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DHA Exam Fees, Syllabus & Exam Pattern For A General Practitioner

Are you a general practitioner looking to work in Dubai? The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam is an essential step toward earning your license to practice medicine in Dubai, yet it can often prove daunting due to complex fees, syllabus and pattern structure. We hope that by providing this article with full details about these aspects, you'll find your journey smoother when facing this exam. Let’s get started.

All About DHA Exam Fees, Syllabus & Exam Pattern For General Practitioner

Below, we have specified all the related details to help you move ahead with clarity and pass the DHA exam without any hassle. 

DHA Exam Fees For General Practitioner

Begin your journey toward attaining a DHA license by being familiar with the examination fees associated. The DHA charges a non-refundable application fee of AED 1,020 (approximately $280), followed by AED 2,520 for examination fees. Make sure to check their website to avail updated information on these prices and then proceed ahead.

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DHA Exam Syllabus For General Practitioner

The DHA Exam for General Practitioners provides an assessment of knowledge and competence across many medical domains. Its syllabus covers an expansive list of topics spanning everything from:

  • Clinical Medicine: This section evaluates a candidate's understanding of common medical conditions, differential diagnoses and appropriate management plans.
  • Pediatrics: This domain assesses candidates on child health issues related to growth and development as well as common pediatric illnesses.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: This field assesses candidates on reproductive health matters such as reproductive antenatal care, emergency situations related to labor and delivery and disorders related to female pelvic health.
  • Surgery: This subject assesses a candidate's knowledge of common surgical procedures, pre- and post-op care, as well as any unexpected surgical emergencies that arise during surgical operations.
  • Community Medicine: This section tests candidates on their knowledge of public health, epidemiology, preventive medicine and healthcare in communities.

The DHA exam syllabus for General Practitioners consists of 12 major topics, which are as follows: 

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Acute and/or Common Medical Problems
  • Common Pediatric Problems
  • Women Health
  • Emergency Problems
  • Common Surgical Problems
  • Common Psychiatric Problems
  • Common Eye and ENT Problems
  • Common Derma Problems
  • Basic Epidemiology and EBM Concepts
  • Family Medicine Concepts
  • Screening and Periodic Health Examination

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DHA Exam Pattern For General Practitioner

Now, let's examine the exam pattern in more depth. The DHA exam for general practitioners consists of an online computer-based test with approximately 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that need to be submitted in 3 hours. The exact number of questions and duration may differ depending on each exam taker's circumstances. Typically, you will have an allotted amount of time per question to complete your answers. Managing time effectively during exams is vitally important to complete questions within that given window of timeframe.

Categories DHA Exam Pattern Passing Score
Exam Pattern For General Practitioners It consists of 150 Multiple Choice Questions with a time limit of 165 minutes. 60%

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DHA Exam Preparation Tips For General Practitioner

Preparing for the DHA exam can be daunting, but with proper strategies, you can increase your odds of success and boost your chances of passing the examination. Here are a few helpful pointers.

  • Get Started Early:To give yourself enough time for studying and revising, start your preparation early. It can help you have enough time to complete your syllabus and revise sessions.
  • Recognize the Exam Format:Familiarize yourself with the format and content of an examination exam, such as its number of questions, time limit and marking scheme.
  • Create a Study Schedule:Create a study plan that addresses every subject on the syllabus and allot appropriate time slots for each subject area.
  • Utilize Reliable Study Materials:Take advantage of trustworthy study materials like textbooks, online resources and practice exams to expand both your knowledge and test-taking abilities.
  • Practice Time Management:Practice completing multiple-choice questions within their specified time limits to build speed and accuracy when answering MCQs. This practice will increase both speed and precision.
  • Seek Guidance:Consider joining study groups or seeking assistance from professionals who are providing DHA courses and  have successfully passed the DHA examination.

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Importance of the DHA Exam For General Practitioner

General practitioners looking to work in Dubai need to recognize the significance of taking and passing the DHA examination as soon as they enter. Passing it and receiving your license demonstrate your competence and eligibility to practice medicine here. It opens doors to employment with top healthcare institutions while assuring quality healthcare services to Dubai's people.

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Final Thoughts

So, the DHA exam is an essential stepping stone in becoming a general practitioner in Dubai. By understanding exam fees, syllabus, and exam patterns, you can better prepare yourself to pass with flying colors. Remember to start early by creating a study schedule, using study materials effectively, and practicing time management. Passing will validate both your abilities and knowledge while opening doors into Dubai's vibrant healthcare industry! Good luck! 

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