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Learn how to program codes and concepts a little easier in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with Edoxi's Visual Basic Training. By the end of this course, you'll learn to:

  • Create your own software program using Visual Basic
  • Use Visual Basic for automating tasks.
  • Use VB for writing Microsoft Office scripts, and adding logic.
  • Use a graphical user interface
Student Learning Visual Basic

Everything You Need To Kickstart Your Computer Programming Career and Boost Your Profession

Introduction to Visual Basic will offer students enough skills that permit them to effectively write code utilizing the visual basics program. The course commences with the intro of Visual Studio and the succeeding steps that will make sure you build your first program on Visual Basic easily. Edoxi training institute is providing Visual Basic training in Dubai for candidates who are eager to master the course and get a job based on the course. Our course will be job-oriented and after the completion of the course, training students will earn enough skills that will help them get a job.

Our practical Visual Basic training courses will offer a complete intro to the use of Visual Basic. The major intention of the course is to facilitate students to build business applications by making use of Visual Basic which uses a multi-tier application design strategy. Our practical exercises are more focused on working out the most basic problems in a business. This short course gives a nice introduction of the Visual Basic integrated development environment and its tools.

Course topics:

  • Visual Basic Overview
  • Abilities of Visual Basic
  • Rapid Application Development
  • The Visual Basic IDE
  • Logic and Iteration
  • Building Data Entry Dialogs
  • Utilizing VB Reference Resources
  • Statements and comments
  • Manipulating Data
  • Date, Currency and Variant Types
  • Form Control Syntax
  • Data Declarations
  • Optional Arguments
  • Application Interfaces
  • Database Client Applications
  • Keyboard Event Handling
  • Designing N-Tier Applications
  • Building up Code Modules
  • I/O and Persistence
  • Logic and Boolean Expressions
  • Dialog Layout
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Application Frameworks
  • Visual Basic Project Development Cycle
  • Deploying Applications

These are just a few topics for your understanding and you will learn and understand more such topics in our VBA training institute in Dubai.


To learn this course, you will need basic skills of using a computer and knowledge with using of Microsoft Windows.

What you learn:

In our VB Programming Classes in Dubai, students will learn how to create effective UI with Visual Basic controls, forms, and graphical user interface components.

  • The whole Visual Basic classes are covered in detail.
  • You will understand how to utilize debugging and testing tools obtainable in Visual Studio.
  • Introduction to database access utilizing Visual Basic ADO control and components such as data environment designer and data grid.
  • Our Visual Basic training centre also includes an introduction to object-oriented programming methods and how to use deployment tools to give concluded applications to end users.
  • Students will learn and understand how to develop modular, reusable code of Visual Basic code and also forms.
  • Creating SDI and MDI applications.
  • Debugging of Visual Basic programs besides testing.
  • You will become expert in developing reliable programs which are fault tolerant by making use of exception-handling techniques.

Course outcomes:

Once you complete this course, you will be able to give a complete explanation of the basics of programming. You will be capable enough to describe the characteristics of VBA language. Create apps on windows platform, choose a customized installation for Visual Studio, and describe the Visual Basic syntax, etc. Besides all these, you will also describe how the code files are arranged into projects and solutions, describe the default storage for projects and initialise variables.

These are just a few outcomes of our training. There will be more results that are guaranteed once you join our course and get quality training from our experienced professionals.

Advantages of Visual Basic:

  • Visual Basic programming language structure is fairly simple, mainly the executable code.
  • Visual Basic is a module integration language that is familiarized to Microsoft’s Component Object Model.
  • In this, there is a wealth of already accessible COM components for various purposes.
  • VB is built around.NET an environment utilized by every Microsoft Visual language, hence everything can be easily done in Visual Basic that can be done in other programming languages.

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So, are you ready to get trained in the best VBA training centre in Dubai? Then, get to us today. We are the finest Visual Basic training institute in Dubai who are offering competitive training based on industry standards. We understand today’s companies need highly qualified professionals who can complete the work in no time. We have the aim to provide these companies with those candidates who have ample programming knowledge that helps improve customer profitability. There may be many institutes but we have been unique with our unique selling point which is offering quality training from industry experts and that too at reasonable prices.

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