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What are the Current Issues in English Language Learning and How to solve them?

Students learning English often face a variety of common issues today. To overcome these issues,  a positive learning atmosphere has to be facilitated and encouraged. Learning English is never easy and comes with lots of challenges especially if it is your second language. You require immense determination and sheer willpower to learn it. 

Holding a wide range of vocabulary is a key feature in learning the English language. It is also the most difficult and comprehensive aspect for a non-native English speaker to master thoroughly. An ESL ( English as a Second Language) learner would find difficulty in mastering informal English than formal English, as it involves colloquial, slang, and various dialects. 

When you think about it, there are many issues in english language studies that requires adaptable solutions. Textbook solutions alone will not entirely solve your problems, it requires Spoken English Training to overcome such issues. 

Now, let's check into the issues faced by English Language learners across the world. 

Issues Faced in English Language Learning

The English Language Learners often face issues stated as below:

  • Background
  • Poor Vocabulary
  • Use of Native Language
  • Outdated Core Curriculum
  • Lack of Speaking Skills
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Background: There is a lot of interaction and communication involved while learning. Sometimes,  the topics covered cannot be comprehended by every student. Each one will have different levels of grasping quality. 
  • Poor Vocabulary:Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of learning English. As stated earlier, it is also one among those to build up with difficulty. There is a good chance that an English as a Second Language (ESL) learner will find it difficult to keep in mind the new words he/she learns.
  • Use of Native Language:When it is easier for the learners to think, process, analyze and speak in their native tongue, chances are that they would relapse to speaking their native language rather than English.
  • Outdated Core Curriculum: Not only does our core curriculum offer outdated and uncommon study materials containing unrealistic terms and phrases, but it also doesn’t comprehend learning other core subjects. It lacks in teaching in-depth culture and jargons of various subjects. 
  • Lack of Speaking Skills: Lack of speaking skill often points out the need for Spoken  English Training. To acknowledge accents, slang, dialects, or grammar, one must be used to speaking to a native English speaker.
  • Lack of Confidence: The lack of confidence points out to the struggle to rethink each word and conveying it in English, worrying if no one will understand your mispronounced words or syllables, stammering thinking that you are not able to convey the message properly, and grammatical errors, all these will hold you back while attempting to speak. 

These common student-specific problems are considered natural. The majority of ESL learners come across these issues yet they face them with determination and try to overcome them. It’s safe to say that there aren’t any issues in English language learning which are not solved. Highly qualified professionals find ways to correct these common problems and reinforce the core information that the students need to effectively communicate in English. Whether professional or personal requirements, English language skills important for your future.   

How to Overcome Issues in English Language Learning?

Spoken English Training stands as one of the solutions to the issues faced while learning the English language. Let’s get into the list of solutions given below: 

  • Evaluate yourself while learning. Grouping according to their level of knowledge will help to overcome the issue of mixed backgrounds. Everyone has a different grasping level and requires an adaptable learning method. 
  • Improve your vocabulary: Here the best method is to make a list of new words you come across daily, just like how we used to do in school. When practicing intensive reading, have a habit of writing unknown words and their definitions. Incorporating images to identify common objects in English will help you to keep the picture in mind. The repetitive motion of songs, movies, and clips will also help you in remembering vocabulary through context. 
  • Diversifying a study group containing various native language speakers will eventually discourage the use of the native language and encourage you to talk in English. Involving yourself into English-speaking groups will also help in changing the pattern of speaking and thinking, learning correct pronunciations, and getting acquainted with the colloquial usages.
  • Whether you have a trainer or not, make sure to use updated study materials. Textbook learning differs from real-world application of the language. Hence, learning at a pace helps you understand formal and informal English. Keeping in touch with audio materials will also help you with correct pronunciations. Understanding the current trends in English Language learning can also help you learn with different difficulty levels.
  • Learning the pronunciations by watching movies, learning the construction of sentences by reading books, will help to improve your English speaking skills. Reading out loud will also help you reflect and bring more confidence to speak. 
  • It is completely fine to be frustrated while trying to speak in English. It is a good sign that your brain is thinking and is paving the way to improve your English speaking.  Do not hesitate, only practice and repetition will help you get out of this struggling stage. This will eventually bring confidence from within to start speaking in English.
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Let’s Conclude

There may be numerous issues faced while learning the English language. Only with continuous practice and sheer determination, you will succeed in your English learning. Learning English at various levels like beginner, intermediate and advanced will help you focus on what is necessary and successfully guide you in speaking English. As long as you can communicate with others in English, exchange your ideas, and analyze English culture, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and simply give a go-ahead. For those aiming at language proficiency exams like IELTS, this approach not only builds language skills but also prepares you comprehensively for exam success.

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