Sujith Kumar Jan 25, 2024
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Is a Career in Digital Marketing Right For You?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a lucrative career in the digital marketing industry? Or want to switch your job to a more promising and creative career? Whatever be your choice, digital marketing is the best career you can pick up in today's fast-paced digital world.

You may be aware of the hype going on that more and more products and services focus on marketing digital ever before. That's why there’s a boom in the job market as brands started to demand highly digital skills in today’s digital industry. Most of the companies are focused on the internet to generate sales. As the market grows, the demand for digital marketing has as well started to grow. 

The best part is, you don't need an academic background in order to get started in digital marketing. Your talent, knowledge, creative thinking and drive to learn are most valued by candidates rather than academic credentials. Here in this blog, we’ll help you decide whether a career in digital marketing is right for you. 

Why digital marketing skills are in-demand?

Digital marketing really allows you to use the creative side and it requires digital marketers to keep their skills fresh and relevant. 

You always have to keep up with the changes. You have the freedom to make a new strategy while if you think you have the idea that it will work. 

According to an article in The Guardian, “Companies will increasingly look for rounded individuals who can combine analytical rigour with the ability to apply their knowledge in a practical and creative context.”

The success of a digital marketing company depends on their ability and knowledge to understand its core customers. When recruiting for the job, the company is focused on professionals who can combine their analytical ability and apply their knowledge creatively. The skills that people are looking for in a digital marketer are:

  • Content Marketing or Content Strategy
  • SEO or Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing or Social Media Management
  • Inbound Marketing or Digital Marketing
  • PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Google Analytics

Career Choices in Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has proven itself to be rapid in growth and versatile in the real world. Digital marketing has abundant digital marketing career opportunities with lucrative salaries within its diverse segments. SEO career paths are also quite lucrative in the Digital Marketing industry. If you wish to become a Search Engine Optimization expert, an SEO training course will give you enough insights into how to learn, understand, and implement SEO.

Digital marketing promise a variety of career choices for you which you can opt-in as follows:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Analytics
  • SEM
  • Web Analytics

5 Must-have skills for a digital marketer

A digital marketing professional must possess at least some of the below given soft skills and technical skills. These are some of the skills needed for pursuing a Digital Marketing career.

  • Creativity: Creative thinking is the most powerful tool in marketing and business in general. If it's in content creation or social media campaigns, creativity makes a brand stand out in a competitive society.
  • Communication: Most of the profiles in digital marketing prefer to have good written and communication skills. Strategic communication plays a huge role in the success of any business

  • Technical knowledge: A digital marketing professional must have knowledge about the latest tools and technology available in the industry. Lots of tools and different techniques can be used for marketing, but find the best for your audience.

  • Experimentation: There is not a fixed rule or strategy for Digital marketing. You can experiment on the best for your business.

  • A research mindset: A digital marketing professional always wants a research mindset and looking deeper into every piece of information. In order to create effective marketing campaigns, professionals would have to do intensive research in the market, customers, the changes, etc.

How to start your digital marketing career?

If you think you have any of the above digital marketing skills set and have the confidence, then you can start your career with the best digital marketing certifications in 2023. If you have any experience in related fields like content writing, marketing management, and designing, then you already have some of the required skills to proceed.

Taking a digital marketing course would be really helpful to craft your skills. In addition, an internship, getting official certifications from Google ( for example, Google Ads certification), Hubspot, etc can help you gain strong background support and be ready for the marketing industry. The first and major step is to enhance the social media skills needed for your career growth. 

Once you master your skills, then making a strong digital presence, is one of the key factors in marketing. You can make a blog or social media presence to showcase your skills and it is really helpful for your career start. Another key point is to show your influential skills targeting the right people. 

Let’s Conclude

Anyone can get into digital marketing, but the candidates with digital marketing certification get an upper hand in job interviews. Therefore, getting the Best Digital Marketing training in Dubai helps you increase your chance and ability to take more responsibilities to succeed in your chosen career path.

The world is becoming digital and organizations have already adapted to this new circumstance. The brands are focusing on the digital aspects of marketing. They are hiring the right skills to handle it. Digital Marketing has been considered to be the future of marketing. So Digital Marketing professionals can look forward to the coming years and to the future.

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