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  • Understand the core ideas of SAP NetWeaver
  • Learn the processes in SAP NetWeaver process integration
  • Self-paced learning option from industry-led instructors
  • Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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SAP NetWeaver Training to Get you Started

SAP NetWeaver is SAP’s incorporated technology proposal and is also the technical basis for numerous SAP applications from SAP Business Suite. SAP NetWeaver offers the progress and runtime environment for SAP apps and can be utilized for custom development and incorporating with various systems and applications. Edoxi training institute is offering the SAP NETWEAVER training in Dubai for interested professionals who want to make a career out of this. This course is built utilizing the ABAP programming language but it will also utilize C, C++, etc.

The instructors who give training in SAP courses in Dubai have decades of experience in MNC’s. They are very much aware of the standards in the industry and are given complete training to the students. We offer corporate training too besides individuals training to the students. We built our course structure in such a way that it helps beginners, intermediate level, and advanced level users effectively. Moreover, as we operate in a few students per batch, the level of understanding for the students is seen to boost up. So, join our SAP NETWEAVER training center and master the course with ease.

Objectives of Edoxi's SAP NetWeaver Course in Dubai

In our SAP NETWEAVER training course, you will understand SAP Netweaver AS-JAVA management, which comprises of SAP NetWeaver application server, advantages of SAP NetWeaver Procedure Integration, explaining the advantages of SAP NetWeaver Portal and the benefits for your organization by utilizing this. The course is built in such a way that it helps you learn and master the course in no time and after the course completion, you can directly work in any of the big companies. Here are more objectives:

  • Make yourself acquainted with the ideas of SAP NetWeaver
  • Identify the advantages for your organization by utilizing SAP NetWeaver
  • Obtain an introduction to the diverse elements of SAP NetWeaver
  • Describe how SAP HANA is incorporated with SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver Course Topics:

  • SAP NetWeaver Architecture
  • Concept Reality and Content Admin
  • Connectivity for Development Consultants
  • Describing SAP Master Data Governance
  • Deployment Descriptor
  • Procedure Incorporating
  • Change management
  • Server profile administration
  • Client Events
  • Basics of Application Interface Framework
  • Business Warehouse
  • DB Connectors
  • PAR File Format
  • Web services intro for VC
  • Overview of Beans
  • B2B Add-On
  • Preserve SAP jobs
  • Personalization
  • Visual Composer
  • Server sizing
  • Transport supervision
  • Batch session management
  • Spool management
  • Lifecycle managing
  • Portal Runtime & Portal Apps
  • User Productivity
  • Probing SAP User New Experience
  • Amplifying SAP In-Memory Computing
  • Adaptive RFC
  • External & Internal Situation Mapping

These are the few courses that are taught in our SAP NETWEAVER Classes in Dubai. More training topics will be discussed once you join our training sessions.


To join this course, basic knowledge of databases and operating systems is required and also a fundamental knowledge of the SAP system is required.

Who Can Pursue Edoxi’s SAP NetWeaver Course in Dubai

  • Enterprise Architect
  • Data Consultant
  • System Architect
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Database Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • System Administrator
  • COE Support
  • Technology Consultant

SAP Netweaver is widely utilized by many top MNC’s. Professionals with this course certification are earning huge high salaries in comparison with people working on various technologies. The demand for these experts is very high and the work choices are immense in this field. Individuals having the basic skills in operating systems and databases will get advantages from this course. We also provide fast-track coaching on this course at your convenience. If you come to us with diverse requirements, we are ready to fulfill all of them with the right training.

Why Choose Edoxi for SAP NetWeaver Course in Dubai

Edoxi training institute is the best SAP NETWEAVER training center in Dubai at present. Most of the students are choosing us as we are the best Institute in Dubai. The reason is, our training is given only by experts who have tons of experience in this field and also we offer our training at convenient timings and that too at a reasonable price range.

So, why to wait in choosing the best opportunity for your career? Complete this course in Dubai from our expert training center and get a career boost easily. We can confidently say that our training will get the best out of you and make you a highly skilled professional who is ready to pursue the next big things in their field. If you are located in Dubai, give us a today and our experts will take care of the rest.

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