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The SAT Exam: Why is it Important to Study in the USA & UK

SAT has undergone some significant changes but hasn’t lost its value. It stands strong as a medium through which colleges evaluate their potential candidates. The SAT is still an entrance exam used by many colleges and universities to make admission decisions. This multiple-choice, pencil, and pen exam is a standardised college entrance exam administered by the College Board. 

For those planning to take up their studies in the USA or UK, it is mandatory to pass this test. It acts as a key to evaluate your preparedness with the knowledge gained from high school made relevant to college. This “Scholastic Assessment Test” is structured to assess an individual to other college applicants. 

The SAT exam is critical to increasing your chances of studying in the USA and UK. But to achieve your goal, you must discipline and prepare yourself for the New SAT exam and procure a high score.  

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What is the New SAT?

The original form of SAT formed in 1926 was formatted and underwent mass changes in 2016, creating the New SAT. The significant difference made is how the students perceive information and the testing of the said concepts. For most of the test takers, the changes made are more than welcome. With the right coaching with SAT Classes, everyone can tackle the New SAT and ace the test. 

Visible changes made are in the structure of the SAT exam, duration, and evaluation scoring. The general changes made to the SAT are:

  • No penalty for wrong answers. Students can answer every question without worrying about losing points for guessing incorrectly 
  • There are only four choices to choose from instead of five.  
  • There are fewer sections on the test, but the duration is a little longer. 
  • You will get a 5-minute break after every hour of testing.
  • The scoring range has reduced to 400-1600 points from 600-2400 points. 
  • Reduction in the number of questions to 154 (155 with essay) from 171
  • There are only two sections now and an optional essay section

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What is the structure of the New SAT?

The 3 hours long SAT is structured into two sections.

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 
  • Mathematics

The first section of the test is called Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), which further divides into two parts - Reading and Writing. The Reading Test consists of 52 questions in 65 minutes. The questions will be based on charts, tables, or passages of US contemporary or classic literature or the US Founding Document. The Writing and Language Test comprises 44 questions in 35 minutes. These questions are also based on passages like the reading section. 

The mathematics sections will have 58 questions for you to answer in 80 minutes. The questions are crafted from the topics such as “The Heart of Algebra”, “Problem Solving and Data Analysis”, and the “Passport to Advanced Math”.  The Essay section stands as an optional section that will cost you another 50 minutes. It consists of another passage to read, and you should use that evidence to explain how the author has assembled the argument. 

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)

Writing and Language


No Calculator Test

With Calculator


Essay (Optional) 1 50
Total 154 (155 with Essay) 180 minutes / 3 hours (3 hours and 50 minutes with Essay)


SAT for the USA

SAT is a standardised test administered by the College Board to evaluate the candidates’ written, verbal, and mathematical skills. Applicants who aspire to take up undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the US must take the test. If the students are looking to pursue a particular class, they can take up SAT Subject Tests. The Subject Tests offer various disciplines such as Literature, History, Mathematics, Sciences, and Foreign Languages. 

SAT is most famous for undergraduate courses in the USA and is mandatory in many universities. Many schools also offer students SAT scholarship money based on their SAT results. Apart from the SAT, US colleges also welcome ACT (American Colleges Testing) for their undergraduate programmes. Hence, check the requirements of the college you are applying to, and then decide on which exam to take up. 

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SAT for the UK

Most UK universities accept the SAT exam scores to judge the student’s qualification to meet the requirement for the undergraduate programmes. To be on the safe side, always check with the university to ensure the current College Board test scores. SAT scores can help colleges evaluate a student’s academic achievement.

Each university has a different admission requirement for each academic program. If you have a score of 1080, you will have a better-guaranteed spot in UK colleges. It is also necessary to remember that SATs are just one factor required by the admissions department of specific colleges. They also consider grades, recommendations, essays, financial aid, and many more. 

New SAT Scoring Pattern

The New SAT is scored on a scale of 200-800 for each section. Combining the scores of the two areas of EBRW and Math, the total score would be 400-1600. Another significant change made to the SAT is that there will no longer be a negative marking scheme. Students are free to attempt every question.  

Based on the recent data by College Board, the average SAT score is 1060, the 75th percentile score is 1190-1200, and the 25th percentile score is 910-920. In general, you will want to aim for the 75th percentile score to have the best chance of getting accepted. Scoring above 1200 is an excellent score nationally and increases the chances of studying in reputed colleges across the US and UK. SAT percentiles provide a way to understand how a student's score compares to others who took the same test. If a student is in the 90th percentile, for instance, it means they scored better than 90% of test-takers and were outscored by 10%.

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SAT Scores Accepted Countries

Colleges and universities use SAT scores to evaluate your eligibility for admission to their undergraduate programmes. The following countries accept SAT scores:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada 
  • Australia 
  • Singapore 
  • Malaysia 

Over 170 countries accept SAT scores. The majority of universities fall under US-based, where SAT scores are mandatory. Not every college accepts SAT or ACT scores. International students applying in the US, UK, or Canada must check with the colleges’ requirements. There would be a minimum score that you must meet to qualify for admission; if not, you are most likely not admitted. It's crucial to remember that while SAT scores are an important part of college applications, they are just one factor. Other elements, such as grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews, also play essential roles in admissions decisions.

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To Sum Up

SAT scores are used by many universities and colleges in the USA and UK to evaluate students' academic achievement. But, it is not the only factor weighing in for admission purposes. It would help if you were sure of the requirements of the college you are applying to. Enquire what scores they prefer, the minimum score, and whether or not to choose subject tests. As per the standards, you must prepare for the examination accordingly to pass with flying colours.

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