How to Pass the DHA Exam Easily? 8 Exam Tips to Get a DHA License

If you are a healthcare professional looking to pursue a career in Dubai, you will need the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license to get started. So whether you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist, medical lab technician, radiographer, or an allied healthcare professional, the DHA license issued by Dubai's Health Regulation Department (HRD) will make you qualified to practise your Healthcare Profession in Dubai. 

Passing the DHA exam can be a straightforward process with the appropriate training and support. In Dubai, top training institutes provide excellent DHA Exam Training that includes valuable guidance, tips, and practice materials.

How to Pass the DHA Exam Easily?

To ensure your readiness for the Health Regulation Department (DHA) exam, we have curated eight effective tips for your preparation. Let's explore these strategies to help you pass the DHA Exam with ease:

  • Know the DHA exam syllabus 
  • Clearly understand the exam duration 
  • Attend the DHA mock tests
  • Revise the previous years’ question papers 
  • Be mindful of DHA exam types 
  • Understand the DHA test score 
  • Prepare the exam documents 
  • Be updated on the DHA exam syllabus 
  • Take the DHA course for further assistance 

Have a solid idea about the DHA exam syllabus  

Have a good idea about the syllabus of the DHA exam and learn about the exam pattern. According to your profession, take time to research the DHA syllabus and its content. Make sure you are thorough with different chapters. The syllabus differs based on the type of healthcare profession. 

Understand the duration of the DHA exam 

Before starting the preparation for the exam, ensure that you are clear about the period of the DHA exam. The Dubai Prometric exam is 2 hours now. It consists of multiple-choice questions. Arrange your time accordingly before you start writing the exam. Be prepared to skip any of the questions. 

Attend the DHA mock tests to have a better idea about the exam pattern 

Attend DHA Exam Mock Tests. Whether you are well on an idea of how the test paper is. You will also understand the DHA exam pattern of questions, the marking system, and your level of knowledge in the subject. Generally, mock tests contain relevant healthcare exams like DHA, HAAD, Prometric, NCLEX, AND moh. There are also several free mock tests. You can also prepare for the DHA exams with practical online or offline DHA training.

Go through the previous year’s DHA exam question papers 

Be it any exam, revising the previous year's DHA exam question papers will always be highly advantageous. Once you collect the previous year's question paper from your seniors, you can easily understand the pattern of the test and the type of questions. Calculate the time you will require to solve the form. Previous year DHA exam question papers can help the students to score well in the exams. Solving previous year's question papers is very important. Before you randomly search for answers, try out the following tips,

  • Do not find the answers initially
  • Set a timer
  • Settle yourself as if you are writing the real test
  • Read the instructions
  • Solve the previous year's question paper
  • Refer the answers
  • Analyse where you can spend more time
  • Understand where you can skip questions

Know about different types of DHA tests 

Generally, there are both oral and computer-based tests available for the DHA exam for healthcare professionals. The assessment will be conducted either oral or online test (Prometric) depending on professional speciality. So, you must be aware of the type of test you will attend. Also, ensure that you are comfortable attending the kind of test you choose. Depending on the healthcare professional's category, DHA assessment can be either Computer-Based Testing (CBT) or Oral assessment.

The DHA tests are scored on a scale of zero to 100. To pass, you will need to earn at least 60 points. If you fail the DHA exam, you will be required to apply again to re-attend the exam. However, there are no time restrictions to re-attend exams. This scoring pattern applies to all DHA exams. If you are aiming for a Nursing profession, the critical thinking of a nurse will also be assessed in the DHA exam. 

Be informed about the DHA test score 

Do you know about the total score required to pass your exams? The DHA tests are scored on a scale of zero to 100. To give, you'll need to earn at least 60 points. This scoring pattern applies to all DHA exams. What if you fail your DHA exam? If you fail the DHA exam, you will be required to apply again to re-attend the exam. However, there are no time restrictions to re-attend exams.

Prepare the documents required for the DHA exam

The Documents required for the DHA Exam are listed below;

  • A recent photograph (passport size)
  • Copy of your valid passport.
  • Your educational qualifications.
  • Your experience certificates.
  • Practice license or registration.
  • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
  • A 2-year surgical logbook (for surgeons)
  • A medical fitness test in case the applicant is aged 65 and above.

 You must also ensure with your peer professionals regarding the papers. There can also be special requirements according to the healthcare profession you follow. You can seek the help of experts to get DHA exam guidance.

Revise the syllabus and stay updated about the DHA exam

Revising the syllabus and keeping yourself updated with the latest exam pattern will help you prepare effectively for the DHA exam. Make sure you are in touch with the health professionals in Dubai to understand more about the latest trends healthcare system in the UAE. This will help you with the preparation of the DHA exam.

To Conclude:

The DHA stands for Dubai Health Authority, an establishment by the Department of Health and Medical Services issued by Law 13 to enhance the health sector and exclusively focus on health service delivery. If you are planning to attempt the DHA exam, focus more on the DHA study materials and guides once you start preparing for the exam. Attend DHA classes to get the best scores for the exam. There are classes available both online and offline mode that will help you stay updated. For healthcare professionals aspiring to achieve success, thorough preparation ensures readiness to ace the DHA examination.

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