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  • Learn how to use .Net Framework
  • Learn how to work with variables and data types
  • Understand working with paradigm programming skills
  • Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE
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Students learn .Net

.NET training Certification Course to Get You Started

.NET is a Microsoft OS platform that includes a set of applications, tools, and services. Edoxi training institute is offering the best .Net training in Dubai for interested students. We teach you a range of .NET training course that helps create and run the modern generation of applications. Students or professionals who learn this course can specialize in a range of things that help them perform various coding activities with ease when dealing with a project.

If you are a non-experienced person, our .NET training will give you clear insights on how to build the solutions/applications using this language. Our unique training methodologies will help attain proficiency in this effectively and easily. Utilizing a syntax that is consciously from Java, C, .NET achieves a normal trade-off of abruptness and precision which enables programmers to put across the ideas in an understandable and maintainable form. Current updates to the language made it even more influential than previously it was which allows programmers to do their job with .NET in both partly functional style and object-oriented style.

These are just a few topics and you will learn and understand more topics once you join our .Net Programming Classes in Dubai.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction of .Net
  • Platform for the .Net
  • Advanced .NET framework
  • Assemblies in Detail
  • Visual C#.Net Language
  • Categorizing, Finding, and Filtering
  • .Net Installations/C#.Net
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Where does C# Fit in
  • ADO.Net Components
  • VS.NET to Create C#.NET Apps
  • Programming Using Visual C#.Net
  • Value types and reference types (CTS)
  • Programming Structures
  • Command-line arguments
  • Building simple graphical user interface by hand
  • .NET Namespaces
  • Windows forms
  • A new MDI forms strategy
  • Inheritance with forms
  • .Net Remoting
  • C#.Net Program Design
  • Building and utilizing your own classes
  • Data Sources and .Net Data Providers
  • Accessing Data in the Connected and Disconnected Environment
  • Building Customized Windows Controls
  • DataSet in Real-time Scenarios
  • Statements and flows
  • Application Deployment

Course Objective:

  • How to use .Net Framework
  • How to work with variables, data types
  • How to work with paradigm programming skills
  • C# Exception Handling
  • Object-oriented programming in C#
  • Optimize a .NET application by making use of configuration, security, and caching.
  • How to work with Arrays
  • Build generic classes and methods.
  • Collections in C#
  • Build web applications utilizing Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Produce and test own classes by utilizing Object Test Bench tools and Class Designer.
  • Utilize delegate types to offer suppleness and type safety.
  • Utilize lambda expressions, unidentified types, implicit type declarations, object initializers, and extension methods.

The main intention of our Microsoft .NET Training in Dubai is to make our students perfect in all these objectives which will assist them in having a career which is very settling with a job that pays high.

Why .NET is a great career choice?

  • .NET is an extensively utilized programming language.
  • It is very safe, secure, language-independent, and portable.
  • It assists you in building websites the way you like, so you can show your creative skills.
  • .NET training will help you in becoming a highly qualified professional.
  • .NET training will help you understand how to build and organize robust Web, Windows and SharePoint apps using Visual Studio and .NET training courses.


Anyone can attend this professional course. There is no restriction that you must have knowledge of other programming languages but if you have some knowledge, it will help you in easy understanding of this course. You will learn the basics of C# programming language in Visual Studio.

.NET is used by several programmers across the world today. It’s an object-oriented language that is very secured and portable. There is a great scope in .NET Programming because several employers are seeking .NET skilled programmers. Today’s world is getting more digitized and the requirement for Microsoft .Net programmers is tremendously increasing. Employers also need candidates who are already well-trained with .NET so that they can directly join and work on the projects.

So, get to Edoxi .Net training centre in Dubai! We will take you through the basics and make you understand the worth of this course. After mastering this course, we are sure that you will be capable of doing anything using. NET. So, are you ready to give a go? If yes, then meet us; we are the best .Net training center in Dubai who can guide you on the path to success with impactful training.

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