Daljeet Kaur Lal Jan 25, 2024
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Interview Tips: Are you an Organized Person?

The ability to organize tasks, multitask, allocate time and energy is required in all industries. Hence, the interviewer will pop up the question, “Are you an organized person?” to evaluate how well you can handle responsibilities, prioritize, and keep track of deadlines. It is an essential skill required in all kinds of jobs.

Being organized will help one work efficiently with increased productivity. That is a feature every employer is looking for in an interview. They want to know if your organizational abilities are a good fit for the job. It is also an essential soft skill for working in fast-paced environments, where they are expected to multitask. 

The interviewer may also be eager to know your organizational skill capacity. So you must expect questions like:

  • How do you stay organized?
  • How have you juggled multiple tasks to meet the deadline?
  • What tools and systems help you keep organized?
  • How do you accommodate last-minute changes?  
  • How do you plan ahead of time and foresee challenges ahead of the deadline? 

There isn’t a rigid way to answer the question, but never lean towards the opposing side and say that you are not an organized person. Say on the upbeat track, and share your examples of how you stay organized. Whether it is writing a pro-cons list, prioritizing various tasks, or even making a list of things you need to get done, explain your methods of adapting to organizing. 

You can exhibit the best answers with examples of how you have used different organizational systems and show how capable you are of adapting. However passionate you are about having specific systems, do not ramble on. Keep your answers brief and to the point. 

Tips to give the best answer

It is vital to give a well-constructed answer in an interview to land the job. The following tips will help you answer specific questions about organizing. 

  • While answering, describe what organizing systems and tools you generally use to organize work. For instance, you may have specific apps on your phone that give you reminders or a diary where you write down your tasks and maintain a to-do list. By describing the particular ways in which you accomplish various tasks, it will help the employer understand your level of organization.  
  • Organizing helps you with time management, and through this trait, most companies save a lot of time and energy. Let them know how you work smart and introduce time management in every activity you do. You can describe how you focus on one task at a time, enabling you to produce high-quality work with precision.  
  • Demonstrate your level of organization at an interview itself. Apart from providing example answers, you can project your skill by being on time for the discussion, bringing every document necessary, and preparing for every possible solution. Your organizational skill will create an impression in the interviewer’s mind, making the best first impression.
  • The key to answering the question is to remain honest. Convey to the interviewer that despite being planned and organized, there will be an unexpected turn of events, but through which you will easily adapt and make changes. Showing that you are flexible and adaptable will help the interviewer understand you better. 
  • Never give a negative answer in your interview. Explain how you keep track of assignments and prioritize your tasks. 

Let’s Conclude

The organization skill is an integral part of any job. You are expected to prioritize your assignments to save time and energy. Describe how your organizational talents have had an impact on your previous assignments. Human Resource Training will enhance your organizational skills and functional aspects of a business.  During an interview, it will leave a remarkable impression on you. Always be prepared to brief your answer with examples. A creative answer can help you stand out. See to that you never shy away from taking up risks. To conclude, Believe in yourself and make the best use of your talents.

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Daljeet Kaur Lal is an HR Trainer who has extensive work experience of over 11 years. She is now working with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai. She develops and executes various HR training programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to meet the organization's objectives.

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