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How Important Is English Grammar for Your OET and IELTS Scores?

“Grammar is the system of a language and not the rules of a language.”

Be it English, German, Spanish, French or any other language; grammar is the backbone to communicate the right ideas to another person. A full stop, a coma, usage of countable and uncountable nouns can change or wrong show what you need to convey. So, imagine how essential grammar is in English proficiency tests like OET and IELTS? 

As we know, IELTS and OET are internationally accepted language tests that assess candidates' proficiency in the English language. The scores that you receive in these tests will decide your dream to fly abroad to your favourite country. Effective communication is important to survive in any place, so your calibre is measured through these tests. 

Basic knowledge about sentence structure and tenses is not enough to gain a great score on these tests. There is much more than your verb tenses, use of articles and plural nouns. Even minor changes in grammatical construction can make a tremendous impact on the meaning of a sentence. Here is why English Grammar is essential for your OET and IELTS scores.

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Why English Grammar for your OET and IELTS Scores?

As we know, there are four components in both IELTS and OET tests- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. And yes, all these components require grammar skills to achieve good scores. So let’s check it out.

  • Reading Test
  • Writing Test
  • Speaking Test
  • Listening Test 

Reading Test

The IELTS and OET Reading Test comprise 3 to 4 passages, with each increasing its difficulty level. You have to read the messages and answer the questions accordingly.

The reading test aims to get the answer to a question directly and about evaluating your grammatical knowledge. However, without a fundamental understanding of English Grammar, you will find it challenging to grasp the exact contextual meaning of the reading passages and their ideas. Moreover, when you write your answers that contain grammatical errors, it conveys the wrong answer. Thus, poor grammar can lower your reading scores.

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Writing Test

Often we hear that the most challenging part of the IELTS and OET exams is writing. The main reason why this test becomes problematic is that it requires a sound knowledge of grammar. Your writing will be marked based on its grammatical structure. Proper usage of passive and active voices and sentence structures is very significant in the writing test.

Writing tests has several tasks like expressing opinions, reporting, discussing, justifying, etc. Therefore, the candidate should have the ability to use a wide range of vocabulary and the flawless grammatical usage of sentences. If you plan to take up an OET test to be a part of the healthcare sector, OET Training can help you. 

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Speaking Test

Speaking test aims to assess your vocabulary, accent and grammatical usage. Of course, your confidence matters, but grammar matters more. While the examiner asks general questions on various topics, you will have to answer in the quick and correct language. Every answer will be recorded for scrutiny. Here, grammar is of high priority. 25% of your total marks will depend on your grammatical accuracy in speaking. So spend quality time improving your grammar. 

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Listening Test 

For your listening tests, you have to hear various audio monologues and conversations. And then you have to answer several questions. How would you try to understand multiple conversations, accents, and ideas if you are not proficient in grammar? Of course, it would not be easy. Though the test is not focused on grammar, each grammatical error in the written answer sheet will be counted. The higher the number of mistakes in your answers sheet, the lower the score. If you wish to improve your language skills and gain a good score in the IELTS exam, IELTS Training is one good choice. 

In a nutshell, English Grammar is essential for your OET and IELTS Scores. Not just fluency and vocabulary that you have to bother with, but also the usage of various complex sentence structures. You must also develop your ability to write frequent, error-free sentences. The execution of reasonable control of grammar and punctuation can help you gain better scores!

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