How to Prepare for SAT Exam in 2024? 10 Best SAT Preparation Tips

Do you have plans to do an undergraduate program in any of the foreign universities abroad? If yes, the SAT is the first best thing to help you make your study abroad dreams smoother. This blog offers you top SAT tips and tricks to prepare for the SAT Exam in 2022 and beyond.

What is SAT

SAT, also known as Scholastic Assessment Test, is a college entrance exam tailored by the College Board to test your aptitude and preparedness for college with the knowledge received from your school. 

What is SAT Test? 

SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test administered by the College Board. SAT test is required to be taken by students seeking admission to undergraduate schools. 

  • SAT is a pencil-paper test taken by those who aspire to pursue undergraduate courses in their home country and foreign countries. 
  • SAT Test evaluates the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates applying for college admissions. 
  • Students seeking admissions in the US and Canada are required to take the SAT exam. 

Earlier, students looking to get admission to a particular course needed to take the SAT subject test, but now SAT Subjects are discontinued by the College Board from June 2021. 

SAT Test contains three sections which include;

  • Evidence-Based Reading
  • Writing 
  • Mathematics

To pass the SAT test, you need to master the SAT Test-Taking Strategies.

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What is SAT Used For? 

SAT is used by colleges and universities to evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for admission. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores determine your chances of getting admission to colleges in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and others, and hence, you will need at least three months before preparing for the exam. 

Being the globally recognized college admission test, administered by the College Board, the advantages of SAT Exam are that it lets high school students show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge in their studies. 

How To Prepare For SAT Exam?

You can prepare for the SAT in many ways. The best way is to get SAT Training. If you or your child is living or working in Dubai, you can get SAT Training Dubai.If you have already decided to appear for the SAT Exam, you need to prepare well in advance before choosing the test date. However, there are many tried-and-tested methods which you can try as well. Use the following preparation tips and tricks to appear for SAT Exam. 

SAT Test Tips and Tricks To Secure A Good SAT Score in the Exam 

Below are some of the general yet, best tips and tricks to get a good SAT score in the Scholastic Assessment Test in 2024. It will be very much helpful before you appear for the exam. 

  • Read the section directions carefully
  • Answer the easy questions first
  • Eliminate the incorrect answers
  • Do not skip the answers
  • Keep your answer sheet neat
  • Make good use of your test booklet
  • Pay attention to your answer sheet
  • Keep track of time
  • Understand your questions and possible mistakes
  • Know what to expect on your test 

With the general SAT Preparation Tips , you can overcome all the struggles of each section as you adapt accordingly. With SAT Course, you will have a clear idea of the big picture to help you analyse and strategize the SAT and prepare for each section individually. You should apply the following tricks and strategies throughout the test to see your score improve.

  • Read the section directions carefully :Read and review the directions given for each section carefully before beginning the SAT test. Make the best use of time before the test. Use your test time to answer the test, not read the instructions. 
  • Answer the easy questions first.:The test questions are generally structured from the easiest to the hardest. Answer the question you know well first and mark the time-consuming ones to come back to later. You can return to the complex question once you have answered the easy questions. 
  • Eliminate the incorrect answers :The standard structure for the SAT is that there is only one correct answer for each question. If you can strike out the incorrect answer in the booklet, you can see what choices you have left and the right answer. Eliminating all the wrong answers can often lead you to the correct answer. 
  • Do not skip the answers. :As for the New SAT structure, there is no penalty for guessing the wrong answer. Once you have eliminated the wrong answers and still struggle to choose the correct option, guessing is the best strategy. There is no score deduction for guessing. Learn What is a good SAT score and set a target score to achieve. 
  • Keep your answer sheet neat.:Your SAT answer sheet is scored by a machine that cannot tell the difference between a correct answer and a stray mark. So make sure not to have any scribbles on your answer script and fill in your answer grid neatly. 
  • Make good use of your test booklet. :Since you are allowed to write in your test booklet, you can cross out answered questions, mark unattended questions, make notes, and write ‌ideas. What you scribble on your notebook will not affect your score. 
  • Pay attention to your answer sheet.:Pay close attention while placing your answers. Double-check the question and answer numbers after every few questions, especially after skipping a question. Make sure you put your answer in the correct number space.   
  • Keep track of time :It is easy to lose track of time, and the SAT is a timed test. Keep a watch on yourself and check your progress occasionally. Spend a few seconds on the easy questions and only a minute or two on more complex questions. Pay attention to the allotted time and divide through sections accordingly. 
  • Understand your questions and possible mistakes :Make sure you understand the question before answering them. Do not hastily attempt an answer that is similar to your practice tests. Recall the mistakes you make on the practice tests, such as time pressure, careless error, and question comprehension issues. Understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future. Follow through with last-minute SAT exam tips to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 
  • Know what to expect on your test :Remember what each section asks for and what type of questions to expect. There are 52 questions for the Reading section, 44 in the Writing and Language section, 58 in the Math section, and 1 question for the Essay. With SAT Exam 2024, familiarise yourself with the exam pattern and format for better performance for your exam.

SAT Reading Preparation Tips 

The SAT Reading Test is aimed at assessing your ability to read and interpret a variety of texts similar to the reading you will find in college and your career.

