Jon Baleva Feb 13, 2024
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Edoxi Training Institute Becomes A New EC Council Accredited Training Center in Dubai

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai is now part of the EC Council's network of global training centers as the institute has become an Accredited Training Center in Dubai. 

Edoxi is now accredited to offer up-to-date training, testing, and credentialing services, accredited by EC-Council, to meet international training and credentialing standards.

Speaking about the accreditation, Sharafudin Mangalad, Managing Director of the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai, said: "We’re glad to become an accredited training center of EC Council to continue to deliver Cyber Security Courses in Dubai. We have helped many organisations and professionals achieve Cyber Security certification and are committed to helping organizations implement a solid foundation of cyber security to provide a baseline level of assurance.”

EC-Council is a global leader in cybersecurity training and education. Their certification training courses hold tremendous value and can truly advance one’s career in IT security. They have certified working professionals across 140 countries through over 900 accredited training centers in the world. 

"We are already providing many Cybersecurity Courses approved by CompTIA. With EC Council's accreditation, we will provide Certified Ethical Hacker Course (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) course, Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) course, Certified Network Defender course, and a few more to give the cyber security aspirants a real-world experience and hands-on training about cyber and the networking world",  Sharafudhin added. 

As an Authorised Training Center, Edoxi will provide students, cybersecurity aspirants, professionals, and organizations the opportunity to learn from Certified EC-Council Instructors (CEIs) in quiet classroom settings and to prepare for EC Council's various industry-recognized credentialing programs.

EC-Council has been working diligently for over a decade, witnessing tremendous success in all its programs. As an EC- Council ATC, Edoxi Training Institute aims to work in sync with EC Council's vision to make the world a cyber secure place and develop skill and capacity in the cyber security domain. 


Jon Baleva is an IT professional with 20 years of experience in programming and networking. He is an expert in Python & IT Security domains as well as in Operating Systems (OS). He has trained professionals and students in IT Programming courses, Microsoft Azure, Linux   & MAC OS. He is also a writer who writes on tech-related topics for various tech magazines in Philippine. He is now an IT Trainer with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai.