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Get 30 Hours of Guided IELTS Course in Sharjah

IELTS is the English language testing system by the British Council, IDP Australia, and Cambridge University that is considered as the first and foremost qualifying criteria by the major Universities across the world for further studies and for immigration to countries where English is the first language. So, first of all, to crack the course you must take IELTS training. Undeniably there are many institutes that are offering coaching on IELTS but IELTS training in Sharjah is best given by Edoxi Training Institute. We are the best institute that are helping students reach their full potential with effective training by experts.

Today, many coaching centers say they are the best but have not reached there. We, with proficient staff members are highly capable of producing quality results in the shortest time possible. Also, we help students with a low fee structure and that is one of the reasons why students flock to us. So, with us, we assure that you will crack the test and pave your way for a bright future career very quickly.

IELTS format:

There are 4 sections in the IELTS exam! Here are they:

  • Listening:

In this section, individuals have 4 section which are recorded; they are interactions by diverse native speakers. You have to write responses for those series of questions. The questions will test how capable are you to comprehend ideas and data, how capable are you to comprehend opinions, etc. Part 1: This is an interaction between 2 people set and the interaction is a daily social context. Part 2: This part is a monologue set which is an everyday social setting such as a speech about local amenities. Part 3: In this part, you have an interaction between up to 4 people set in an educational or training context. Part 4:  This part has a monologue on one academic subject, which will probably be a university lecture.

  • Reading:

This section has 40 questions and will test your reading skills. This includes, reading for detail, comprehending argument, skimming, etc. The reading section has 2 versions which are:

  • Reading – Academic Version:

In this, you have 3 long texts which you must read. They are expressive and factual to the broad and logical. Each text is authentic as they have been taken from magazines, journals, and reliable sources.

  • Reading – General Training Version:

In this, the individual must read extracts from books newspapers, organization handbooks, etc. These are the ones which you daily encounter in English speaking environment.

  • Writing:

This has two versions which are:

  • 1. Academic Version:

In this version you have 2 tasks. The topics are basically general and are good for those entering undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Task 1: Individuals will be given a table, chart, or diagram and will be said to describe and summarize in a few words.
Task 2: Individuals must write an essay in reply to a point of view. You should write this informal style.

  • 2. General Training Version:

In this version, you have to complete 2 tasks which are:

Task 1: Individuals will be given with a situation and said to write a letter based on a situation. This letter can be semi-formal or formal.
Task 2: candidates will be said to write essay in reply to a point of view. This essay can be personal in style.

  • Speaking:

This section has 3 parts which are: Part 1: Individuals must answer general queries about themselves and on some known topics. Part 2: Individuals will be given 1 minute to cook their opinion on one topic, before they are asked to speak for 2 minutes. Then, examiner will ask questions on that topic to finish the second part of the test. Part 3: Individuals must answer few more queries on the same topics as in Part 2. These queries will offer a chance to debate more intellectual matters and thoughts.

Course Duration:

The total duration of our IELTS training course is minimum 30 hours on completion of which the candidates will have mock tests to get to know whether or not they have been ready for the final test. If required there will be extra hours to better any particular module

Benefits of our IELTS training:

  • After successfully completing our IELTS course training, individuals will:
  • become highly acquainted with all 4 sections under the IELTS exam
  • know the right way to reach their IELTS goals
  • comprehend how IELTS is assessed
  • gain a grip over the grammar, punctuation, and other aspects of English.
  • be better fortified to apply for the institutions in English-speaking countries

How we are different from others?

Below are a few ways in which we are different from other institutes:

  • We offer successful training and our IELTS Classes in Sharjah are very effective because we only allow a limited number of students per batch.
  • Our IELTS Coaching in Sharjah is very much according to the current industry standards and training with us will certainly lead to greater career with excellent job pay for sure.
  • We are rated very high in Google and other social media channels.
  • Our training is very flexible and is given by only specialized experts.
  • We offer personalized training for students as well as corporate companies.
  • We are very much supple for all your training needs.
  • Our main asset is the word of mouth and more than 30% of students are from the reference to students who have previously taken training from us.

These are a few ways how we are different from our competitors who are providing IELTS courses in Sharjah.

So, if you are looking for IELTS training institute in Sharjah, then reach us without any hesitation. We provide the best IELTS coaching in Sharjah right now with very efficient staff.

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