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Top Tips and Strategies for OET Preparation

Are you aspiring to fly abroad to your favourite country? Ready to take up the OET test? This blog will give you an idea of the OET exam preparation for 2024. 

We already know that OET is the required English language exam that validates our language proficiency to work as a healthcare professional abroad. So whether you are planning to migrate to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA or to any other OET Accepted Countries, qualify for the language assessment test. However, the exam focuses on and tests the four basic English language skills–listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

OET is the Occupational English Test, which is the language assessment test for healthcare professionals. The scores you receive on your OET tests will make your dream come true to fly abroad to your favourite country. Effective communication is vital to survive in any place, so is your calibre measured through this test. 

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OET Preparation Tips 

As we already know, there are four sections of the OET Test. Below mentioned are the four subsections (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening) and the tips that you can follow to score well. 

  • OET Reading Test
  • OET Writing Test
  • OET Speaking Test
  • OET Listening Test

OET Reading Test

The OET Reading section comprises 3 parts:

  • The first part of the reading section assesses your ability to quickly identify specific information from four brief texts. These texts will be related to a single healthcare topic.
  • The second part of the reading section assesses your ability to identify six brief texts' detail or central point. 
  • The third part of the section evaluates your ability to identify detailed meaning and opinion in two texts.

The test is for 60 minutes, and the topics are of general healthcare interest.

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To improve your OET Reading score, here are a few ways:

  • Read regularly and widely
  • Focus on paragraphs and short sections
  • Look for names of people, countries, dates, or numbers in the text 
  • Spellings are important. Do not make spelling errors.
  • Be prepared to skip a question
  • Practise reading every article and text you find
  • Get help from a qualified OET Trainer

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OET Writing Test

The OET writing task is to write a letter. This letter is usually a referral letter to advise a patient or inform a patient. It can also inform a carer or group. The Writing sub-test takes 45 minutes and will be based on a typical healthcare workplace situation. Some tips to prepare for your OET Writing test are:

  • Understand the writing task
  • Know the abbreviations and learn them accurately
  • Plan your writing structure
  •  Identify and write with purpose
  • Choose the proper information depending on what the audience needs 
  • Remember to write the letter in a formal format

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OET Speaking Test

The OET Speaking test is one part of the OET test structure that uses materials specifically designed for your profession. OET Speaking test is created as a role-play. Whether you are a professional nurse or pharmacist, the speaking test is conducted according to real-life situations. Speak as a healthcare professional to the patients or the carers who accompany the patient. The speaking test assesses two major criteria for your speaking skills. 

Some tips to prepare for your OET Speaking test are:

  • Use language positively, as you should use positive language to make your patient feel confident.
  • Establish rapport and a supportive environment in your conversation 
  • Learn how to greet your patient, introduce yourself, clarify the patient's name and clarify your role in their care. 
  • During your role play, ensure that you take up the initiative to speak and maintain the conversation.
  • Give your patient the details of their health condition and other advice.
  • Your language, words, and intonation must accord with the patient you are treating.
  • Ensure you are flexible in your thinking and language.
  • Discover what further information the patient needs and summarize data to encourage additional input from patients.

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OET Listening Test

The OET Listening test has three parts that deal with real-life healthcare situations and workplace conversations. Answer 42 questions. Part A of the test will assess your ability to identify specific information during a consultation. Part B of the examination assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist or purpose of short extracts concerning the healthcare workplace. Finally, part C sets your ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview. Here are some tips for your OET Listening test:

  • Know various accents to understand what the audio is about to monitor detail. Listen carefully. 
  • Be prepared and listen to more podcasts and other audio before you attend the exam.
  • Even if you do not understand every single sentence, follow the main idea of the conversation.
  • Understand and eliminate them carefully
  • Pay Attention to signpost language.
  • The listening test of OET gives you only a single chance to hear the recording. So, it is essential to write your answers during the brief breaks between each question.

If you are planning to attend your OET Test in 2022 or in 2024, then start preparing today, Join for OET Course,  Identify your weak areas and start working on them. Solving OET sample papers will help you self-evaluate your performance before the exam and provide them with an opportunity to improve your skills. Then, apply only when you are ready and keep practising with all the materials. Why wait! Start your journey for your healthcare professional in your dream country in 2024!

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