How To Prepare For The EmSAT Exam

Every college or university requires a medium that assesses students' skills and knowledge obtained from their general education. EmSAT (Emirates Standardised Test) is a computer-based test for universities and college admissions in the United Arab Emirates.

Conducted by the Ministry of Education in the UAE, EmSAT is designed to measure the ability, and fundamental concepts learned until 12. It focuses on the basics students have learned in different subjects and specifies their performance levels nationally and internationally.

This standardised test aims to ensure that the students of the United Arab Emirates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to indulge in their higher studies efficiently. This blog shall provide information on all you need to know about the EmSAT test and some tricks to help you pass the EmSAT exam easily.

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What is the EmSAT Exam?

The EmSAT (Emirates Standardised Test) is a computer-based standardised test for students interested in pursuing higher education at UAE universities and institutes. The Ministry of Education designs it, and it has been created to assess a person's level of proficiency in various subjects.

Students need to take this exam if they want to pursue higher education at any school or college under the UAE's Ministry of Education umbrella. There may be no pass or fail mark as the test assesses the student's concept and skills in various disciplines, whereas some universities may require a minimum score for admission.

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Currently, there are three types of EmSAT exams conducted in the UAE and the Importance of the EmSAT Exam varies from these types. The national system of standardised computer-based tests for EmSAT is categorised into:

  1. Baseline Test: This set of tests measures Grade 1 skills and knowledge in basic subjects like Arabic, English, Maths and Science. It assesses Grade 1 students as they transition from kindergarten to general education. It measures their skills in reading and writing of the said subjects.
  2. Advantage Test: It is a set of standardised tests that tracks the development of students during their general education and marks the data of performance in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. It assesses their knowledge of target subjects such as Arabic, English, Mathematics, and Science.
  3. EmSAT Achieve Test: It is a set of online tests that measures the knowledge of Grade 12 students as they complete their general education and move onto higher education in the UAE. Emirati and Non-Emirati students undergo the test by selecting targeted subject tests that act as an evaluating standard for college or university admissions. The test subjects include Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science under the Ministry of Education curriculum.

The EmSAT English Achieve test assesses its candidate in six significant criteria. It includes grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, close reading, extended reading and writing tests. With EmSAT Training, you can complete the test with practice examples and context clues from experts.

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What is the Minimum Average Score for EmSAT Exams?

The minimum EmSAT Score range varies between the universities and colleges in the Emirates according to their EmSAT requirements during their admission process. However, the student may need to score 1100 in English, 1100 in Math and 1100 in 2 science subjects in order to be accepted in the credited subject. Or to score 1100 in English, 800 in Math and 700 in 2 science subject in order to be accepted in Conditional Admission (Preparatory Courses).

The EmSAT Test scores will be valid for 18 months from the date the student appears for the test. Hence, it is advisable to take the EmSAT Achieve test in the middle of grade 11 or the beginning of grade 12. It provides the space to reappear for better analysis and allows the students to aim for better scores.

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How to Prepare for the EmSAT Exam?

EmSAT Exam Preparation is a necessity for anyone who has to take the EmSAT Test. The best way you can prepare for the EmSAT exam is by attending classes designed to help prepare for the test. They will include expert-led classes to focus on different sections of the test and advice for the exam day and necessities. You can prepare for the EmSAT test with the help of the following tips

  • Decide on the EmSAT subject 
  • Analyse the test subjects in detail 
  • Prepare for the EmSAT exam two months earlier 
  • Solve sample papers and practice EmSAT tests
  • Practice EmSAT within the specified exam duration 
  • Get your EmSAT preparation course

Decide on Which Subject you Should Take

According to the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE), every student studying under the MOE curriculum needs to take the Archive test to issue the grade 12 certificate. In addition, the EmSAT Achieve English, EmSAT Achieve Arabic, EmSAT Achieve Math, and EmSAT Achieve Physics are mandatory subjects as stated by the MOE.