All the questions on the reading test are linked to a passage, a pair of passages, or a passage with an informational graphic or two, such as tables, charts, and graphs. Each reading test consists of five passages with 10 to 11 questions each. Therefore, you will have to answer a total of 52 questions. One of the five sets of questions will be about two "paired" shorter passages. You will have 65 minutes to complete the reading test.

You can learn how to prepare for the SAT Reading section below: 

  • Read the passage's introduction
  • Look for direct evidence
  • Read the passages strategically
  • Identify the context and semantics
  • Read the passage's introduction:The introduction of each passage comprises contextual information about who wrote the passage, where it derived from, and what it is about. The introductory lines contain valuable information that you will lose out on easy points if you skip; hence, do not ignore passage introductions.
  • Look for direct evidence.:The New SAT questions have evidence to serve the best subjective answer. Therefore, you should always be vigilant to find direct evidence in the passage to support your responses. You come up with your answer; hence, any solution backed up with direct evidence retrieved from the passage must be correct. 
  • Read the passages strategically:When the test is timed, you must learn how to read the passages strategically. It is one of the effective SAT reading tips. Skim through the passage by reading the introduction, the first and last few lines of each paragraph, and the conclusion will spare you enough time and give you the information needed. It is always better to limit time in the end to double-check your answers with the passages. 
  • Identify the context and semantics.:The context in a paragraph is essential to understand the positive or negative connotation. Therefore, do not simply look for the lines mentioned in the question; look for contrastive words and strong adjectives to determine definitions

SAT Writing and Language Preparation Tips

The SAT Writing and Language test is a multiple-choice test in which you read passages and find and fix mistakes and weaknesses. The Writing and Language test part of the SAT is 35 minutes long, includes 4 passages, and contains 44 multiple-choice questions. To appear for SAT, you must learn how to prepare for sat writing and language. Here you will find tips for sat writing and language test. 

  • Brush up the grammar rules 
  • Pick the more grammatically concise answer
  • Skim the paragraph before answering questions
  • Look out for “No Error” answers
  • Figure out the consistency and style
  • Brush up the grammar rules :The Writing and Language section specifies testing your grammar. It is not enough for the sentence to sound right to you. Some of the sentences contain errors that are so common that it sounds right to you. Hence, you must be aware of the grammar rules to focus on finding specific grammatical errors.   
  • Pick the more grammatically concise answer:This tip applies when multiple answers are grammatically correct; choose the most concise option. Eliminate the wrong answers and use the grammar rules to find the straightforward option. The right choice is not always the shortest answer but the one that preserves the meaning of the original sentence. 
  • Skim the paragraph before answering questions :Always quickly skim the improvement paragraph and note down the obvious errors before answering the questions. Then, examine the entire passage to find the correct answer. 
  • Look out for “No Error” answers.:There will be lots of questing in the Writing section with the “No change” or “No Error” option. It can be the answer for about 20% to 25% of the time, but if it exceeds 30% of your responses, you have made mistakes. So you need to take a closer look at the sentences and verify them before you commit. 
  • Figure out the consistency and style :Each of the given passages intends for different levels of audience. Understand the style and format of the passages to determine each question. Irrespective of the class, the grammar rules tend to stay consistent such as the verb tense, subject, and person.

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SAT Math Preparation Tips

The SAT Math Test will measure your ability to apply mathematical concepts and skills to the types of problems you might see in college and in your career. In the SAT Math test, there will be one 55-minute section with 38 questions for which you can use a calculator and one 25-minute section with 20 questions for which you are not permitted to use a calculator. 

Below, you will find the top tricks for SAT Math, which will help you how to prepare for SAT Math.

  • Memorise common formulas
  • Focus on knowledge gaps
  • Underline critical parts of the question
  • Do not overuse the calculator
  • Memorise common formulas :To make optimal use of time, memorise the standard formulas beforehand rather than constantly referring from the back. It is best to know all the procedures you need to gain some spare time. 
  • Focus on knowledge gaps :If you have difficulty with mathematics, make sure you know what the SAT questions comprise and prepare for it. First, work on the content that you least know to improve your scores dramatically. Then, utilise the SAT practice papers to fill in the knowledge gap. 
  • Underline critical parts of the question :To avoid making careless mistakes and accidentally using wrong values, underline the critical portion of the question. For every question, understand what you need to find and what value to use in the right places. Highlighting them will avoid any mix-ups and errors.  
  • Do not overuse the calculator :In the calculator section, you are free to use them as much as you need, but you must know when to put your calculator down. In addition, you must practice attempting questions without using the calculator to sharpen your mathematical thinking and give you confidence in the no calculator section. 

SAT Essay Tips

  • Make sure you have time to perfectly analyse what the author is trying to convey and how it can outline your essay. 
  • Utilise specific evidence and underline sentences that support the author’s argument. 

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To Sum Up

With the help of the above given SAT tips and tricks, you can certainly achieve a good score for your SAT exam. The key is to practice as much as possible, keeping in mind the structure of the exam. In addition, you should also pay attention to the strategies to improve your content knowledge. Only then, with the assistance of these tricks, can you improve your performance on the SAT. 

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