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SAT Reading Tips - How to Improve Your SAT Reading Score?

Are you struggling with Reading scores on the SAT? You can adopt many ways to easily score proficient marks in SAT Reading. To improve your SAT Reading you first need to know what to expect and what common mistakes other students made,  so that you do not make the same mistake. This blog discusses 7 tips you can adopt to improve your SAT Reading score. Let’s check it out. 

7 Tips to Improve Your SAT Reading Score

The SAT Reading section consists of 5 passage sets that total have 52 multiple-choice questions. The passage's content can be wide ranging from passages picked up from world classic literature to social, economic, political, and cultural fields. Here are the top tips to improve your SAT Reading score.

  • Learn to manage time effectively
  • Practice and eliminate your errors
  • Adopt elimination strategy
  • Change the way you read
  • Save some time for a final quick check
  • Know what to expect
  • Only use high-quality SAT Reading sources.

 Let’s check out the 7 tips to improve SAT Reading Score in detail.

Learn to Manage Time Effectively

One of the most common hurdles that test takers face is running out of time before getting through all the questions. Unlike SAT maths questions, SAT Reading questions are not arranged in difficulty level. As a result, most of the test takers miss out on the easy questions that come at the end. It’s a waste of time to read a passage line by line. 

It is always a good idea to read passages that you are comfortable with, as it can save time as well as reduce stress. Skim-reading a passage instead of going through it line by line can also be an effective method. If you can’t answer a question within a particular time it is better to skip it and move forward with the next questions, as you can always come back to the skipped question at the end. Training in SAT certification can help students achieve high scores on the exam, allowing them to gain admission to colleges of their choice.

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Practice and Eliminate Your Errors

  • Regular practice can help you boost up your performance in the SAT Reading section, as it gives you confidence and courage while reading the next passage section. 
  • Practice alone cannot help you score better. In addition to regular practice, you must also analyse your performance and find out the factors that hinders your performance. 
  • If the students don’t know where they are making mistakes, it is difficult for them to correct those mistakes when they do the next reading passage. Once you understand your areas of improvement, concentrate and practice on that section in order to improve your speed and efficiency while doing the reading.

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Adopt Elimination Strategy

For the questions, where all the answer options look alike, it is recommended to adopt the elimination strategy to find out the answer that matches the most. In total, there are 4 answer choices, out of which 1 option is 100% correct whereas the rest 3 are wrong choices. You have to learn how to eliminate 3 answer options for every single question. Always find out why the option is incorrect rather than justifying why it is correct.

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Change the Way You Read

Slow readers consider reading lengthy passages to be a difficult task to get over with.

Several modifications can be made to improve your reading skills such as,

  • Use your thumb while reading as it helps you focus without distractions.
  • Use keywords in the question as a hint to find out in which part of the passage the answer is present.
  • Concentrate on the first and last sentences of the paragraph to understand the context.

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Save Some Time for a Final Quick Check

It is always a good practice to complete the test before 2 to 3 minutes. This extra time can be utilized in order to go through the skipped questions, recheck the answers, and so on.

Know What to Expect

  • The SAT Reading test is conducted for a total of 65 minutes. 
  • You will have to read 5 passages taken from classic literature as well as from political, social, economic, and cultural contexts. 
  • You have to answer a total of 52 questions within that particular time. 
  • Big picture questions, detail questions, inference questions, function questions, vocabulary in context questions, analogy questions, author technique questions, evidence support questions, and data reasoning questions are mostly asked. 
  • The questions will ask to determine the meaning of words, understand the meaning of a passage, comparing two passages and so on.

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Only Use High-Quality SAT Reading Resources

If you want to improve your SAT Reading score you need to refer to top-quality study materials written by experienced authors. First of all, well written books give you an overall idea of the SAT test. Furthermore, it will also give an idea about the repeated question pattern. Always refer to official and authorised books, so that you only study what is wanted and you do not miss any important topics. SAT official study guide is one of such authentic books which is commonly used among test takers. 


Good scores in SAT reading can be achieved by regular practice. But regular practice alone cannot help to score good, it requires a combination of both practice as well as reviewing your performance. If the performance is not satisfactory, efforts must be made in order to boost up your performance. Managing your time, and referring to authentic books are some of the ways you can improve your SAT score. Thus, It is with regular practice and hard work that a test taker can improve the SAT Reading score. With professional guidance and tips it is not a difficult task to improve your SAT Reading Score. 

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