AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training in Dubai

Learn AWS from scratch and achieve expertise in Cloud, Security and Compliance roles. By the end of this Course, you will:

  • Understand AWS Compute Services
  • Understand High-availability Architecture on AWS
  • Learn about AWS Interaction Methods
  • Learn about AWS Global Infrastructure Tiers
  • Learn about Amazon AWS EC2, IAM, Site Deployment and Frameworks
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Student learn about AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Everything You Need To Get Started As An Amazon Web Service Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS certification is one of the most desirable certifications. With AWS (Amazon Web Service) reaching $236 Billion by 2021, the market has tens of thousands of cloud computing jobs. If you're in the Information Technology domain, you would agree that the cloud is the future of business technology. Businesses of all sizes and scales are migrating to the cloud for potential reasons including the cloud's cost-effectiveness, flexibility, minimal maintenance, and advanced features.

AWS certified cloud practitioner training can help you garner the right skills and knowledge to ace the certification exam. For anyone who is looking to upskill their career or make a kickstart into a cloud niche, having AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a win-win. Demanded skills are always paid handsomely. On average an AWS Cloud Practitioner makes $130,000 annually. With Amazon becoming a pioneer in the cloud domain, AWS certification is worth your time and effort.

Benefits of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training in Dubai

AWS certified cloud practitioner short courses help you prepare for the future. Do you know AWS has a massive 32% market share in the cloud niche? A majority of companies around the world are leveraging AWS for their cloud endeavors. An AWS cloud practitioner training can open a plethora of new avenues for professionals as well as freshers. Not only the training helps you broaden your skillset but also prepares you for a variety of cloud roles. Moreover, if you're an AWS certified cloud practitioner, you'd find an easy entry to top-tier companies across the world. 

MNCs are always in huge demand of AWS-certified professionals since the certification makes you go through implementing best and ideal cloud practices. Anyone can increase their hiring chances, once certified! AWS cloud practitioner training can teach you fundamentals of AWS cloud computing, the architecture, security paradigms, and other core AWS services. Thus, training can transform you into a subject matter expert and help you crack AWS certification in no time. 

Why Choose Edoxi for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training?

When you prepare for the AWS cloud practitioner exam with Edoxi, you unlock your access to the industry's top leaders.  Our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training prepares you for the hottest trend in IT-cloud computing. Our experts provide a rich learning path and help you discover AWS Cloud's value proposition. The training extensively covers concepts such as:

  • AWS global infrastructure
  • AWS cloud architecture principles
  • AWS billing, account management, and pricing models
  • Core characteristics of operating and deploying in the AWS cloud

Our training covers AWS services across Compute, Networking, Database, Security, Storage, and Management. Edoxi is your perfect AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner trainer. We not only give you the essential knowledge of AWS services but also distinguishes you from the competition. There is no denying that cloud computing has a bright future ahead, having an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a potential way to upskill yourself.

Our training center provides high-quality training with carefully designed course content. Since AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a foundational level exam, people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds can take it. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you're an entry-level engineer, sales or marketing professional, Edoxi AWS Cloud Practitioner training can help you excel just right!

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