How to Get a Medical License to Practice in Dubai?

The Emirate of Dubai is a culturally diverse city that looks ahead to tourism, medical and technological progression. It represents the epitome of leisure and grandeur and focuses on providing the best lifestyle to its people. As a part of the magnificence, it promises high quality, standard, and secure medical facilities that allow its citizens to lead a happy and healthy life. 

To provide the state of the art healthcare facilities, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) ensures a practicing license to those medical specialists. They uphold the values of the Dubai Health Authority. Created in 2007 by Law 13, published by His Highness Sheikh Muhammed Rashid Bin Maktoum, Vice Minister and Prime Minister of UAE, Ruler of Dubai, DHA stands to expand the vision for the entire health sector in Dubai. 

As a practising medical professional who wishes to devote their knowledge and skills, and practice in Dubai, you must be licensed with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). DHA medical licensing enables you to deliver your high-quality medical services in Dubai by fulfilling the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR). 

Why DHA? What is the importance of DHA?

Those medical professionals who aspire to pursue their career in the Emirate of Dubai must procure a DHA license. The healthcare practice licence issued by the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) validates your professional skills and qualification to provide quality healthcare services to Dubai residents. 

The DHA is an essential factor that oversees the health sector of Dubai. The benefits of DHA come from the values and mission associated with it, such as enhancing competitiveness and transparency, improving medical services, regulating the international standards, and transforming Dubai into a leading and efficient healthcare destination. In addition, adequate DHA Training can transform you into the prodigal medical professional that you need to be to acquire the DHA certification and improve your DHA Exam Score

Procedure for Obtaining Medical License to Practice in Dubai

DHA is the medical license that you need to obtain to practice in Dubai. DHA licensing is a prolix procedure, but the registration, evaluation and verification can be done correctly with the proper guidance. Those medical professionals eligible for the DHA license include and not limited to the following:

  • Doctors 
  • Consultants
  • General practitioner 
  • Dentists 
  • Nurses 
  • Ayurveda Doctors 
  • Homeopathic Doctors 
  • Specialists 
  • Registered midwife

The DHA licencing is a step by step process as provided by the Health Regulation Department. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • The medical professionals have to register themselves on the DHA website
  • Fill the online application along with the initial requirement documents. 
  • Make the initial payment, and then the DHA will validate the application’s credentials. 
  • The application goes through Primary Source Verification (PSV) that verifies the applicant’s document directly from the original or primary source. 
  • Select the assessment date (Oral or CBT), provide the exam requirements, and make the payment. 
  • Pass the assessment exam, and then the DHA will issue an eligibility letter. 
  • The applicant can then upload the labour card and insurance and make the payment. 
  • Finally, the applicant will receive the issued license from DHA. 

Amidst the medical licensing procedure from DHA, you must provide some documents for the initial requirements, assessment requirements, and post-assessment requirements. NIOS Course in Dubai for your higher secondary education.

Initial Requirements 

  • Your educational certificates with transcripts of records recognised by the DHA Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR). Education certificates may include Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate’s Degree, etc. 
  • Recent professional experience based on DHA PQR criteria
  • Log Book for the last two years for surgical specialists only. It must be stamped and signed by the Medical Director or such an authorised person. 
  • Valid professional license or registration from the medical licensing body of the country of recent employment
  • Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than six months. It is mandatory for physicians, nurses, and dentists. 
  • Medical fitness test if the applicant’s age is 65 and above. It should be conducted only by medical fitness centres of DHA. 
  • Valid passport copy 
  • A recent passport size photo

Assessment Requirements 

Healthcare professionals are required to pass the DHA assessment to obtain a professional license. After the Primary Source Verification (PSV), the applicant can select the exam date and make the payment. 

  • For Oral exam: After selecting the exam date, the payment must be made within 2 hours. Otherwise, the chosen exam date will be cancelled. 
  • For the Prometric exam (CBT): The eligibility number will be valid for three months after PSV payment. 

Post Assessment Requirements 

After passing the assessment, you must submit the following documents along with the payment: 

  • Offer letter from the recruiting facility that is issued most recently (last three months). It must also include the professional title, facility stamp and signature of the Medical Director or an authorised person.
  • Malpractice Insurance from recruiting facility. 
  • Medical fitness test (if the applicant age is 65 and above), if the one already attached gets expired during the process. 
  • Passport copy if the one attached is expired.
  • If the facility name that the applicant is applying for is not shown, it means the facility needs to add the applicant speciality, and then the license can be issued.
  • The initial Fee is AED 220
  • Primary Source Verification:
Physician / Dentists is AED 1235
  • Nurses and Allied Health is AED 935
  • Extra Document is AED 300
  • Assessment includes:

Oral (Normal) classified to:

  • Physician / Dentists is AED 520
  • Nurses and Allied Health is AED 270

Prometric distributed as:
  • Physician / Dentists is AED 210
  • Nurses and Allied Health is AED 170
  • For Issuing License:
  • Physician / Dentists is AED 3020
  • Nurses and Allied Health is AED 1020
  • The delivery Fee is AED 20 for Physicians / Dentists / Nurses and Allied Health, payable upon delivery.

Total Time Frame for issuing DHA License 

The tedious procedure for obtaining a medical license to practice in Dubai can take some time. The time frame within each process are:

  • Initial application reviews will take about 2 to 4 weeks.
  • The DHA will process Primary Source Verification (PSV) within 48 hours after the payment is made. 
  • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on the Prometric exam schedule 
  • Oral Assessment: based on the DHA assessment schedule. 
  • Upload Labour card and Insurance into five working days after application submission
  • License is issued within two working days after the approval. 

To Sum Up

DHA is the medical license issued to those medical professionals who aspire to practice in Dubai. And to procure the licensing, you must go through the licensing procedure as stated above. All the doctors, nurses, specialists and consultants can get their registration done to benefit the professional skills gained from practising in the Emirate of Dubai. The top job openings for healthcare in Dubai will allow you to achieve the medical sector’s objectives and strategies. DHA maintains the quality of healthcare services in the public and private sectors, and it will enable only the best to be part of this growing sector so that you can be one too. Also, Elevate your expertise by considering enrollment in an IP DRG Coding training, enhancing your qualifications for a rewarding career in Dubai's flourishing healthcare sector.

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