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Everything About OET Exam Delivery Modes

Do you aim to work in the healthcare sector in the UK, the US,  Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand? Then the OET test is your first milestone. It is the most important exam that will validate your language expertise to work in OET-accepted countries. 

Whether you want to move to a new country or want to experience working in a different healthcare system, start your journey with the OET test. 

OET is proof of your English proficiency for registration, study, and employment in the healthcare sector with a test and syllabus comprising real healthcare scenarios. Read below to know more about the various modes of OET test you can take.

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What are the Different Modes of the OET Exam?

OET is available in three different delivery modes. They are:

  • OET on Paper at a Test Venue
  • OET on Computer at a Test Venue
  • OET at Home

Apart from the paper and computer-based mode, you can now take the OET test safely and securely in the comfort of your own home. These 3 modes of OET exam are offered for your choice, convenience, and confidence. 

OET on Paper at a Test Venue

Are you comfortable taking your exam on paper? Then go for it! Do not take chances with computerised exams if you are not used to it. Find out the venue offering paper-based testing near you. The OET paper test has been the choice for healthcare professionals for over 30 years.

OET tests, in general, have 4 components 

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The test tasks and components are the same for all types of OET tests. The format and timings will remain the same for all the OET tests regardless of the mode of exam delivery. The level of difficulty will also remain the same. After all, the purpose of the OET Testing modes is to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in language and the capability to survive in the healthcare sector.

However, for the OET test on paper (excluding aspirants for New Zealand), all four sub-tests must be taken together at the first time you sit for the exam. If you are migrating to New Zealand, you can take sub-tests again, irrespective of whether you have sat for OET previously.

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OET on Computer at a Test Venue

OET test on the computer (at test venues) has launched and is a new delivery mode of OET test. Similar to that of the paper test, all the four sections are the same. If you don’t want to pursue your test with a pen and paper, this platform is for you.  The test tasks, format, English assessment and timings are the same as with OET on paper. 

If you are taking a computer-based test, remember, it's not your computer skills that are assessed, but your aptitude and language. However, if you are not familiar with using a computer, it can affect your performance as well as results.

Also, the test will be evaluated by highly-trained examiners who mark paper-based OET.  It is your choice to decide whether to attend a paper-based or a computer-based test.

OET at Home

OET at home is the mode of OET test delivery where candidates can attend the exam from their own home rather than other test venues. It is the newest mode of OET test delivery. Now, you can sit back at your home, in your comfortable chair, and take your OET test. You do not have to go check for venues to clear your OET test. That’s cool! Isn't it?

OET at home will have the same format, timing, and difficulty exactly as a test in the OET test venue. You will need a reliable desktop/laptop with a good internet connection. Remember, mobile phones are not permitted to attend your exams. With the current COVID19 pandemic and strict safety protocols, OET@home would be of great advantage. 

If you are planning to take up an OET test from your home, there are still several guidelines and regulations that you must follow. Ensure that you practise OET tests and get to know everything about OET at Home to avoid confusions that might pop up at the time of your exam.   

The OET test from home will also have the four subsections. However, for the speaking test, you will have to attend the video call with the examiner and complete the task. The level of difficulty and all other objectives of the OET test will be precise and same as the other modes of the exam.  You should also check the new NIOS Course.

Which Mode of OET Test Should You Choose?

As you read, there are 3 modes of OET test delivery with no difference in the assessment and objectives. In a nutshell, 

  • If you lack basic computer skills, you can choose a paper test. 
  • OET on a computer at a test venue offers the same test but on a computer. 
  • And, OET at Home is again the same test on the computer in your own home.

You can choose any mode of test delivery according to your convenience. Be it any test venue, ensure that you prepare well and understand what to expect to achieve your target score. Good luck and happy learning!

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