Mean Stack Training in Dubai

Advance your career as a Web developer by building your ideas and converting it into a web application.

  • Gain expertise in front and back-end JS technologies.
  • Learn to quickly build fast and scalable network apps
  • Customized training for students and corporate companies
  • Certificate approved by Ministry of Education, UAE
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Mean Stack Training for Students and Corporate Companies

Want to take your web development career to the next level? Then, a full-stack web development program is the ultimate choice. By taking up this course, you will be an expert at the front and back-end JS technologies. Understand how to build apps using one of the most profitable and quickly growing web development career paths. Edoxi Training Institute is providing MEAN Stack Training in Dubai for those who have a great interest in learning this course. After finishing this course training, you are sure to reach a peak point in your career. For that to happen, all you need to do is attend our classes without missing them and we can easily help you become proficient in this course in the shortest time possible.

We always have the aim of building the educational industry. We literally want to lead the evolution of professional training education in the Middle East and help every student by providing valued training, so that they will achieve great things in their career. We are always on the brink to surpass the student expectations and also expectations of the corporate companies. We also want to guide every individual and help them in making the right career choices and become professionally successful in this emerging creative economy. Our approach is also quite different compared to other institutes and you will know that after joining our MEAN Stack Training Institute in Dubai.

Objectives of Edoxi's Mean Stack Training in Dubai:

The key objectives of our MEAN Stack classes in Dubai are:

  • Store information in NoSQL, a document-oriented MongoDB database that generates performance and scalability.
  • Leverage Node.js, for quickly building fast, scalable network apps.
  • Utilize Express, which is an easy yet effective web app development HTTP server framework that is created on top of Node.js.
  • Leverage AngularJS framework which provides declarative, two-way information binding for web apps.
  • Get familiarized with the new web app development developments in the information technology industry.

These are only a few objectives of our MEAN Stack course in Dubai and you will learn a lot more after joining our training sessions.

Why Choose Edoxi For Mean Stack Training in Dubai?

A few significant reasons why you must join Edoxi Training Institute rather than other institutes are as follows:

  • As we understand the growing needs of companies today, we built our course training to meet their diverse needs.
  • You can visit Google and check our reviews on it and also other social media channels as well. They are always on top compared to others in the industry.
  • We offer training to students by making them work on projects in real-time, so that they can swiftly grasp what they learn.
  • As our training is in line with the current industry standards, you will definitely get a high-paid job with a handsome package.
  • Our coaching center offers flexible training to the students and the training is given by experts who are having great experience in their respective fields.
  • Our training professionals have designed an exceptional curriculum that is so unique and is effectively blended with the course structure.
  • We have only a limited number of seats so that individual focus can be laid upon every student.
  • Our training cost is very less when compared to others in the industry.
  • We offer customized training for students and corporate companies too.
  • Our core strength is the word of mouth publicity because we see that literally 30% and above students who join our training institute are from the reference of our previous and present students.

These reasons can help you definitely decide why you must choose our training institute rather than other institutes.


There are no specific prerequisites for joining our Mean Stack training. If you’re a fresher or a professional who wants to grow your career and earn a huge salary, then our Mean Stack short term certificate program will set your career on the right path to success.

Who Can do Mean Stack course:

The target audience for this course are:

  • Web developers.
  • Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who have the desire to create and test their own apps by utilizing MEAN stack.
  • Technical leads and technical project managers.
  • Professionals and other individuals who have the desire to learn MEAN Stack.


So, if you are eagerly looking for Mean Stack training, then we are the best Mean Stack Training Institute in Dubai at the moment. We have helped many students to master the course training in the shortest time and they are now placed in top companies. 

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