore, if you need a degree, please choose it. In other words, compared to obtaining CompTIA certifications, going along this route will be more expensive and time-consuming. The cost of the CompTIA A+ certification exam alone is US$438. The cost of a computer science degree is high. For a 2-year CS membership plan, the average annual cost is US$20,784. Diplomas are not for everyone.

The usefulness of all types of instruction depends on how you use them. A computer science degree is a good choice if you have a career in CPU design or complex math calculations. If you plan to work for a small IT company doing repairs, get a certificate. Getting certified will make you more effective. The bottom line is to consider your career development plan and find tools to help you achieve your goals.

  • Lucrative monetary benefits

The benefits of CompTIA certification training ensure that you are a valuable employee in your organization, so you will inevitably be rewarded for it. One of the favourite topics for everyone who has participated in CompTIA certification training is their motivation and promotion due to these certifications. Obviously, in the ruthless world of information technology, when you have an advantage over employees in the same industry, large companies will not lose employees like you.

  • CompTIA certifications show that you are serious about your career.

With CompTIA, once you earn a certification, you can easily renew your certification and upgrade your knowledge with recertification and training options. This path is a testament to your commitment to your career and efforts to keep up with the latest developments in the IT industry. Here are the Top Five CompTIA Certification Courses to Pursue in 2023

Can you find a position certified by CompTIA?

Yes, you can get much work through CompTIA certification. CompTIA certified experts usually start their careers as data support technicians, service desk analysts, or technical support technicians. With time and experience, you can extend your responsibilities to become a desktop support administrator or technical support expert. Other entry-level responsibilities include end-user IT technicians, field service technicians, etc.


Obtaining CompTIA certification confirms your technical knowledge. If you have plans to obtain CompTIA Certifications from an approved CompTIA delivery partner will boost your advantage. It shows that you are ready to start your career in the IT space (IT security, networking, technical support and other related areas, etc.). Even if you want to move up the IT ladder, CompTIA certification equips you with the basic skills to secure higher salaries and career perks.


Jon Baleva is an IT professional with 20 years of experience in programming and networking. He is an expert in Python & IT Security domains as well as in Operating Systems (OS). He has trained professionals and students in IT Programming courses, Microsoft Azure, Linux   & MAC OS. He is also a writer who writes on tech-related topics for various tech magazines in Philippine. He is now an IT Trainer with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai.