PMP Certification in Muscat

Do you want to clear the PMP Examination in the first attempt itself? Here’s the chance to master project leadership skills and become an in-demand project management professional. By the end of Edoxi’s PMP Course in Muscat, you will:

  • Find progress in your career
  • Be prepared for the project management professional certification 
  • Master test-taking techniques for PMP the examination
  •  Learn the style and types of questions for the PMP examination
  • Learn various project management techniques
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PMP Certification in Muscat, Oman

Overview of PMP Training in Muscat, Oman

The PMP or the Project Management Professional is the world's leading project management certification for management professionals. Edoxi Training Institute’s PMP Training in Oman aims to prepare participants for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through online sessions and covers new trends, emerging practices, and major strengths required of a Project Management professional. 

Why Is Project Management Important?

According to Project Management Institute's recent research, nearly 2.2 million new project management roles will be created each year through 2027. PMP has consistently been the highest-paid certification and the salaries for PMP professionals will only continue to grow in the future. 

Project Management plays a critical role in ensuring that the projects stay on track, and meet the set budgets and goals. A project manager gains the upper hand in effectively handling the projects. Therefore, if you want to be a successful project manager with any of the winning organizations, then you must earn the PMP certification.

Why should you get PMP Certified?

Having PMP certification enables you to start with the right approach and support on-time project delivery. PMP certification is the most valuable certificate program, hence a PMP Certification offers you: 

  • Better career opportunities
  • Important skills to excel in your career
  • Credibility and higher income earning potential
  • Job security and helps you fight a potential layoff
  • Credentials to apply for high-paying jobs
  • Networking opportunities

PMP Training Program Outcomes and Professional Benefits

PMP certification is universally recognized and provides industry recognition and adds credibility to your resume. Following are the results you can expect from the PMP training course.

  • Better Exposure -PMP Training exposes you to the current standards of project management, best practices, techniques, and trends.
  • Improves Your Chances of Getting Hired-Most of the hiring companies look for a certified Project Manager as it helps them win the business. 
  • It Keeps You On Track-Getting PMP Training enables you to identify the key activities in the project life cycle.
  • Perform Better Than Ever-As you are exposed to new technologies and tricks, PMP training enables you to show better performance.  
  • Manage Project Effortlessly-Our PMP Training helps you to keep projects on track by managing project risks and using a communication plan.
  • Keep Up with the Industry Trends -Getting PMP Training highlights your personal drive to stay abreast of the latest knowledge, credentials, and skills in your area of expertise.


  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent) 
  • Project management experience


  • Four-year degree 
  • Project management experience

PMP Career Path & Opportunities

In Project Management, climbing up the career ladder is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and patience. However, with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, things can get a little easier for you. A PMP certification can increase your salary dramatically and benefit your career. Here is how it helps you take off your career:

  • Project Coordinator
  • Team manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Director

Industries Looking for Certified Project Manager

  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Health insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Software/IT

PMP Course Syllabus

Section 01: Introduction

  • Lesson 01 - Course Introduction
  • Lesson 02- PMI LO Choice Walk-Through

Section 02: Create a High-Performance Team

  • Lesson 01: Build a Team
  • Lesson 02: Define Team Ground Rules
  • Lesson 03: Negotiate Project Agreements
  • Lesson 04: Empower Team Members and Stakeholders
  • Lesson 05: Train Team Members and Stakeholders
  • Lesson 06: Engage and Support Virtual Teams
  • Lesson 07: Build a Shared Understanding About a Project
  • Lesson 08: A case study

Section 03: Start the Work

  • Lesson 01: Determine Project Methods and Practices
  • Lesson 02: Plan and Manage Scope
  • Lesson 03: Plan and Manage Budget and Resources
  • Lesson 04: Plan and Manage Schedule
  • Lesson 05: Plan and Manage Quality of Products and Deliverables
  • Lesson 06:Integrate Project Planning Activities
  • Lesson 07: Plan and Manage Procurement
  • Lesson 08: Establish Project Governance Structure
  • Lesson 09: Plan and Manage Project Closure
  • Lesson 10:Case study

