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Edoxi Training Institute In Dubai To Promote Distance Learning Programmes of Nigeria-Based Ahmadu Bello University In The UAE & Asia

Dubai- March 31, 2022: Ahmadu Bello University in Northern Nigeria has picked up Indian owned professional training institute in Dubai, Edoxi Training Institute, as a strategic partner for promoting Ahmadu Bello University's Distance Learning programmes within the UAE and Asia as a whole. 

The Indian Businessman, Sharafudhin Mangalad who is based at Vadakara near Calicut in Kerala, is the Managing Director of Edoxi Training Institute. A team from ABU University lead by Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kabiru Bala, Prof. Muhammed Ibrahim Sule, the Director of ABU Distance Learning Centre, and the Deputy Director of the Centre in charge of Learner Support & Information and Technology, Dr. Usman Abubakar Zaria had discussions on the partnership with Mr. Sharafudhin Mangalad, the Managing Director of Edoxi Training Institute. 

Both the organisations agreed to collaborate on a number of workable areas. Edoxi Training Institute, which has the state-of-the-art facilities and a number of accreditations, agreed with Ahmadu Bello University to use the institute’s facilities for the purpose of conducting ABU Distance Learning Centre (ABUDLC) exams. The University will also use the institute’s office as a resource and information centre.

Excited about the new strategic partnership, Mr. Sharafuddin Mangalad said, “We were delighted to welcome Prof. Kabiru Bala and his team to our institute in Dubai. It is indeed a pleasure to have a strategic partnership with a university rated as the best in Nigeria by the National Universities Commission (NUC). It was indeed an honour to be their vehicle to drive the initiative. We are all set to collaborate with Ahmadu Bello University and we will promote ABUDLC within UAE and Asia as a whole.”

“We will also see that all identified short training courses of the university are certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), United Arab Emirates”, he added. 

“The partnership with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai, is remarkable and we believe it is an opportunity to expand our university's academic programmes beyond Nigeria.” said Prof. Kabiru Bala, The Vice-Chancellor of ABU responding to the event. 

Besides identifying ABU, its programmes will attract huge patronage within Asia if delivered via robust online means.  To know more about the collaboration in detail, check this official link

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