Luke Sandford Jan 25, 2024
Entrance Tips

Now Might Be the Time to Make That Career Change

It is fair to say that 2020 has thrown up some unexpected turns of events. COVID-19 and the pandemic have made a substantial impact on career change decisions among a vast majority of people. According to recent research conducted by, 89% of candidates are considering a career change, being happy in their current job role. Also, a huge 83% said that changing career roles would require extra learning. 

This is where active upskilling comes into play. By being proactive in your learning, you can make that career change a reality. Here’s how. 

Refresh Your Basic Skills

No matter how skilled you are or how refined your hardcore skills are, it never hurts to brush up on the basics. You can add to your CV by working on your soft, transferable skills. Refreshing your basic skills can also provide networking opportunities. 

Skills like communication, leadership, and a good grounding in IT are all sought after by employers. For example, refreshing your knowledge using basic software with excel courses could be useful. Having fresh qualifications in different areas could help set your CV apart. A Learning and Development plan can help you structure your learning needs to set objectives.

Networking is Essential

Networking is as essential to a successful career change as it is to career progression. It is only through networking that you can begin to form connections within the sector that you are interested in entering. 

Networking can start with your friends! By reaching out to friends and social acquaintances who work in your desired sector or industry, you can begin to forge a path towards your new job. In case you find this difficult, you might want to work on your off-the-cuff social abilities by taking interpersonal skills courses that will leverage this side of you. If you are enrolling - or are already enrolled - on an upskilling course, then you can expand your network and stay active about changing careers.

Remember: networking is the perfect opportunity to present yourself to the world of work. It is probably how you have advanced in your current career. It can be used to help you build a new one altogether. Now you can complete your Higher Secondary Education with NIOS Course in Dubai

Do Your Homework

Before embarking on any career change, it is important to do some research. You need to make sure that the sector that you are looking to go into is hiring and expanding. Spend time and research to understand the requirements of the industry. Also, get to know the scope and future of the job role you wish for. Proper research can help set you in good stead for planning your career change. 

Key Points

The unusual events of 2020 have caused many people to consider a career change. If you wish for a career change, start now by :

  • Refresh your basic soft skills. You can do this through stand-alone courses. This will help show how serious you are about changing careers. 
  • Start networking. Reach out to your social contacts and get help on your way to build a network in your new chosen sector. 
  • Remember to research the sector that you are looking to go into and make sure that they are hiring. These three steps can pave your way to a successful career change. 

 Yes, if there’s a will, there’s a way!


Luke Sandford is a writer and content producer at Educations Media Group. Currently based in Lund, he is originally from the UK and graduated from Goldsmiths College, the University of London in 2018 with a BA in Education. He has since written for several outlets and has worked as an English teacher, both at home and abroad. Luke's passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures directly impacts his work as he seeks to create engaging, informative and useful content for a wide audience.