Top 10 Revit Structure Skills For Your Resume 2024

Revit was developed by Revit Technology Corporation (formerly Charles River Software), which Autodesk purchased in 2002. It is specialized software for creating civil construction projects. In addition to providing a 3D modelling environment, Revit also has the tools necessary to produce all the standard 2D documentation (plans, sections, views, elevations, etc.), which is crucial for describing any kind of project.

Additionally, since all changes are reflected across the project, there is no need to manually make fixes, which significantly cuts down on the time spent on revisions. Your project becomes a construction database that is fully compliant with the BIM idea, thanks to Revit's ability to acquire the number of materials specified in the project. You can also view and work in each of these disciplines individually with Revit's facilities for developing architectural, structural, and systems projects (such as electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning, etc.). 

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Top 10 Revit Structure Skills For Your Resume 2024

If you're looking to update your resume for the new year, Revit skills are a great way to do it. While Revit Structure is traditionally used for architectural projects, it can also be used for structural and MEP projects. If you're thinking of adding Revit to your skill set, here are the top 10 Revit skills that will make your resume stand out in 2024:

  • Exporting data
  • Keynotes and annotation
  • MS Office
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Lumion
  • Navisworks
  • 3ds Max
  • Indesign
  • MS Project

Exporting Data

Data export is the process of removing raw data from its current format and converting it into a format needed by another program. Data can also be moved between two programs with different versions or backed up via exports.

Keynotes and annotation

Annotations are a way of adding notes or comments to a document. They can be used to point out important sections, make suggestions, or provide additional information. Keynotes are a type of annotation that allows you to add slide-like notes to a document. These notes can include text, images, or even videos. Keynotes can be used to give an overview of a record, highlight important points, or provide additional information. 

MS Office

Microsoft Office is a collection of programs made to increase productivity and carry out typical operations on a computer. You can make presentations and posters, deal with data in databases and spreadsheets, and create and edit documents with text and images.

MS PowerPoint

A capable program for creating slideshows is MS PowerPoint. It comes packaged with Word, Excel, and other office productivity tools as part of the company's Microsoft Office suite software. Slides are used in the program to provide multimedia-rich information.


Lumion is used to represent ideas through a picture, video, or 360-degree panorama, and it creates the output more quickly than the majority of other 3D rendering software now available. Lumion is intended to be simple, clear, and stress-free.


The Navisworks 3D model review software is designed for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Naviswork enables users to open and combine 3D models, navigate around them in real time, and review the model using a variety of tools such as comments, redlining, viewpoints, and measurements.

3ds Max

3ds Max, formerly 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, is a professional 3D modelling, rendering, and animation software that enables users to create 3D animations, models, games, and images. It is developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It has modelling capabilities and a flexible plugin architecture and must be used on the Microsoft Windows platform. 


The best option for designing and publishing multi-page publications with text, vector art, and photos is InDesign. To arrange website elements and produce professional layouts, use precise grids and guides. Utilize typesetting features designed for professionals to format text consistently across publications, chapters, and pages.

MS Project

Microsoft Project is project management software that is used to create schedules and project plans, manage resources, and keep track of time. It has features such as Gantt charts, kanban boards, and project calendars for project management professionals.


Engineering software called ETABS is used to analyze and design multi-story buildings. The grid-like geometry specific to this form of construction is taken into account via modelling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis techniques, and solution approaches. 

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Other Revit skills you should learn for your resume in 2024

Revit is a powerful software program used for creating 3D models and drawings.  Besides the above-mentioned skills, there are other Revit skills that will be beneficial for you in 2024, such as:

  • Matlab
  • Photoshop
  • Sketchup
  • AutoCAD
  • Basic Element Design
  • Measuring
  • Sheets and Views

To Wrap Up

Revit is becoming more and more widely used by architects and engineers. In fact, many firms now require their employees to be proficient in Revit. Revit skills are important in 2024. Simply put, they’re essential for staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of architecture and engineering. If you want to make sure you have a competitive edge, make sure you brush up on your Revit skills today.  

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