The MOE also offers EmSAT Achieve Biology, EmSAT Achieve Chemistry, and EmSAT Achieve Computer Science. English is the first subject test that you must take. After that, you can choose which subject test you would appear to based on your area of interest.

Each test has a different set of questions and timings. For example, the Arabic test duration is 120 minutes, English is 135 minutes, Maths is 90 minutes and Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is 90 minutes. Computer Science duration is 120 minutes for each test specification: Java, C ++, and Python.

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Analyse the Test Subjects in Detail 

Before starting preparation, it is essential to understand the subjects by referring to the contents of the test specification for each subject. Understanding these materials will help you start your studies off with a strong foundation so that you can focus on mastering those fundamentals of subject matter.

You can go through content summaries, sample questions and Appendix/Datasheets for specific courses provided with each subject on EmSAT Achieve Test Specifications. Once understanding has been established, collect necessary notes and textbooks as past years’ tests are focused on basics such as high school curriculum material required before entering university or college. It would help if you also analysed which subjects are more suitable for each individual since they all contain slightly different topics at their core level.

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Start Your Exam Preparation at Least Two Months Before the Test Date

Start studying at least two months in advance. It is not beneficial for students to start preparing a week or two before the test because there will be less time to study and review essential concepts. Instead, start by making separate notes of topics that seem complicated and then refer back to them when needed during last-minute revisions.

Set up a solid study plan and organise your time for EmSAT exam preparation by structuring it into weekly or fortnightly sessions with at least one day off in between. Schedule the topics you are going to cover each week accordingly.

Keep following through on what is planned so that there are fewer gaps when reviewing information from previous weeks, which will take away valuable study hours and cause more stress than necessary during prep time. Reviewing material not yet studied also helps improve retention of knowledge as long-term memory does not work like short-term memory, where things need to be recalled immediately before forgetting them once again.

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 Solve Sample Papers and Take up Practice Tests

To achieve a high score in any competitive exam, it is essential to solving past papers. Doing this will better understand the patterns and concepts tested on these exams and help you memorise formulas. You can find sample exams related to topics or specific areas mentioned in your syllabus and start practising them now so that when test day comes up, all those hours spent studying will be rewarded.

Solving the sample questions will help you get familiar with theories and explain how the exam might be structured. So please make sure EmSAT Papers get solved but other equivalent exam samples too because they will help bolster your scores by making better preparation possible from knowing more about how things work beforehand.

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Revise and Practise within the Specified Time Limit

To get the upper hand in the time constraint exams such as EmSAT, it is essential to practise writing sample tests within the specified time limit. It will help you remain calm during the test day and complete the test correctly.

Time management can only be improved by intense practice. Analyse how much time you take to complete each question and section for each subject test. You may initially face some challenges, but you can complete the questions on time with relevant practice.

Practice word lists and questions from equivalent exams that students are taking so they know exactly how the tests will be structured beforehand. Solve as many sample questions as possible within a specified time limit to get familiar with theories and explain how the exam might be structured on test day.

 Get your EmSAT Preparation Course  

Avail of your EmSAT preparation course and have a solid base on how to study for EmSAT exam with expert-level training from highly qualified trainers. With qualified guidance, you will have strong knowledge of the EmSAT syllabus and EmSAT subjects.

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EmSAT Study Tips 

To successfully pass the exam, you must be well-versed with the EmSAT syllabus. Make the best use of the following EmSAT study tips:

  • Improve your vocabulary by reading regularly from a variety of sources 
  • Connect the vocabulary with the context 
  • Enhance fluency by reading books and carefully analysing the text 
  • Learn how to ready quickly without losing the context meaning 
  • As part of EmSAT writing tips, learn to write descriptively 
  • Ensure to include introduction, paragraphs with each idea, and a conclusion while writing 

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In Conclusion

The Emirates Standardised Tests (EmSAT) is a set of exams for the UAE national curriculum. It includes various disciplines and is conducted in stages to cover all grades from grade one until grade twelve. Prepare well for these tests and improve your chances of scoring well to obtain admissions for universities or colleges based in the UAE.

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