Section 04: Do the Work

  • Lesson 01: Assess and Manage Risks
  • Lesson 02: Execute Project to Deliver Business Value
  • Lesson 03: Manage Communications
  • Lesson 04: Engage Stakeholders
  • Lesson 05:Create Project Artifacts
  • Lesson 06: Manage Project Changes
  • Lesson 07: Manage Project Issues
  • Lesson 08: Ensure Knowledge Transfer
  • Lesson 09: A case study

PMP Training Options

Training Options Features
Live Virtual Training
  • 35 Contact Hours
  • PMI Authorised Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support

How To Get PMP Certified?- Follow These Three Steps For PMP Certification

Earning your PMP Certification is a commitment, and that's why it is valuable. Before you apply, make sure you are equipped with all that is required to pass the PMP Certification exam in 3 steps. Here you go!

  • Get Professional Training
  • Apply For PMP Exam
  • Become A Certified PMP


Why Choose Edoxi for PMP Training in Muscat? 

Edoxi Training Institute is the professional training Institute authorised to help you with the PMP Certification Exam preparation. We provide you with complete guidance for the papers to attend the PMP test. We have industry-leading professionals with PMI Credentials who will offer tailored classes. 

If you want to become a highly qualified PMP-certified professional, start preparing with us to stay ahead of others. Take the PMP Certification Course in Oman, from the professional trainers at Edoxi Training Institute and, earn up to 30% more than Non-Certified Professionals! Enroll Today.

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What is PMP Certification?

Project Management Certification is the most desirable and recognized certification in the project management industry worldwide. It is awarded to professionals who have passed the PMP certification exam. It is a global credential offered by the Project Management Institute.

What is the duration of Edoxi’s PMP Training in Muscat?

Edoxi Training Institute currently offers 35 hours of intensive online training to professionals who are planning to take PMP Training in Muscat.

Who can join Edoxi’s PMP Certification in Muscat?

Edoxi’s PMP Course in Muscat can be enrolled in by;

  • Project managers
  • Members of the project office
  • Project sponsors
  • Functional managers
  • Freshers 
  • Graduates
From which certification body I would receive PMP certification?

PMP certification is provided by Project Management Institute (PMI) founded in the year 1969. Therefore, PMI delivers value to your training once you pass the PMP Certification exam.

What is the validity of PMP Certification?

The PMP certificate is valid for exactly three years from the day you complete the certification. Extending the certificate for a period of three years requires furnishing proof of 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units).

What skills will I learn after Edoxi's PMP Certification in Muscat?

Edoxi's PMP training in Muscat will increase your knowledge of fundamental project management processes, tools, techniques, and methodologies. Our professional instructor also teaches you how to deliver projects successfully on Schedule, Budget, and Scope.

What is the average salary for a Project manager in Oman?

Professionals with PMP certification can get 20% higher than the Non-PMP certified professionals. A person working as a project manager in Oman typically earns around 1930 OMR Per Month. (1020 OMR being the lowest 2930 OMR being the highest salary)

How hard is the new PMP exam?

PMP exam is considered as one of the most difficult project management exams mostly because of its huge syllabus, the dedication required, type & length of the questions asked, duration of the exam & answer choices. However, this doesn't mean that it's impossible to clear the PMP exam. If you study hard and prepare well you can pass the PMP credential test.

What is the PMP Exam Content Outline?

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the new PMP exam will focus on 3 new domains and they are, People, Processes, and environment.

What is the new PMP Exam pattern?

The new exam needs 230 minutes to complete the exam. It comprises 180 questions ( the previous exam was 200) but the same number of questions will be scored. For paper-based exams, the questions will be a combination of multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank. One additional break for a total of two 10-minute breaks for a computer-based test. No scheduled breaks.  

How long would it take to prepare for the PMP Exam?

It varies based on the work experience, knowledge level & academic background you have

How to Pass the New PMP Exam in 2022?

Here are a few tips to pass the new PMP exam on the first attempt:

  • Master PMBOK guide
  • Make a Study Plan
  • Refer to another Study Guide
  • Solve a lot of Practice Questions
  • Write Practice Tests
  • Use the 35 hours of Project Management Training efficiently
  • Manage time during the preparation stage and during exam

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