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PMP Certification Cost in UAE

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized credential for project managers. This certification demonstrates an individual's proficiency in project management principles and practices. 

In this blog, we will discuss the PMP certification cost in UAE, the different job positions available for PMP certification professionals, companies hiring PMP-certified professionals in UAE, the job market for PMP-certified professionals in Dubai and other Emirates, and the importance of PMP certification.

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What is PMP Certification?

PMP certification is a professional certification for project managers issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is globally recognized and a widely accepted credential demonstrating an individual's proficiency in project management principles and practices.

Individuals need to meet certain criteria to qualify for the PMP Certification Exam, including:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • 35 hours of project management education/training required
  • Needed either three years with 4,500 hours or five years with 7,500 hours of project management experience leading and directing projects 

PMP certification has become increasingly important in the field of project management. It provides a competitive edge in the job market, enhances an individual's credibility as a project manager, and opens up new job opportunities. PMP-certified professionals are in high demand and can earn higher salaries than their non-certified peers.

Different Job Positions for PMP Certification Professionals

PMP certification opens up many job opportunities for project management professionals. Some of the job positions available for PMP-certified professionals are:

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Business Analyst

Having a PMP certification offers several advantages in different job positions, such as:

  • Increased job opportunities
  • Higher earning potential
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Improved project management skills
  • Ability to lead and manage projects effectively
  • Access to a global network of project management professionals
  • Recognition in the industry as a project management expert

PMP certification is especially beneficial for those looking to advance their career in project management. It demonstrates a high knowledge and expertise in project management, making individuals stand out in a competitive job market.

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Companies Hiring PMP Certification Professionals in UAE

Many companies in the UAE require PMP certification for project management positions and actively seek PMP-certified professionals. Some of the companies that are currently hiring PMP-certified professionals in the UAE include:

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
  • Emirates Group
  • Etihad Airways
  • Dubai Airports
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Dubai Municipality

PMP certification is valuable for project management professionals seeking job opportunities in the UAE. It demonstrates a high level of competency in project management and enhances an individual's employability.

PMP Certification Cost in UAE

PMP certification is a valuable investment for project management professionals but can also be expensive. PMP certification costs vary depending on several factors, such as country, location, and training provider. 

EDOXI offers PMP certification courses in the UAE, with prices ranging from $549 to $614. The PMP certification fees include the following:

  • Comprehensive training materials.
  • Access to practice exams.
  • Thirty-five contact hours of project management education are required to sit for the PMP certification exam.

Despite the high cost, PMP certification is a valuable investment for project management professionals. It offers several benefits, such as increased job opportunities, higher earning potential, and enhanced credibility in the industry. With proper training and preparation, individuals can pass the PMP certification exam on the first attempt and reap the benefits of this globally recognized credential. 

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PMP Certification and Job Opportunities in Dubai and Other Emirates

Job Market and Opportunities in Dubai for PMP Certification Professionals

Dubai's thriving economy with diverse industries creates a high demand for PMP-certified professionals. Despite the PMP certification cost in Dubai, PMP-certified professionals are highly valued by Dubai companies, especially in construction, engineering, and IT. 

The certification is considered an industry standard for project management and provides a competitive edge in the job market. According to salary reports, PMP-certified professionals earn around 20-30% more than their non-certified peers in Dubai.

Job Market and Opportunities in Other Emirates for PMP Certification Professionals

Other Emirates in the UAE also offer lucrative job opportunities for PMP-certified professionals. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman are other Emirates with a growing demand for project managers. With the UAE's vision to become a knowledge-based economy, project management skills are highly sought-after. 

In addition to the construction and engineering industries, PMP-certified professionals are in demand in the healthcare, finance, and telecommunications sectors. A PMP certification and relevant experience can lead to high-paying positions, including project manager, program manager, and portfolio manager.


To sum up, PMP certification is a globally recognized credential that provides project management professionals a competitive edge in the job market. With the growing demand for PMP-certified professionals in various industries in Dubai and other Emirates, having this certification can lead to high-paying positions and career advancement. Despite the certification cost in UAE, it is a valuable investment that opens up new job opportunities, enhances credibility, and increases earning potential. Project management professionals must weigh the PMP certification fees against the benefits to make an informed decision about their career development.


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