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Why is Python the dominant language for machine learning?

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are profoundly shaping the world and seeping into every aspect of our life. These technologies are not only improving our lives but becomes part of our daily activity knowingly or unknowingly. This is why these technologies offer promising opportunities and, it's not going to end in the near future. 

Machine learning provides systems with the ability to learn automatically and getting computers to do things without being directly programmed. So lots of students are still confused about which language should they choose for machine learning.

The best language for machine learning depends on the area you’re going to apply to. We can do programming with any language but today lots of developers are choosing Python as their first preferred programming language for designing ML programs. However, there are several steps to perform Machine Learning in Python. This blog helps you learn and understand, why Python is the dominant language for machine learning?

Why Python?

The Python programming language has started to beat other languages like Java, R, JavaScript, Scala in a relatively shorter period of time. 

Recent surveys show that this high-level, general-purpose language is also the most wanted programming language. It is evident that it is crucial for job seekers to know Python to get an opportunity in Machine Learning.

So according to stack overflow survey 2019, Python is the fastest-growing major programming language. Around the world, developers prefer Python for machine learning projects.

1)Easy to Learn

Python is considered a beginner’s friendly language, it is easy to learn and it does not need any hardcore programmer to work on it. A fresher with a basic knowledge of programming language can easily understand it. If a developer is starting a machine learning project in python, they no need to spend more time on fixing bugs. The language is easily understandable and can spend more time developing the model. Therefore, Python is a very flexible language across different platforms and technologies.

2) Versatile

Machine learning is about teaching a machine with a pattern of data to make an accurate decision. So in ML, this pattern works well with the help of python programming. Python is used in Machine Learning to build several projects. 

At present, it can be used in software development, working and managing cloud infrastructures, etc. Because of the wide range of frameworks in Python, this can be implemented in cross-platform applications like - Web, Desktop, Mobile, or Touch devices. This language can be applied in AI, Data science, networking, gaming, development, and more. Python supports object-oriented programming, structured programming, and functional programming patterns, etc. 

3) Frameworks & Libraries

I think Python seems to be the preferred language for Machine Learning because of the availability of large libraries and open source tools. Python libraries such as Teano, Keras, and sci-kit-learn make it an ideal choice for developing ML models.

For example the Library, Numpy helps to solve many computations, and the library Pybrain is using machine learning in python.

These libraries offer some of the best flexibilities and features to the developers, and the extensive libraries, which is a solution for every existing problem. It helps to increase their productivity and quality of the code as well, no need to mention the ease of workload. It can be used for Soft Computing, Natural Language Processing as well.

With loads of libraries and packages that expand the capabilities of Python make it a perfect fit language for Machine learning. 

4) Vast Community

The Python community is one of the most supportive and extremely vast communities. Since its release, the new changes and upgrades by the developers have always accepted. The Python developer community support makes Python one of the most suitable languages for machine learning applications. Large organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are using this language.


There are different languages you can use for machine learning but the versatility and simplicity of Python are always a top priority for developers and look like it's not going to end any time soon. Once you started, you can learn Python programming language easily.

Whether you’re a newbie to Python or a pro, Machine learning with Python is something you need to know. While the future of Machine Learning looks promising, skilled python machine learning professionals have a huge demand in the industry. Get trained and take advantage of Python Machine Learning career opportunities that come your way.

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