ASP.NET Training in Dubai

Learn how to develop server-side web applications from beginner basics to advanced techniques using ASP.NET

  • Learn how to build robust web applications
  • Learn how to use tools to manage data 
  • Learn how to build APIs with ASP.NET Core
  • Earn a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
Students learn ASP NET

ASP.NET Training: For Beginners & Professionals

ASP.NET is a server-side web application framework intended for website development to generate lively web pages. It’s open-source and is developed by Microsoft to permit programmers to create dynamic web services, applications, and websites. Edoxi training institute is providing an all-inclusive ASP.NET Language training institute in Dubai for those who are very much interested. If you are eagerly looking to pursue a career related to software, then this course is a must. Of course, there are many courses to learn but ASP.NET has its own value.

Our ASP.NET training in Dubai will teach students with experience necessary skills that help them enhance productivity at workplaces. We also give training on C#.NET/VB.NET, ADO.NET. After learning all these courses from us, you will be capable enough to build database-driven business applications. We shall also direct you towards creating enterprise applications making use of ASP.NET and also Visual Studio. So, we guarantee that after our training, you will proceed with great purpose in your future endeavors.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of web technologies
  • The architecture of Web Forms
  • ASP.Net and HTTP
  • Building Web applications utilizing Visual Studio
  • State Management and Web Applications
  • ASP.Net Server-side controls
  • Personalization and protection
  • Advantages and disadvantage of moving existing active applications to ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.Net application configuration
  • Debugging, Diagnostics of application
  • Connectivity with Database using ADO.Net/Entity Framework
  • Environment consciousness and app configuration
  • Caching in ASP.Net
  • Overview of Web Services
  • Overview of WCF
  • Running and debugging ASP.NET Core applications
  • Built-in dependency injection
  • Web host configuration and SSL
  • Data Access Controls
  • Using Razor Pages


These are only a few topics under our ASP.NET Programming Classes in Dubai. You will come to know about more topics once you join our training sessions.

Course Objectives:

Below are the several objectives of our ASP.NET professional courses:

  • To utilize VS.NET IDE for enhancing Web-based Applications
  • To create easy HTML Pages and construct them dynamically utilizing JavaScript
  • To learn the disadvantages of conventional ASP and advantages of ASP.NET in building contemporary sites
  • To create and enhance websites utilizing fundamental controls of ASP.NET
  • To utilize diverse techniques to move to other pages inside the website
  • To repurpose the website design and code with assistance from User Controls and Master Pages.
  • To improve your skill to effortlessly alter the appearance and feel of the website utilizing various themes
  • To defeat the stateless restrictions of the HTTP protocol and supervise the site state across all the pages
  • To make use of cookies and sessions that are the vital state management techniques
  • To enhance multi-lingual and globalized websites
  • To safeguard websites utilizing built-in API characteristics of ASP.NET
  • To enhance web pages for performing CRUD actions utilizing Data-Bound Controls
  • To build all-inclusive applications just like a real-time development environment utilizing N-Tier structural design
  • To enclose and organize the website on the production server

Advantages of using the ASP.NET framework:

  • Asp.Net reduces the lines of code to a minimum when needed to develop large applications.
  • ASP.NET, when combined with HTML creates dynamic web pages smoothly.
  • As it is language-independent, you can pick any programming language that suits your application.
  • ASP.NET can be deployed easily.
  • It possesses its own built-in caching characteristics.
  • In this framework, the program logic and content are detached and hence there are minimum program inconveniences.
  • The windows web server carefully observes the applications and web pages running over it.
  • This framework swiftly gives memory leak and wrong behavior alerts.


To join our ASP.NET training institute in Dubai, you must at least need consistent object-oriented experience in Java, VB, etc. Besides these, you should also know the fundamentals of relational and SQL.

Why Choose Edoxi for ASP.NET Training in Dubai? 

Edoxi training institute will let you know even more benefits of it once you join the training. We are the best ASP.NET training center in Dubai because of the quality training services we are offering. Our qualified professionals will be there with the students at their every step in learning the course. Our guidance and support will surely lead you in the right direction to do any project with ease. As our classes also include less number of students for each batch, it’s easy for students to understand the sessions effectively. So, ready to join our ASP.NET training center? If yes, give us a call today and we shall take care of the rest.

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